KDE Frameworks 5.83 Brings More Than 200 Changes, Improves Support for Flatpak Apps

The KDE Project released KDE Frameworks 5.83 as the latest and greatest version of their open-source collection of more than 80 add-on libraries for Qt to provide commonly needed functionality for KDE apps and core components.

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Why Quantum Computers Won't End Up Cracking Bitcoin Wallets

“Within a decade, quantum computers could be powerful enough to break the cryptographic security that protects cell phones, bank accounts, email addresses and — yes — bitcoin wallets,” writes CNBC.
But fortunately, that would happen only if we do nothing in the meantime, they’re told by Thorsten Groetker, former Utimaco CTO “and one of the top experts in the field of quantum computing.”
Crypto experts told CNBC they aren’t all that worried about quantum hacking of bitcoin wallets for a couple of different reasons. Castle Island Ventures founding partner Nic Carter pointed out that quantum breaks would be gradual rather than sudden. “We would have plenty of forewarning if quantum computing was reaching the stage of maturity and sophistication at which it started to threaten our core cryptographic primitives,” he said. “It wouldn’t be something that happens overnight.”

There is also the fact that the community knows that it is coming, and researchers are already in the process of building quantum-safe cryptography. “The National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) has been working on a new standard for encryption for the future that’s quantum-proof,” said Fred Thiel, CEO of cryptocurrency mining specialist Marathon Digital Holdings. NIST is running that selection process now, picking the best candidates and standardizing them.

“It’s a technical problem, and there’s a technical solution for it,” said Groetker. “There are new and secure algorithms for digital signatures. … You will have years of time to migrate your funds from one account to another.” Groetker said he expects the first standard quantum-safe crypto algorithm by 2024, which is still, as he put it, well before we’d see a quantum computer capable of breaking bitcoin’s cryptography. Once a newly standardized post-quantum secure cryptography is built, Groetker said, the process of mass migration will begin. “Everyone who owns bitcoin or ethereum will transfer [their] funds from the digital identity that is secured with the old type of key, to a new wallet, or new account, that’s secured with a new type of key, which is going to be secure,” he said.

There will still be the problem of users who forget their password or died without sharing their key.

But in those scenarios, CNBC suggests, “an organization could lock down all accounts still using the old type of cryptography and give owners some way to access it.”

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Meet Katt Strike: Musician, producer, and Twitch streamer

Musician, producer, and Twitch star Katt Strike chats to Wireframe magazine about video games, toxicity online and the appeal of streaming.

What’s your favourite game?

Oh, that’s a very hard question! I’d have to narrow it down between Fallout: New Vegas and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

katt strike streaming on twitch
Katt in action with Blootrix and friends

And why is that? What is it about those particular games that resonates so much with you?

For me, it’s all about immersion, fun, and humour. I can get lost in both of those games for hours on end; they still entertain me greatly (plus, they’re both amazing games, to boot). Fallout: New Vegas is quite leftfield at times. There are many moments you’d never expect, plus the dialogue is hilarious throughout. 

Which game was it that got you into gaming to begin with? What are your enduring memories of it?

My parents were both gamers, so I started out around the age of four with Street Fighter 2 (on the Sega Saturn). It wasn’t until Crash Bandicoot that I really started to enjoy games; we would spend hours playing it with my mum as she angrily tried to get every gem on every level, frequently calling Crash a “wee b*****d”.

Has there ever been a point you’ve been put off gaming? If so, why?

To be honest, not really. For years, gaming was a very solitary thing to me, an escape. It’s such a huge part of my life that I couldn’t imagine not playing them. If I ever encounter toxicity online, I block and move on. I play games every day, and I could never imagine not having that in my life. 

What’s the appeal of playing games for an audience – whether that’s pre-recorded or livestreaming?

I think there’s a lot of reasons streaming appeals to me. Personally, I enjoy sharing games with people, and I’ve learned a lot about the games I play whilst streaming them (such as secrets, techniques, and facts). As someone with a chronic illness, I’ve struggled to make new friends because I was unable to work/go out for a long time – Twitch allowed me to connect with people very similar to me. There’s something electric about a good stream, when you have a brilliant back and forth with the chat and the game you’re playing is good; it’s exciting. 

Originally, I just wanted to play games and make friends, but now it fuels my ambition and creativity. I have a very supportive community, and they keep me coming back and wanting to improve. 

Katt strike with long pink hair and black hat

You can watch Katt Strike streaming through the week over on Twitch: wfmag.cc/Striker

Katt is also on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and SoundCloud so, no excuses!

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10 go-to breakfasts for open source technologists today

In May, we asked some of our contributors what they eat for breakfast. After all, busy developers, sysadmins, and other IT pros need to fuel up quickly before they are ready to take on the rigors of their jobs. After reading about our contributors[he]#039[/he] morning meals, many Opensource.com readers were quick to share what they eat to start the day. So if the first 16 quick breakfasts didn[he]#039[/he]t feed your hunger, here are 10 more options.

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Transformation of a Japanese Larch Bonsai Tree


This is a wonderfully relaxing and satisfying video of Bucky Barnes shaping a Japanese Larch bonsai tree over the course of a year.

Bucky Barnes returns to document the designing, pruning, carving and shaping of a Japanese Larch bonsai tree.

I had no idea so much planning went into shaping a Bonsai tree. Everything I know I know from The Karate Kid and I thought they basically just cut it until it looked pretty. Which is kind of what’s happening, but with 100x more forethought than I realized. This guy put more planning into shaping that little tree than I did when remodeling my house. And by “remodeling my house” I mean swapping out the cardboard box I live in.

