Which Catcher’s Set is Right For You?

baseball catcher

Did you know that approximately 15% of US children play baseball?

This may not sound like a lot, but it beats out a variety of modern sports. Baseball is still America’s national pastime.

Almost every child on the diamond spends some amount of time dreaming of being the catcher. They want to wear a full catcher set of gear, loaded up with protection, and be involved in every pitch. Being a baseball catcher can be a lot of fun for a young child who needs to be more engaged with the game while on defense.

There is so much baseball equipment available for the modern baseball player that can be overwhelming to know where to get a catchers set for your team.

In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about finding the right catcher set for you.

Head Protection

Ultimately, the most important thing to protect is the head. With fastballs coming in at the youth level all the way up to 90 mph, it’s important to make sure that you are putting safety first.

Even a slight foul ball off the tip of the bat can be redirected away from the mitt and toward the head. You want to make sure that you find helmet options for your catchers set that provide the maximum certifications for protection.

You’ll want to make sure that whatever mask you choose has a full metal covering that still allows for good visibility for pitches coming to the plate. You also want to make sure that there is good shock distribution and foam padding that will protect the player in the event of a foul ball.

Throat and Chest Protection

In the same way, having throat and chest protection also protects sensitive areas of the player’s body in the event that a ball is tipped off the bat and redirected toward the catcher. Most catchers will be in a downward-facing position with some degree of protection provided to the throat from the end of the facemask.

However, it’s still important to have a dedicated throat protector in the event of a missed catch. Chest protectors should also have significant padding that begins to extend over the shoulders and onto the arms.

Knee Protectors

Finally, knee protectors are important to any catcher who is serious about being mobile for curveballs into the dirt. The ability to immediately drop to the knees to put the body in front of a ball that is bouncing in front of the plate is essential.

You can also find knee protectors that have padding to protect the catcher from extreme angles of sitting so that knee damage doesn’t build up over time. This is not always seen in Major League catchers sets, but it is very important at the younger levels of the game.

Finding the Right Catchers Set for You

At the end of the day, the right catchers set will factor in a combination of cost, protection, comfort, and mobility. If you can find a set of equipment that maximizes each of these factors based on your needs, you’ll be well protected and ready for an enjoyable season out on the diamond.

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Written by Jake Gibson

Source: TG Daily – Which Catcher’s Set is Right For You?

IBM Think: Reflecting a Changing World


IBM Think is one of the oldest customer communications events in the technology segment. The name “Think” goes all the way back to Thomas Watson Sr. when he was a sales manager for the National Cash Register (NCR) company.  He used it to advise his employees that, to be successful, they needed to use their heads, not their feet, so they optimized their time, effectiveness, and increased their sales close rates.  It became the tag line for the then new, and now over a century old, company.  

Over time, IBM has been exemplified as a firm that followed Thomas Watson Jr.’s advice of being willing to change everything but who you are. The full quote was from a 1962 speech that Thomas Watson Jr. gave at Columbia University in New York City to an audience of future leaders, and it is worth remembering here because it’s a rule that every company should take to heart if it wants to survive the test of change that comes with time.

“I firmly believe that any organization, in order to survive and achieve success, must have a sound set of beliefs on which it premises all its policies and actions,” Watson told the audience at Columbia. “Next, I believe that the most important single factor in corporate success is faithful adherence to those beliefs. And finally, I believe that if an organization is to meet the challenges of a changing world, it must be prepared to change everything about itself except those beliefs as it moves through corporate life.”

Changing the game

In the face of change, there are companies that respond to it and those that drive it. Historically, IBM has been one of the former. Since it nearly collapsed in the early 1990s, it has drifted to the latter. It’s far harder to follow fast technology companies than to lead them.  Current IBM leadership is attempting to transition back to that kind of leadership but while that has proven elusive, this transition is critical to IBM’s long-term growth and performance. That effort was showcased at IBM Think this year

IBM’s efforts in quantum computing both showcase how hard it is to transition back to market leadership and the company’s commitment to doing so. IBM has transitioned into a very different company over the decades since its near-collapse, embracing concepts like Open Source, being one of the leader’s driving diversities in the industry, and having leading programs focused on helping ex-military, minorities, and especially highly qualified women who had to leave the workforce due to family needs that now want to return.  

It is also aggressively working with public/private partnerships and Apple technologies like blockchain, AI, and Cloud to address problems like food security, water shortages, and security across a variety of industries and focusing on this decade’s problems. Getting more people to participate in this new creator’s economy is critical to the future, and IBM supports those efforts both directly and with partners because they are critical to IBM’s and the industry’s future. If you can address problems like the inequity in homeownership and farming inefficiencies, you can do well by doing good, which has been a consistent part of IBM’s culture going back to its founding.  

Wrapping up:

At Think this year, we saw IBM’s focus on solving the world’s critical problems, not just improving its financial performance.  

The world is increasingly defined by conflict, and tech firms like IBM are focused on improving human existence rather than putting it at risk. This vision is spreading through the technology segment thanks to firms like IBM. Supporting this vision is critical to creating a better future for us and our children. 

At IBM Think this year the biggest takeaway was the creation of hope for a better future, something I think we could all use a lot more of as we live through some of the most dramatic socio-political and technology changes the world has ever experienced. 

