Lunar transit of the International Space Station


This is clear and stable footage of the International Space Station transiting the moon on July 16, 2021 taken using only an iPhone 12 Pro and an eyepiece from a telescope.

Here is a slo-mo video of the July 16 lunar transit of the international space station (ISS) taken with my iPhone 12 Pro close-coupled to the 16mm eyepiece of my Questar 3.5 telescope. A lucky capture, as the ISS appeared only 3 degrees below the moon before the transit began, with the entire sequence lasting less than seven seconds.

The video is exactly what it says but I recommend watching on mute since there’s a noise at the end that appears to be the call of Cthulhu and kind of ruins the wondrous nature of the whole thing.

Keep going for the video.

Source: Geekologie – Lunar transit of the International Space Station

Dash cam captures flying Dukes of Hazzard car crash


This is dash cam footage of a car flying, and I mean flying, through the sky before crashing and rolling in what can only be described as a failed attempt at launching their car into space?

Saved by THE Scream!! Non-fatality Dukes of Hazard Launch on an overpass berm! Scary way to start the day, especially for the lady in that car! I prayed for her and hope all will be well.

I’m assuming the driver’s first thought was that he was being attacked by some sort of new car-based projectile weapon? Where instead of firing bullets or missiles, the enemy just launches cars at you? I still don’t even understand how this accident happened. From what I can tell there’s not even a street running in the direction the car comes flying. The skeptic in me wonders if this was staged to go viral since we never actually see a passenger exit the vehicle.

Keep going for the full ridiculous video. It’d be hard to believe if there wasn’t footage of it happening.

Source: Geekologie – Dash cam captures flying Dukes of Hazzard car crash

2021 Audubon Photography Awards: Video Category Winner


This is the 2021 Audubon Photography Awards winner in the Video Category and it shows a Red-tailed Hawk hovering in the sky with unreal head stabilization.

Story Behind the Shot: Over several days I watched a pair of Red-tails taking advantage of the strong early summer winds streaming down from the Rockies, hovering in midair while scanning the foothills for mice and ground squirrels. This one floated almost level with my lens. His head stayed still while his body moved, his wings and tail steadying him and his dangling feet acting as ballast.

Bird Lore: Red-tailed Hawks most often hunt from a raised perch, as flying low enough to scan for prey usually requires more flapping and more energy. At times, however, wind conditions are such that they can hang motionless, hardly moving their wings, resting in the air as they study the ground below.

The video looks so unnatural it seems like a glitch in the Matrix. The bird hovering in the air is weird enough, but the way the head remains so perfectly still is unnerving. It’s the same way security stares at me whenever I walk into a store or a museum or a woman’s changing room.

Keep going for the full video.

Source: Geekologie – 2021 Audubon Photography Awards: Video Category Winner

Kevin Parry magically turning into things


This is a compilation of stop-motion animator Kevin Parry magically turning into things. They’re incredibly effective and well done and probably more convincing than anything you’ve seen in a Hollywood movie. I just need to somehow harness his visual effects magic to make my penis appear larger in videos. I mean, uh, smaller. To make it appear smaller. It’s already too big.

Keep going for the full video as well as a bunch of behind the scenes videos showing how he does it.

Source: Geekologie – Kevin Parry magically turning into things

7777 days of a life in two minutes


Noah Kalina has been taking daily photos of his face for the past 21 years and periodically makes timelapse compilations of the photos. For his latest video he collaborated with Michael Notter on a video called 7777 Days where they used machine learning to align and upscale the last 7777 photos into a two minute video.

In a first step, Michael used the machine learning library dlib ( and some custom Python code to detected in each of Noah’s photos 5 face landmarks (i.e. both eyes, the nose and the two corners of the mouth). These landmarks were then used to align the faces in all photos, so that the eyes and corner of the mouth were horizontally oriented and always an equal distance apart. After that, some small image intensity correction were applied to make very dark images a bit brighter and very bright ones a bit darker. This was followed by an upscaling of all images (where needed) to a 4K resolution.

In a second step, once the faces were upscaled and aligned, Michael looped through all of the images and averaged them with a sliding window approach: Each frame in the video shows the average face of the last 60 faces. Or in other words, each frame shows the ‘average Noah’ over the last 2 months. With a video frame rate at 60Hz, this means Noah ages in this video 2 month every second, or 10 years every minute.

You’ve probably already seen this guy’s face in videos like this, but this is the most complete and definitive version yet. My only complaint would be whatever technique they used to blur the backgrounds. It makes the whole video look too artificial and like his face was also machine generated. You also lose the detail in the hair and all I really care about is seeing that sweet ‘do change.