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'Dozens' of Companies are Now Trying to Build Flying Cars

The New York Times shares footage from a flying car’s test flight in California — “a single-person aircraft for use in rural areas — essentially a private flying car for the rich — that could start selling this year.” (You can read the text of the article here.)

“It may look like a strange beast, but it will change the way transportation happens,” they’re told by Marcus Leng, the Canadian inventor who designed the aircraft (which he named BlackFly):

BlackFly is what is often called a flying car. Engineers and entrepreneurs like Mr. Leng have spent more than a decade nurturing this new breed of aircraft, electric vehicles that can take off and land without a runway. They believe these vehicles will be cheaper and safer than helicopters, providing practically anyone with the means of speeding above crowded streets. “Our dream is to free the world from traffic,” said Sebastian Thrun, another engineer at the heart of this movement.

That dream, most experts agree, is a long way from reality. But the idea is gathering steam. Dozens of companies are now building these aircraft, and three recently agreed to go public in deals that value them as high as $6 billion. For years, people like Mr. Leng and Mr. Thrun have kept their prototypes hidden from the rest of the world — few people have seen them, much less flown in them — but they are now beginning to lift the curtain…

Others are building larger vehicles they hope to deploy as city air taxis as soon as 2024 — an Uber for the skies. Some are designing vehicles that can fly without a pilot. One of the air taxi companies, Kitty Hawk, is run by Mr. Thrun, the Stanford University computer science professor who founded Google’s self-driving car project. He now says that autonomy will be far more powerful in the air than on the ground, and that it will enter our daily lives much sooner. “You can fly in a straight line and you don’t have the massive weight or the stop-and-go of a car” on the ground, he said…

The next few years will be crucial to the industry as it transitions from what Silicon Valley is known for — building cutting-edge technology — to something much harder: the messy details of actually getting it into the world.

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16 games to keep an eye on from Sunday’s E3 2021 trailer showcases

Between the more-than-three-hour combined running time of the PC Gaming Show and the Future Games Show Sunday evening, over 80 games were featured in the form of trailers, interviews, or just new feature announcements. We know because we sat through them all and counted as our butts got increasingly numb.

Rather than recapping every single one of those games, we’re chosen 16 titles that stood out from the crowd and have made it onto our radar for one reason or another. While it’s hard to fully judge these games based on a few minutes of slickly cut footage (and zero hands-on time), we’ll be watching out for them as they work their way towards release in the coming months.

  • Dodgeball Academia seems to mix the basic gameplay and perspective of NES gem Super Dodgeball with the progression of an RPG and the storyline of a schoolyard anime. This Humble Games production hits PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Windows in August.


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Setting up PyQT5 &&

Tuning remote connection of PyQT5 to Mariadb-Server as well as to MySQL seemed to me the most time consuming part of this small project. Obviously, the options for Mariadb and MySQL are mutually exclusive. Tuning network configs on bare metal described in details utilizing `netstat -ant | grep 3306` output required to get connection ready

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G7 Nations Promise Decarbonization, 870 Million Covid-19 Vaccines

Slashdot reader Charlotte Web writes: The “Group of Seven” (or G7) nations are some of the world’s largest economies — the U.S. and Canada, the U.K., France, Germany, and Italy, and Japan. On Sunday they pledged $2 billion to help developing countries pivot away from fossil fuels and pledged an “overwhelmingly decarbonized” electricity sector by 2030. The New York Times calls these “major steps in what leaders hope will be a global transition to wind, solar and other energy that does not produce planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions.”

Politico’s Ryan Heath argues “The language on a ‘green revolution’ is quite strong — there’s plenty of detail missing, but it gives climate campaigners a lot to hit leaders with if they fail to deliver. And it’s a big deal for the G-7 to agree to ‘to conserve or protect at least 30 percent of our land and oceans by 2030.'”

Other reports from Politico’s writers:
“Boris Johnson admitted that the world’s richest economies had not managed to secure a widely advertised 1 billion vaccine doses to send to developing countries. The final communique says the group will deliver 870 million doses over the next year.”

“The G-7 nations called for a ‘timely, transparent, expert-led, and science-based WHO-convened’ investigation into the origins of Covid-19, including in China. WHO’s first crack at an investigation — released in March — called a lab leak ‘extremely unlikely,’ but China didn’t grant access to key documents and Secretary of State Antony Blinken called that investigation ‘highly deficient’ this morning. The U.S. government remains split between two origin theories.”

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Xbox and Bethesda at E3 2021: The Biggest Announcements, In Three Minutes

Today saw one of E3 2021’s bigger press events take place in the form of a combined showcase for Microsoft Xbox and Bethesda Game Studios. You can check out this 3-minute video for just the highlights from the over 80-minute-long event.

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Intel Gallium3D Driver Merged Into Mesa 21.2 For Gen4 Through Haswell Graphics

The independently-developed “Crocus” driver providing a Mesa Gallium3D implementation for Intel Gen4 “i965” through Gen7 “Haswell” graphics has now been merged into Mesa 21.2 for ultimately aiming to improve the open-source OpenGL support for these aging Intel integrated graphics generations…

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How To Change File & Folder Permissions on Linux Using Chmod

Linux is an operating system that supports multiple users working on the same system. Thus, it is essential to manage the permissions such as who can see or modify the files and folders for every one of them. In this tutorial, you will learn different ways to change the file and folder permissions for any users or groups on Linux.

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Microsoft Makes the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Meme a Reality, Will Sell It This Holiday Season

Once a meme that delighted the internet, the Xbox Series X-shaped mini fridge is becoming a reality. At the end of its E3 2021 showcase on Sunday, Microsoft announced that it would be selling “the world’s most powerful mini fridge” this upcoming holiday season.

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