Source: TG Daily – IBM Think: Reflecting a Changing World

Data Anonymization: Best Practices & Advantages


In today’s massively digitalized world, data translates to power. Just like in the James Bond movies, everyone does anything to hold on to their data, thus their identity. They don’t want to be known or seen. All these precautions and procedures employed in keeping these identities secret is what anonymization is all about. 

Personal privacy is a topic of growing concern for businesses and consumers alike. With more and more services going online and with the rise of personalization in marketing and product recommendations, businesses are always looking for smarter ways to use data. 

But these innovations cannot ignore the security of data storage and privacy protection guidelines from GDPR or CCPA. If brands are going to leverage customer data, they have a responsibility to protect it, and data anonymization is what they need to keep it safe and well.

No big-name company brand wants to be a negligent or accidental offender. What’s more, a guarantee for data privacy compliance is a sure way to build consumer trust, just like a data breach can be a dead-cert way to lose a hard-won positive status.  

Data Anonymization: how does it work? 

Data anonymization is the process of permanently hiding data in obscurity. It removes any identifiable feature that links a data set to the owner of the data. Technically, it’s a process of altering data – by encrypting key identifiers – to obscure identification and provide faster data movement between systems. For example, a financial institution may encrypt the address, the name, and other personally identifiable information (PII) of their users while transferring a compilation of their daily savings. In doing so, limited exposure to the data prevents attackers from tracing them to actual users. 

At the same time, attackers can find a way around anonymization: by using relevant sources to match data to the subjects and key identifiers, they can de-anonymize information. It seems like a possible thing, so why wouldn’t they do it? However, there are different anonymization practices and procedures that can prevent the possible de-anonymization of these data sets. 

There are a number of ways that personally identifiable information (PII) like credit card details, names, mobile numbers, email, or physical addresses can be disassociated from their individual owner. One of them, and perhaps the most effective, is using an AI-based anonymization service from Pangeanic to identify PII and replace sensitive data using a series of anonymization techniques. 

Techniques of Data Anonymization  

  • Data masking 

As the name suggests, data masking refers to the process of hiding and giving data sets another apparent identity. Data masking involves creating a duplicate (mirror version) of a data set with the purpose of hiding the original data sets among inauthentic ones. Custom anonymization solutions like Pangeanic can help create different versions of the same data and shuffle it with the original version that is subjected to protection. When it comes to de-anonymization, the data masking technique makes it more difficult for attackers. 

  • Pseudonymization 

This technique involves replacing potential PII identifiers with fake ones. This is perhaps one of the best techniques for hiding data while maintaining the accuracy of statistics and value. Pangeanic is replacing identifiable critical data with pseudonyms, a method that’s often applied in demo operations and analytical training. 

  • Generalization of data 

Data generalization embodies the underlying principle of data anonymization. This practice involves removing some data sets in order to make it less recognizable. 

  • Data swapping 

The data swapping technique is as simple as it sounds. This practice shuffles data sets to re-arrange them in an unrecognizable way. That way. There would be no resemblance between the resultant records and the original database.                                                                                                             

  • Data perturbation 

The data perturbation technique is often found in numerical data inputs. To do this, data anonymization services round up the data sets with a specific operation or value. 

  • Synthetic data 

Just as the name implies, synthetic data sets are sets of artificial data created by AI with no connection whatsoever to existing events. Some data administrators and cybersecurity experts consider this anonymization technique more efficient than making alterations to the original data sets. 

Advantages of Data Anonymization 

1. Protects businesses against the potential loss of market share and trust 

Without a data anonymization method, companies wouldn’t understand or enforce their duty to secure sensitive, personal, and confidential data. In a world of overly complex and ever-changing data protection mandates, data anonymization protects companies against the potential loss of market share and trust. 

2. Protects customers against data misuse and insider exploitation risks 

Customers and clients who entrust companies with their personal data are susceptible to data misuse and insider exploitation risks that result in the failure of GDPR or CCPA compliance. Data anonymization practices ensure that companies fully understand and enforce their duty to secure confidential, sensitive, and personal data. 

3. Improves governance and consistency of results 

Clean and accurate data, allows companies to use services and apps and maintain privacy. It drives digital transformation by delivering protected data for use in creating new market value. 

Wrapping up

From the overall appraisal, businesses who really value their hard-earned positive reputation and their users’ privacy & safety should consider anonymizing critical data sets. So far, a rapidly increasing number of data breaches, combined with global attention to privacy mandates, means that companies that feed on user data should make data privacy a top-of-mind priority. This might not be easy, but it’s an absolute must if you want to maintain regulatory compliance, and market share and ward off attackers.

Written by Adam Eaton

Source: TG Daily – Data Anonymization: Best Practices & Advantages

3 Strategies for Finding Employers Who Value Mental Health

mental health

In 2021, U.S. workers voluntarily left their jobs in droves, a trend that became known as the Great Resignation. A better way to view this shifting work landscape may be to consider it a Great Reprioritization. The pandemic put reality in the forefront as people pulled back from office culture and instead elevated their personal needs. Some found the shift to be restorative, while others were blindsided by how much work had taken over their lives. 

