Alpha 7.7 Released


Server updated to Alpha 7.7 lets hope it fixes the connection issues:

Official Alpha 7.7 Release Notes


  • Changed the new roaming hordes that won’t destroy player structures unless they sense the player
  • Changed returned to 7.0 terrain and improved the performance. The change was made for visuals, alpha 8 performance and player feedback. Note full smooth terrain will come with Alpha 8 as well as new solutions to mining and ladder placement
  • Changed removed bucket of water recipe that used a bottle of water, buckets of water must be obtained from lakes or rivers
  • Changed bucket recipe to only create 1 bucket not four
  • Changed toilets to drop short metal pipes when destroyed
  • Changed refactored internal model handling for performance
  • High Quality Lights is now the default after installing the game
  • Changed switched off shadows on point lights (all lights in the world) to increase performance
  • Changed with the terrain switch, this occasional problem is also fixed: Cannot expand this MemoryStream

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed blueberry seed recipe
  • Fixed a connection bug
  • Fixed cannot shift click from hot bar to inventory
  • Fixed low weight forging scrap items no longer vanish when breaking down to scrap
  • Fixed buff icon sometimes would cause an error when trying to get buff data
  • Fixed quick take stack size exploit
  • Fixed slider mouse offset bug
  • Fixed menu not showing when clicking fast on the splash screen
  • Fixed zombie dog death animation was missing
  • Fixed panel fade desync
  • Fixed occasional array out of bounds exceptions

7DtD Map Master Plan


Here is the master plan:

  • The main towns (areas marked in red) will get regen every “7 Days” on “Fun Pimps Fridays”
  • The areas marked in green I will try to keep safe for long term unless there is a patch that changes map features or adds prefabs so build there if you plan a long term base
  • Other areas will be reset as necessary
  • Area -3,2: Trespassers will be shot on sight; survivors will be shot again