New Address

Well after over a decade of using DynDNS for free dynamic dns they shut me off because I didnt pay and their service is no longer dynamic if i have to manually log in every month. If you are reading this you already know the new address. If you don’t then it is

I want – Solar Laptop


If this is real it would be great, not a bad price for the specs on the site either. Will have to wait and see the difference between the concept (dream) and what comes out when reality hits them in face.

The site was lagging a lot when I visited, probably can’t take all the publicity. The laptop would be running Ubuntu which means it can run Mint. Price according to site is $350 and $400 for waterproof model which seems like a bargain if the laptop includes all those panels but for that price I doubt it.

Solaptop Website (via TreeHugger)

Dead Fantasy – Best CGI Match Ever!


I used to be a big fan of Final Fantasy and anything SquareSoft. I still call them by their old name from when they made good stuff. Who would have thought merging the best two RPG companies would create a mediocre one? Anyways I don’t play Dead or Alive much but I have to say this match up is awesome. Better than anything SquareEnix has released. If they are smart they wont try to sue this guy and instead just give him a very high ranking position in their company.

Dead Fantasy Series Playlist (YouTube)

Another Day, Another Way Facebook Makes it Worst for Users


Sooner or later Facebook is going to force you to watch ads. Its going to make it slower for you and it’s going to use up more of your bandwidth. Even better they are going to turn all that into profit. Not for you though, you just have to suck it up and say “Thanks Mark, I will continue to use your product and let you screw me over.”

Zuckerberg Delays Facebook Video Ads Amid User Experience Fears(via Slashdot)