As you consider your career and purpose, acknowledging the importance of managing your mental health is imperative. First, you must understand your needs and then take steps to align your life with them. Consider how you can prioritize these needs in every facet of your life, including your career and with your employer.

Savvy employers have taken note of the importance of mental health among their employees. Many are offering opportunities that provide the framework and flexibility to support overall mental health and rewarding careers.

1. Review Benefits Package Offerings

The standard benefits package offered by employers is now considered the bare minimum. Things like health insurance, paid time off, and employee discounts are now considered a given as today’s employees require more.

Review the benefits package offerings on company recruiting sites, employer review pages, and social networking sites. While not every employer posts their onboarding package, many provide enough detail to get a glimpse of their offerings. Several companies will also integrate language about especially robust packages in their postings, which can be a great sign. 

Take the time to review summaries for mentions regarding mental health support, counseling, and time away from work. Some employers specify providers that offer mental health treatment online, paid access to apps, and employee assistance programs (EAPs). While EAPs have long been offered by many companies, the pandemic’s pressure on behavioral health systems helped boost their relevance.

Additional paid time away from work for mental health, rest, and rejuvenation can also indicate a supportive employer. Note your findings for each potential employer to determine what’s standard and what’s exceptional as you consider applying for roles.

2. Assess the Work Environment and Style

By now, you likely know your ideal work style and preferred environment. Many professionals were forced to sample full-time remote work and have a good idea if it’s a fit for them. Check multiple job listings with your target employer to see what work location, hours, and approach is most consistent with your preferences. Many employers offering remote work have adjusted their work styles to accommodate team members in different time zones. While this shift is logical, it can also offer much-needed flexibility to all employees, providing better work-life integration. 

Identify what your target employers offer by way of work style and location to determine what piques your interest. Look for features included with on-site work like employee gyms, easily accessible dining, and upgraded office amenities.

When you interview, ask questions relevant to amenity usage to ensure that the culture matches the furnishings. Ask questions about how the organization manages workloads, company culture, and details about team dynamics. Mentions of team-building training, empathetic leadership, and open feedback can be good signs as you conduct your research.

3. Check Out Employee Reviews for Red Flags and High Points

Diving into employee feedback postings can result in a rabbit hole of findings, both good and bad. However, checking out current and former employee reviews will give you insight into employer culture you wouldn’t get elsewhere. Before you say “yes” to an offer, spend some time reviewing sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and FairyGodBoss. Search terms specific to your interests to focus your efforts and avoid unnecessary distractions. 

Remember that the urge to write a review typically comes from moments of frustration, regarding both employers and consumer products. Rarely do people go out of their way to provide a glowing review, even if an experience is first-class. Look for themes that can influence your perception, noting areas of concern to elevate in your interview.

Employers typically are aware of public reviews and should be prepared to respond to your questions about them. Remember that an interview is a conversation, and your questions about culture, benefits, and mental health considerations are fair game.

4. Prioritize Your Needs During Your Job Search 

Most job search efforts are driven by a sense of urgency, inspired by financial or emotional needs, or both. Before you launch your effort, sit down and consider what you’re trying to solve with a job change. 

Develop a pros and cons list for your current role and note specific positives or negatives you experience today. Pay attention to naturally occurring themes to identify the primary pain points you’ve been feeling. These themes can help influence what you’re looking for as you consider a move. Use this list as a litmus test and compare it to your research about potential roles and employers. 

When you’re speaking with a recruiter or hiring manager, elevate your questions to fully understand the opportunity. As you get closer to an offer, clarify your needs so any specific requirements or agreements can be documented. That way you can be sure that you and the employer are on the same page.

Employment is an exchange of output for compensation, and part of that is how the work gets done. When you develop an agreement that aligns with your mental health needs, you’ll start your new role with limitless potential. 

Source: TG Daily – 3 Strategies for Finding Employers Who Value Mental Health

Visionox Promotes Under-display 3D Face Recognition and Full Display with Expanded First-mover Advantage


The era of full-display smartphones is coming. And the bezel-less display effect depends on under-display camera (UDC) technology. The quality of the under-display camera solution will be one of the decisive factors for OLED panel manufacturers to win in the future.

On May 5, Visionox held its Technology Innovation Launch Event online to release its innovative technologies in five sectors, covering nearly 20 technological achievements. Its upgraded under-display camera solution InV see® has aroused the industry’s attention.

Visionox’s Under-display 3D Face Recognition Technology Meets Payment-level Certification Standards

The system integration of under-display camera and 3D face recognition technologies has been realized by Visionox’s bezel-less under-display 3D face recognition solution, which is the first in the whole world.

The basic principle of under-display camera technology is that the front camera is covered with a transparent OLED screen which displays contents under normal circumstances. When the front camera is turned on, the OLED screen becomes transparent, enabling the shooting function.

The basic principle of under-display 3D face recognition technology is that two transparent display areas with high pixel density and high infrared light transmission rate are set at the upper part of the phone. When the 3D face recognition is enabled, the two areas can capture basic data on core facial features with the help of under-display camera technology. Then by comparing them with the facial data saved in the system, the results of the Match Recognition can be obtained.