Keep going for the full video.

Source: Geekologie – 7777 days of a life in two minutes

Deadpool and Korg react to the 'Free Guy' trailer


This is a video of Deadpool and Korg reacting to the Free Guy trailer. And, oh, what a coincidence Free Guy also happens to star Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi who play Deadpool and Korg respectively. What are the odds?

I actually don’t even care that this is an ad because it’s basically the first X-Men and MCU crossover and entertaining is entertaining. Ryan Reynolds is basically a promotional God at this point and it’s a little surprising he wasn’t also wearing a Wrexham AFC baseball cap while talking on a Mint Mobile phone.

Keep going for the video. Yes, they’re shilling a movie, but don’t let that ruin your enjoyment of fun things.

Source: Geekologie – Deadpool and Korg react to the ‘Free Guy’ trailer

Teen's golf ball struck by lightning at Topgolf


18-year-old Tomas Gomez was hitting golf balls with his brother, sister and some friends at a Topgolf in San Antonio last Friday when one of his balls was struck mid-flight by a bolt of lightning. I mean, is there any clearer sign that God also doesn’t believe golf is a real sport?

Keep going for the full short video.

Source: Geekologie – Teen’s golf ball struck by lightning at Topgolf

Richard Branson successfully goes to space and has a message for us


Richard Branson successfully took a Virgin Galactic test flight into space on Sunday and had a message for all us poor Earth-dwellers down here:

To all you kids down there I was once a child with a dream looking up to the stars. Now I’m an adult in a spaceship with lots of other wonderful adults looking down to our beautiful, beautiful Earth. To the next generation of dreamers if we can do this just imagine what you can do.

I was also once a child with a dream, and now I’m an adult sitting in a basement watching Rick and Morty while eating ice cream out of a bowl that I previously used to eat spaghetti. So looks like Mr. Richard Branson isn’t the only one out there crushing life and achieving dreams.

Keep going for the full video of his message. It’s easy to hate on billionaires, but this guy once went kitesurfing with a naked woman on his back. Also, the space thing is neat, but mostly that kitesurfing picture. Pretty rad.

Source: Geekologie – Richard Branson successfully goes to space and has a message for us

This guy got punched by a mantis shrimp


If you’re not familiar with mantis shrimp, they’re weird little guys that can see through 12 channels of color (we can see three: red, green, and blue) and also pack the most powerful punch in the animal kingdom. Well this guy went fishing and ended up catching a mantis shrimp which proceeded to immediately punch him in the foot, tearing through his boot and causing him to bleed.

There are videos of these things punching through crab shells so he’s lucky he just ended up with a tiny bloody punch mark. From the videos I’ve watched on the internet I half expected his foot to just explode in a puff of mist.

Keep going for the full video. After getting punched in the foot the guy keeps the mantis shrimp near his crotch which seems like an overall terrible idea.

Source: Geekologie – This guy got punched by a mantis shrimp

Firework thrown into a convertible over July Fourth


This is infuriating footage of a July Fourth firework being thrown into a convertible in Nashville.

Around 10:15 p.m. Sunday night, Colin Kirby was leaving the city after watching the July Fourth fireworks when a lit firework was tossed into his open convertible.

“They lit it, then rolled down the window and threw it,” said Colin Kirby. “At the same time, they went around the corner.”

Kirby was driving in his convertible with a friend when people in a white car pulled up beside him. Someone in the backseat tossed the firework which landed behind Kirby’s head.

Miraculously, Kirby and his passenger weren’t seriously injured by the flaming firework.

The damage to his car is much worse. The firework singed the folded convertible top, trim and door of his car.

If these morons actually get arrested they should be charged with attempted manslaughter as well as extreme boneheadedness. Is extreme boneheadedness a crime? I didn’t go to law school but I’m pretty sure it’s as serious as murder.

Keep going for the full video. It’s pretty godamn ridiculous.

Source: Geekologie – Firework thrown into a convertible over July Fourth

Timelapse of spacewalk to install a solar array for the International Space Station


This is a timelapse of spacewalks made by ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet during his second mission to the International Space Station, “Alpha”.

On 16 June 2021 Thomas and @NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough went on a spacewalk to install a new solar array for the International Space Station. These arrays, called IROSA for ISS Roll-Out Solar Array, had to be taken from their storage area outside the Space Station and passed from spacewalker to spacewalker to the worksite. There the rolled arrays were to be secured, unfolded, connected and then unfurled.