The screen must take into account both the display clarity and the transmission rate in photo shooting, which was once the biggest problem of the under-display camera. With the efforts of Visionox, the stability and maturity of under-display camera technology have laid the foundation for the system integration of 3D face recognition.

The biggest difficulty of under-display 3D face recognition is the setting of multiple transparent display areas. Based on its own patented TFT side mount technology, Visionox redesigned the driving backplane to realize the co-existence of multiple transparent display areas each with higher pixel density than 400ppi, which can truly achieve the integration of transparent display areas and main display area, making the transparent display area invisible to human eyes. At the same time, multiple transparent display areas can be arranged in space with flexibility to meet the technical requirements of various 3D face recognition modules such as structured light and time-of-flight.

The under-display 3D face recognition technology developed by Visionox has met the payment-level certification standard.

Continuously Iterate UDC Technologies and Expand Laptop Applications 

These achievements are the result of 16 years of hard work of the R&D staff. Visionox’s under-display camera research team has put years of effort into the realization of one goal. As early as 2006, they had applied for a patent on transparent screen; in 2020, they brought forward the world’s first mass-producible under-display camera solution; in 2021, the technology was iterated and upgraded; and in 2022, it will be iterated again.

As a company engaged in under-display camera innovation and development earlier than its peers, Visionox has built a comprehensive patent system with technologies and inventions covering the most extensive layout of core fundamental patents. For example, the invention of the Four Firsts (“the first small anode solution”, “the first drive circuit edge placement”, “the first one-drive multi-pixel/multi-drive multi-pixel array design”, and “the first serpentine electrode routing solution”), covering multiple patent groups for arrays, devices, drives, and materials, which has enabled Visionox to build its core and key technological barriers. Having the most and earliest authorizations and more than one thousand patents, Visionox has a dominating position when it comes to patents.

This has ensured Visionox’s leading position in the field of under-display camera. With two iterations, Visionox’s first-mover advantage has further expanded, while the technical advantages will also drive its market expansion.

It is learned that Visionox’s under-display camera solutions can satisfy the under-display camera requirements of hard display, flexible display, high-end flexible display, medium-sized display, etc., fully capable of customizing and developing for customer needs. With its “One strength & Two new roads” strategy, the application of under-display 3D face recognition will also be extended to the field of laptops or automotive displays.

According to Visionox, it will further enhance transparency, control diffraction, and optimize cameras and algorithms to achieve a better selfie effect. It will integrate more under-display sensing technologies such as under-display 3D face recognition, under-display ambient light sensing, etc. Moreover, it plans to further reduce the mass production cost of under-display cameras and increase the production capacity to benefit more consumers. 

Source: TG Daily – Visionox Promotes Under-display 3D Face Recognition and Full Display with Expanded First-mover Advantage

All About Creatives Instagram Reels

Instagram Dark Mode 3D icon concept

Instagram used to be a go-to social media platform for artists sharing their art. However, recent changes such as Instagram reels are starting to shift the app from being less about creativity and artists to more about TikTok-type videos that are standardized and serve mindless entertainment.

It’s starting to lose its status as a go-to platform for artists and art while old Instagram users are starting to experiment with other social media sites that remind them of the old Instagram.

A Quick Instagram History

The Instagram app was founded in 2010 with the artistic community, creatives, designers, and photographers in mind by the co-founder Kevin Systrom. It immediately flooded with creatives and was shortly bought by Facebook in 2012.

It is now more of one of Facebook products rather than a creative platform. Instagram’s creators are frustrated about the app being more commercial and less about what they remembered it to be.

Social Media Marketing Strategies That Blow Your Business

Many artists express that Instagram’s creators are no longer in fashion. With the rest of the world and with the platform using similar technologies, Instagram is becoming more about advertising and measurement services and ad preferences. Most of Instagram’s creatives are now using such a creative business coach to guide them in creating content so they can get more traffic and commercial activity to their photos, videos, and profiles.

Start From Making Your Community

We’ve been talking about how it’s becoming much more difficult to be discovered and to go viral as artists or creatives. However, this, although being an obstacle, doesn’t mean that you can’t attract your followers and create your community. You can easily get Instagram followers growth service by 1394ta for your account anytime.

Your controls vary as to how you can steer clear of commercialization, and ads and manage your account and work. The algorithm is not so bad if you want to make money off your work and go bigger as well if you aren’t concerned about your work being original and unique.

You should monitor how different data affects your explore page and how much your posts about different niches on Instagram gain a different number of views and likes.

Instagram and many other platforms offer settings about the traffic on your posts and profile. The age, gender, location of your followers, etc. You can find additional information that can help you shape your community the way you want. You can see only things you want and nothing more.

If you’re a small account you can check this manually as well. You can cater more to an audience that you want your work to be seen. If you’re interested in art or you create art, for example, you can make sure your followers and following are only about that niche.

Many painting pages post classical paintings that are unaffected by recent changes. Only interested people follow them and they post according to their audience and what they want, or you just solve that yourself on 1394ta.

Instagram is More Than Just a Photo Sharing App

Instagram was the earliest and leading platform to enable adding filters to your photo with filters like an analogue photo developing technique. People express their nostalgia for that period when similar apps like VSCO or Retrica used a similar analogue photo development technique and filters as the photography was in a fashion more than it’s ever been.

You would share a black and white photo of anything with a hashtag authentic and an artistic community of your followers would appreciate and post similar photos.

New CEO: Adam Mosseri

Instagram gained a rapid commercial growth momentum and new certain features in 2016. It immediately flooded with more users, shopping features, etc.

New CEO Adam Mosseri, one of the founders of Facebook, replaced Instagram founder Kevin Systrom. Adam Mosseri declared the first thing as he became CEO “Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app”.

New Features of IG

Instagram decided to embrace video as well. Instagram stories changed the platform deeply. However, it was mainly used for photos and a video could be 15 seconds long maximum.

The new CEO claimed TikTok and YouTube as competitors and that video is Instagram’s business as well.

To embrace video, a platform like Instagram TV was established. It wasn’t quite popular however and vertical videos in the style of TikTok called reels were introduced. The success of this medium was proven in TikTok and it became popular on Instagram as well. You can see many of these standardized vertical videos on your explore page.

No Thx, Bye Bye Instagram

A platform that used to be about creativity, photos, paintings, art supplies, flowers, and sunrises by an artistic community of Instagram’s creatives who were designers, artists, photographers, architects, and painters was now replaced by shopping features and standard reproduced videos that sell.

The marketing world conquered Instagram and it became merely one of Facebook products producing marketable content like other platforms.

Why There are Unhappy Instagram Users?

New CEO Mosseri claimed that the main reason why most people use Instagram is to be entertained and the app will draw its course focusing more on entertainment. It will lean into that “trend”.

Many artists who were already upset about such a “trend” were frustrated in learning that the only platform that they could rely on was about to be ruined as well.

Liverpool Photographer And Musician Reuben Wu

Countless artists and creatives that used to constitute the backbone of Instagram have left the app. The artistic community was replaced by younger generations seeking entertainment.

Liverpool photographer and musician Reuben Wu for example tweeted after hearing the news “thx bye Instagram” leaving behind his 260 thousand followers.

One of Instagram’s creatives, creative business coach, and the author of Hashtag Authentic: Finding Creativity and Building Community on Instagram and Beyond Sara Tasker say many people reached out to her afraid that they would be left behind since creative work would no longer be in fashion.

Sara Tasker claims that the video medium is more difficult to learn and not for people who are camera shy. That to make their creative work seen they have to dance in front of a camera is frustrating and unfair, she claims.

The Algorithm Favors Simple Entertainment

Sara Tasker also asserts that her post views and likes were descended lower than half they were a couple of years ago. Instagram algorithm no longer promotes genuine artistic creations but viral standard posts. She claims when she posted a regular photo of a drawing of a cat or a model like Kendall Jenner, the photo immediately becomes a hit, unlike her regular work. Moreover, you can add to posts genuine Instagram likes from 1394ta and make it boosts.

Photos of fit women in bikinis or underwear were much more likely to appear on explore pages than other posts, the research found. A photo or a video of nature and landscapes were much less likely to appear on the explore page.

How To Deal with The Change

Many of Instagram’s creatives are migrating to Twitter which is not yet one of Facebook’s products. It is a social media platform that is less affected by commercialization and marketing. Originality in content seems still important on Twitter.

Although the Twitter platform is more focused on humor and absurd interactions, it still hasn’t been much standardized or commercialized as other platforms. It is a go-to platform for many people, even artists because it’s allowing for more genuine interaction.

However, spoiler alert: with Elon Musk’s recent buying of Twitter shares and his claim that anonymous accounts will no longer be allowed on the platform, it looks like some changes are expected on Twitter as well.

How To Reset Your Explore Page

If you think you can’t work properly on Instagram the way you want because of reels on explore page and recommended posts you don’t want to see, you can clear your search history and not watch certain reels.

Instagram algorithm brings you more of the posts you show interest in, so steer clear of things you don’t want to see. If you see a post you don’t want to see on explore page tap on “Not interested” to show less in the future. Instagram isn’t completely lost yet and you can use it the way you want.

Final World on the Algorithm

The rapid changes and virtualization of the world so to speak can shock people who weren’t much into social media or technology. However, it isn’t so easy to escape the changes because they follow you. If the technology used to be more of a choice that could make life easier, it is becoming more of a necessity as we’re starting to establish techno-societies where communication, movement, and our perception of time and space are becoming optimized to the latest technologies.

If you can’t keep up a bad time awaits as we see with older people who are confused. A disabled browser’s cookies can’t make you hide from ads. Digitalization even affects billboards outside and subway stations and trains.

When you used to browse the Instagram hashtags you wanted on your Instagram account, the algorithm now gives you the idea of what you’ll like before you knew what that thing was.

How farther this will go? No one has all the answers. However, taking a reactive, unaccepting and paranoid stance towards changes in technology is not smart. The changes are not much threatening if you use your Instagram account smartly and don’t get carried away too much by the algorithm.

Source: TG Daily – All About Creatives Instagram Reels

With the Low in Cost and Power Consumption of LTPS, Visionox Expects to Accelerate Global OLED Market Expansion

photo 1

The competition of global panel industry is getting increasingly fiercer, and Chinese display enterprises are looking for chances of expanding their overseas market. However, in order to succeed, they need to have the strength powerful enough to compete with others.