During the spacewalk a small technical problem in Shane’s spacesuit required him to return to the airlock and restart his Display and Control Module. This module provides astronauts with continuous information on pressure, temperature and other vital data during a spacewalk. Though the restart was successful and Shane was in no danger, it delayed the duo’s work, preventing them from completing installation of the first new solar array as planned. A second spacewalk was done on 20 June to finish installing the first solar array.

This video shows scenes from the first spacewalk with Thomas being moved on the robotic arm, at the controls was NASA astronaut Megan McArthur. The images for this timelapse were taken by @JAXA | 宇宙航空研究開発機構 astronaut and Space Station commander Aki Hoshide.

Thomas posted this video on his social media with the caption: “We have to do EVAs, but someone has to keep running the Space Station while we are preparing, spacewalking, reconfiguring, preparing again… Aki has been rock solid taking care of the spaceship pretty much by himself, performing all the maintenance and the science experiments, AND ON TOP OF THAT he found the time to take timelapses of our little walks outside. The man is a machine!”

It’s crazy that there are people in actual space doing things like this while I sit on a sofa with a half eaten pizza on my stomach. The crazy part being, of course, that the pizza is half eaten. Just give me another half hour and a toilet and we’ll make this situation right.

Keep going for the full video. It’d be impressive if it wasn’t so obviously a sound stage in Hollywood.

Source: Geekologie – Timelapse of spacewalk to install a solar array for the International Space Station

It takes an awful lot of robots to operate this grocery store


Tom Scott shows behind the scenes of a grocery warehouse and how many robots it takes to operate it.

In Ocado’s grocery warehouses, thousands of mechanical boxes move on the Hive. Are they all individual robots? Or is this one giant hive mind?

When Judgement Day comes the Terminators won’t even have to nuke us, they can just turn off all the warehouse robots and we’ll all starve to death. Or at the least make it take longer than two days to get us that random doohickey off Amazon and have us die of inconvenience.

Keep going for the full video. This obviously isn’t how every grocery store is operating, but it’s only a matter of time.

Source: Geekologie – It takes an awful lot of robots to operate this grocery store

Ocean City fireworks show cancelled after the fireworks explode prematurely on the beach

All of Ocean City’s Fourth of July fireworks shows were canceled after a fireworks display exploded prematurely on the beach:

Officials are still investigating the cause of the explosion, which left some of the professionals setting up the show with minor injuries. Those individuals declined to be taken to the hospital, and no other people walking on the beach or the nearby boardwalk were injured, according to the Ocean City Fire Department.

I’ve always felt fireworks shows would be better if they exploded them all at once and turns out they’re even better if you do them in spectacularly dangerous fashion on a beach. Nothing honors independence like the freedom to blow yourself up on a beach trying to watch sparkly explosions.

Source: Geekologie – Ocean City fireworks show cancelled after the fireworks explode prematurely on the beach

LAPD accidentally blows up neighborhood during botched fireworks seizure


17 people were injured in South Los Angeles on Wednesday evening when an LAPD bomb squad attempted to safely detonate about 5,000 pounds of seized illegal fireworks and their containment vehicle ended up exploding.

Police detonated the devices at 7:37 p.m., believing that the vehicle would be able to contain the explosion, but there was a “total catastrophic failure of that containment vehicle,” Moore said.

“Clearly protocols were followed and pursued, but something happened in that containment vehicle that should have not happened and we don’t know why,” the chief said. “We intend to find out why.”

Officers arrested Arturo Cejas III, a man in his 20s who resided at the home with the fireworks, on suspicion of reckless or malicious possession of a destructive device. He is being held on $500,000 bail.

Moore said that the explosive material was acquired from out of state for the purpose of being sold to community members for the Fourth of July. He said that officials found Cejas’ 10-year-old brother at the scene and will be pursuing child endangerment charges as well for the risk he faced from the explosives that had been stored at the home.

This is one of those times it’d be easy to say something like “clearly the illegal fireworks were in safer hands with the criminals than with the LAPD” but then you remember the time an illegal stockpile accidentally exploded in a neighborhood and killed a bunch of people. So the moral of the story seems to be that nobody can be trusted to safely handle illegal fireworks except for 10-year-olds and the cast of Jackass.

Keep going for video of multiple angles of the incident.

Source: Geekologie – LAPD accidentally blows up neighborhood during botched fireworks seizure

That flying car made its first inter-city flight


On Monday, the Klein Vision AirCar completed its first ever inter-city flight.