On May 5, China’s OLED display manufacturer Visionox will be holding its Technology Innovation Launch Event online to release its innovative technological achievements in five sectors, covering nearly 20 innovative technologies. Among these technologies, the LTPS technology low in both cost and power consumption(EnV ALT™) made its debut with quite a low key. However, as the author sees it, it can be a very powerful Ace to assist Visionox in its global market expansion.

It is a TFT-level low-consumption and low-cost solution suitable for all models. By introducing the low-frequency LTPS technology into the original circuit architecture, it enables the display to have high refresh rate while also having the quality of low-power consumption that often comes with low refresh rate. This technology enables the display to remain flicker-free under 30Hz/1Hz low refresh rate, low grayscale, and low brightness scenarios.

From the perspective of performance, the low-frequency LTPS technology can significantly reduce power consumption. It can reduce power consumption by about 25% when applied to the 1Hz off-screen display (AoD) of LTPS smart wearable displays and by more than 10% when applied to the 30Hz display of LTPS mobile phone displays.

From the perspective of cost, although Korean manufacturers can also produce LTPO panels with low power consumption, their cost is significantly higher.

According to people’s common sense, low power consumption cannot co-exist with low cost. So why can Visionox achieve both?

According to Visionox, its existing LTPS-TFT AMOLED production lines in Jiangsu, Hebei, and Anhui can be adapted to full capacity, and there is no need to upgrade production lines, purchase equipment, or significantly increase production processes, so there is no need to incur more costs, which will bring more economical display solutions low in power consumption to customers and end users.

In addition, Visionox has previously gained widespread attention with its under-display camera technology InV see® and successfully realized mass production.

According to Visionox, it has four core patents for under-display camera technology (one-drive multi-pixel array design, small anode scheme, serpentine electrode routing, and edge-mounted circuit). Visionox is also the company with the longest development, the most patents, the fastest mass production, and the most comprehensive solutions in under-display camera technology in China.

According to the research of TrendForce, benefiting from the expansion of Chinese brands into AMOLED models, the market penetration rate of AMOLED panels for cell phones was 42% in 2021, and is expected to climb to 46% in 2022 with continuous investment in AMOLED production line expansion by various panel manufacturers. In addition to adding new solutions besides LTPO panels, Visionox’s move may open up the application of AMOLED displays in the economic market for AMOLED low-power solutions.

With the arrival of the 5G era, Visionox wants to fully release its production capacity and accelerate global market penetration with its powerful Ace: EnV ALT™.

Source: TG Daily – With the Low in Cost and Power Consumption of LTPS, Visionox Expects to Accelerate Global OLED Market Expansion

Musk To Lift Twitter Ban on Trump

Twitter bans Trump forever

Billionaire Elon Musk said on Tuesday, May 10, that he would reverse Twitter’s ban on former US President Donald Trump when he buys the social media platform.

Trump was permanently suspended from Twitter shortly after the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol.

The question of reinstating Trump has been seen as a litmus test of how far Musk will go in making changes, even though Trump himself has said he would not return.

Musk is expected to become Twitter’s temporary CEO after closing the deal, Reuters previously reported, citing a source familiar with the matter. He has called himself a “free speech absolutist” but given few specific details of his plans to change the site’s moderation policies.

He said he and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey believe permanent bans should be “extremely rare” and should be reserved for accounts that operate bots or spread spam or botnets, according to a Financial Times conference. 

Elon Musk says he would reverse Twitter’s Trump ban

Elon Musk said Tuesday that he would restore former President Donald Trump’s banned account on Twitter if his deal to acquire the company is completed.

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Musk to lead Twitter temporarily after $44 billion takeover – source

Elon Musk is expected to become Twitter’s temporary CEO after closing his takeover of the social-media firm, a person familiar with the matter said, as the billionaire inches closer to securing funds for the deal.

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Who did Twitter ban during the Trump era, and why?

Could banned Trump allies return to Twitter under Elon Musk? A look at the former president’s backers who were kicked off the social media platform.

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Source: TG Daily – Musk To Lift Twitter Ban on Trump

Is Bitcoin a Good Investment?

bitcoin (1)

There is no doubt that bitcoin is one of the top digital currencies in the market. Over the last few decades, it has been one of the best-performing assets and has helped many investors bring in significant returns. But at the same time, it is full of risks. 

Many investors have also lost plenty of money in cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin. As the world moves toward digitalization and technology, the adoption of digital currencies is also on the rise. Experts predict that digital currencies such as Bitcoin may replace fiat currencies in the near future. 

Is Buying Bitcoin Risky? 

Just like any other investment, bitcoin has its drawbacks and advantages. Since it was one of the first cryptocurrencies, millions of people trust it and see it being adopted worldwide as a means of payment. Apart from big investors, even governments of countries such as El Salvador are buying Bitcoin for their treasury. 

The adoption rate of bitcoin has rapidly increased over the last few years, making it a reliable investment. More people trusting this digital asset means that the risk associated with it is lower. Many other countries have also started to look into bitcoin to reduce the dependency on fiat. They firmly believe that this digital coin has the potential to take over dollars as an accepted payment worldwide. 

The final decision for investing in Bitcoin needs to come out of your appetite for taking risks and perspective on this relatively new technology. Coming back to the question: Bitcoin investment can be risky for anyone. It is a common sight to see the cryptocurrency market fluctuate and often crash. Moreover, these assets also have high volatility, which can further increase the element of risk in the investment. 

Many experts have predicted that their volatility may decrease over the years as big names and countries start to invest in the coin. While it may seem like a lucrative investment, the chances of a loss are always lingering. 

Advantages of a Bitcoin Investment 

Bitcoin has plenty of advantages as an investment. Below, we have identified a few benefits it offers as an investment: 

High Liquidity 

The best thing about bitcoin is that it never runs out of buyers. Since it is popular all over the world and available on different platforms and exchanges, it is easy to sell and trade the asset whenever you wish. 

This aspect also makes it ideal for investors looking for short-term investments. Many people trust it as a long-term investment since they predict a bright future for the currency. 

Less Risk of Inflation

The currencies worldwide are regulated by banks, and governments are prone to inflation and lose their value over time. But since bitcoin is regulated with the help of blockchain technology, it is immune to any sort of inflation. 

Massive Gains

While volatility can be an unfavorable thing, many investors leverage it to their advantage. They use its unpredictable nature to gain short-term profits and rake in massive gains. 


Price fluctuations will always be a major drawback for cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Bitcoin price is as volatile as it is valuable. The price of this asset fluctuates on a daily basis, which makes it a risky investment for some investors. Many investors like to seek long-term value but may not take bitcoin into account due to high fluctuations. 

Easy to Invest

Anyone can buy bitcoin and become an investor from the comfort of their homes. Stock trading, on the other hand, requires certification and going through a rigorous registration process. 

Moreover, the returns are also not as high as in Bitcoin. The transaction and gains in bitcoin are also instant and can be withdrawn in a matter of minutes. 

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Investment 

While it does have plenty of potential benefits, it also has some drawbacks that investors need to be aware of. Let’s take a look at some notable downsides of bitcoin for investors: 


There is always a risk of hacking since platforms and transactions occur online. Apart from that, there are also data breaches that could leak sensitive information. Although blockchain has never been hacked before, individual accounts are always at risk. 

Many trading platforms have also been hacked before. It has resulted in investors and companies losing money in the millions. 

Future of Bitcoin 

In the near future, Bitcoin can prove to be a great investment for investors. Many countries have also started to show interest in the currency and can soon adopt it as a means of payment. Bitcoin is a valuable investment for investors who want to protect their cash from inflation and are seeking promising returns.

Bitcoin can be a decent investment if you plan it effectively and do your research. It is important to realize that Bitcoin’s characteristics differ greatly from any other asset. 

Written by Callum Jackson

Source: TG Daily – Is Bitcoin a Good Investment?

What Are Scandinavian Log Cabins?

Log Cabin Cottage House Home Finland Landscape

Log cabins are a type of vernacular architecture traditionally associated with the countryside of Scandinavia. They were initially built using logs cut from the surrounding forest and were often used as simple dwellings or for storage purposes. 

Today, Scandinavian log cabins are still built using traditional methods. Still, they are also available in kit form for those who wish to construct their own. Scandinavian log homes typically have a simple, rectangular shape with a gabled roof. They are often built using interlocking logs which fit together without the need for nails or other fasteners. The interlocking logs make Scandinavian log cabins particularly strong and stable and allow them to be built without expensive foundation work.

The popularity of Scandinavian log homes

Nowadays, ​​Scandinavian log cabins have become more and more popular in Europe. They are a popular choice for holiday homes and secondary residences, as they offer a cozy and comfortable place to stay while surrounded by natural beauty. They are also becoming increasingly popular as office spaces and studios. Their simple design and construction make them ideal for use as light-industrial units. Whatever the reason for their popularity, log cabins will provide their owners with a warm and welcoming place to call home.

What kind of wood is used for Scandinavian log cabins

The type of wood used in Scandinavian log cabins can vary depending on the region in which they are built. In general, however, pine, spruce, and fir are the most common types of wood used, as they are strong and durable. In some cases, oak or redwood may also be used, as these woods are both strong and resistant to rot. Cypress is also most commonly used in constructing Scandinavian log cabins. It is an incredibly durable type of wood. However, it is essential to note that cypress is a costly type of wood, so it is not used as often as other types of wood.

How long do Scandinavian log cabins last

Scandinavian log homes are renowned for their strength and durability. The interlocking logs used in their construction make them incredibly strong, and the natural rot resistance of woods means that they are less likely to succumb to insect damage or decay. A Scandinavian log cabin can last for many decades with proper care and maintenance. Regular cleaning and staining will help protect the wood from the elements, and periodic repair of any cracks or damage will further extend the life of the cabin. A Scandinavian log cabin can provide years of enjoyment with little effort.

The cost of building a Scandinavian log cabin

The cost of building a Scandinavian log cabin will vary depending on the size and complexity of the design and the type of wood used. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 for a small cabin and up to $100,000 or more for a large and luxurious cabin. Of course, if you choose to build your cabin yourself, the cost will be significantly less than if you hire someone to do it for you.