AirCar, a dual-mode car-aircraft vehicle moved closer to production this week, fulfilling a key development milestone in a 35-minute flight from the international airport in Nitra to the international airport in Bratislava on June 28th, 2021

This is legitimately cool, but it obviously would’ve been 100x cooler if it had taken off and landed on a freeway or something instead of an airport. Blah blah blah aviation laws or whatever I don’t care. A flying car doesn’t fulfill its true purpose until you can use it to take off during rush hour to avoid traffic or use it to escape the police.

Keep going for the full video.

Source: Geekologie – That flying car made its first inter-city flight

A group of Boston Dynamics Spot robots dancing to BTS's 'IONIQ'


To celebrate the purchase of Boston Dynamics by Hyundai, Boston Dynamics released this video of Spot robots dancing to BTS’s IONIQ: I’m On It, which I guess is a song made for Hyundai about wanting to bang a car?

It’s weird enough that a South Korean boy band made a song about a car, but now they got a robotics company to make a music video for the K-pop song about the car. I don’t fully grasp what’s happening between BTS, Hyundai, and Boston Dynamics, but whatever it is I bet it isn’t good for society.

Keep going for the full video as well as the original BST IONIQ music video which is part music video part car commercial. Actually it’s just full car commercial.

Source: Geekologie – A group of Boston Dynamics Spot robots dancing to BTS’s ‘IONIQ’

Mesmerizing aerial timelapse views of sheep herding in Yokneam


This is mesmerizing aerial timelapse footage of sheep herding in Yokneam taken by photographer Lior Patel.

Haifa-based photographer Lior Patel has spent the last seven months immersed in the daily rhythms of sheep. Hovering above the Peace Valley region of Yokneam, he’s documented a single flock’s grazing process in a captivating timelapse that shows the animals racing across the agricultural landscape and down roadways in robust, heaving masses. Shot with a drone, the accelerated footage attests to the drove’s shape-shifting instincts, which resembles other naturally occurring patterns like a flowing current or mesmerizing starling murmurations.

If you stop paying attention they start to look like roving maggots which makes the video a little less relaxing to watch. Unless roving maggots is your thing. Hey, I’m not judging. I once ate a pancake out of a trash can so I’m not really in a position to judge anybody about anything.

Keep going for the full satisfying video.

Source: Geekologie – Mesmerizing aerial timelapse views of sheep herding in Yokneam

Round hot dogs exist


Apparently round hot dogs are a thing that exist as discovered by writer Maria Yagoda of Food & Wine. You’re probably just thinking it’s bologna and you’re kind of right, though the creator Rastelli’s claims there are key differences.

In a patented process, Rastelli’s chops black angus beef and premium pork, rather than fully emulsifying or liquifying the mixture like what’s done for many traditional bolognas. “We then wrap our meat mixture in a collagen casing, followed by a netting to help hold shape,” a spokesperson told me. “The product is then smoked, similar to an Old World-style hot dog, with a proprietary blend of woods, such as chicory, and later finished in the oven. Before slicing into rounds, we remove the casing.” They remove the casing so the meat becomes more permeable, allowing the flavor of the condiments to “really sink into the round dog,” and to help reduce the chances of choking.

So, yeah, that’s a lot of words to say it’s pretty much just thick bologna. Although this further complicates the eternal debate: is a hot dog a sandwich?

You can buy an 8 pack from Rastelli’s for $18. Or you can buy a normal hot dog from Costco for $1.50 and get a drink as well.

Source: Geekologie – Round hot dogs exist

A narcissist with sign caused a huge pile-up during the Tour de France



A “fan” holding a sign during the Tour de France clipped rider Tony Martin, causing him and pretty much everybody behind him to crash.

With less than 30 miles left in the first stage of the 2021 Tour de France, a fan held out a sign over the edge of the road that clipped Tony Martin and caused most of the field to pile up behind him.

I included a shot of the woman holding the sign because she’s clearly more interested in being on TV than in the event itself. She’s not even looking at the riders. She might as well have been in the middle of the road swinging nunchucks around while yelling, “Look at me! Look at me!” And in case you’re wondering (which of course you are), her sign is a combination of French and German and translates to: “Go grandpa-grandma.” Although it might have been forgivable if it said something like “Scooters rule. Bikes drool.”

Keep going for the video. It’s pretty brutal and it looks like Tony Martin got run over by no less than a hundred thousand bicycles?

Source: Geekologie – A narcissist with sign caused a huge pile-up during the Tour de France