The benefits of owning a Scandinavian log cabin

Scandinavian log cabins offer a variety of benefits that make them well-suited for both commercial and residential use.

First Scandinavian log cabins are beautiful additions to any property, adding curb appeal while boosting its value with durability in min.d Furthermore, because of how popular they’ve become, there’s a wide range of different models to fit any need you may have. Whether you want a small summer getaway or a sizable multi-bedroom cabin, be sure there’s the best choice out there for you.

Next, they are very eco-friendly, as they are made from sustainable, natural materials. In addition, the logs are usually left untreated, which reduces the number of chemicals that are used in their construction. As a result, Scandinavian log cabins have a minimal environmental footprint. Another benefit of these homes is that they are very energy efficient. The thick walls and insulation help to keep the inside of the cabin warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This reduced dependence on heating and cooling systems can save significant energy over time. For people who are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional homes, Scandinavian log cabins are a great option.

Another thing that Scandinavian log cabins are renowned for is their quality and durability. Built using only the finest materials, these types of cabins are designed to withstand even the harshest winters. In addition, they are easy to maintain and can provide a cozy retreat for many years to come.

In addition, log cabins are relatively easy to construct and require minimal maintenance, making them an economical choice for those who want to enjoy the benefits of owning a cabin without the hassle of constant upkeep.

And finally, their natural aesthetic can help create a feeling of calm and peace. For anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, a Scandinavian log cabin can provide the perfect retreat.

So if you are looking for a beautiful cabin that will be both efficient and eco-friendly, then it’s time to consider Scandinavian log homes. These structures offer many benefits, including durability, making them perfect in harsh weather conditions like heavy snowfall or strong winds year-round. They are also easy to maintain and keep their value for years, making them a wise investment for any property owner. So if you are thinking about building a cabin, be sure to consider all that Scandinavian log cabins have to offer.

Written by Harlow Sweeney

Source: TG Daily – What Are Scandinavian Log Cabins?

The Metaverse is Moving to the Cloud

Meta 3D

The metaverse arms race is really picking up speed and new announcements are being made all the time. The most recent development is the coming together of two great tech worlds: the Metaverse and the cloud. That’s because of tech company Nvidia, which has led the switch to move its metaverse over to the cloud, where it can be more easily accessed. The question remains: will the rest of the metaverse do the same?

Nvidia Leads the Change

Nvidia, an American artificial intelligence company, is the first to choose to relocate its metaverse to the cloud. In a recent press release, the company cited accessibility as its main reason for doing this. Not only does it want to create the best and most user-friendly metaverse, but it also wants it to be accessible to as many people as possible. If you need extra support to understand different computer systems like the metaverse, then visit IT Infrastructure Services in London.

Meta is leading the construction of the metaverse, claiming to have created over 10,000 digital worlds. However, Nvidia isn’t far behind and, along with hundreds of other tech companies like Microsoft, is racing to build its very own metaverse. Nvidia hopes to gain an edge over competitors by releasing this metaverse onto the cloud.

The Omniverse vs. the Metaverse

Strictly speaking, Nvidia’s version of the metaverse isn’t a metaverse at all, but rather an omniverse. What’s the difference? We’re not sure. However, the term ‘omniverse’ was created by Nvidia and predates any talk by Meta of building their own metaverse. In practical terms, the two are both attempting to build virtual worlds that exist in extended reality.

The omniverse began as a 3D digital world in which designers could meet to build their own products. This has since been used by over 700 companies, including Lockheed Martin, BMW, and Sony. To make their access easier and enable companies to access the omniverse without transferring tons of data, Nvidia has put its omniverse on the cloud.

Will Other Companies Follow?

Nvidia hopes to have a leg up over the competition by moving its version of the metaverse to the cloud. However, are other companies interested in doing the same? Microsoft, which is building its own metaverse, certainly seems interested in this route, creating its own cloud system called Azure. As a more efficient and cost-effective option, it seems likely that Meta will eventually place its metaverse on the cloud, as well.

There are many companies that can now offer cloud solutions to help anyone wanting to take this route. For some, this might be the most efficient and secure way to launch your own metaverse.

This move by Nvidia to take its omniverse over to the cloud is a significant one. It shows that they’re serious about competing with the likes of Meta when it comes to building this new digital environment. Whether other companies follow suit is yet to be seen but, as a more secure, accessible, and cost-effective solution, it certainly wouldn’t surprise anyone.

Source: TG Daily – The Metaverse is Moving to the Cloud

How Business Leaders Can Protect Themselves Against Unfounded Sexual Assault Claims

gavel law lawsuit

A surprising and upsetting fact is that 81% of women and 43% of men have reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment, either at work or elsewhere. This is a terrible stat and one that needs to be dealt with. At the same time, unfounded and untrue claims of sexual assault are occasionally made against bosses. This may be an attempt to receive financial compensation or simply out of a misunderstanding. Whatever the reason, what can you do to protect yourself as a business leader?

Create an Open, Transparent Office Culture

Nothing in your business should be secretive. Your accounts should be publicly available, your office space open plan, and private office doors kept open. The more transparently you act, the harder it is for unfair claims to be made against you. Outsiders will know that you’re a leader of integrity with nothing to hide.

Conversely, businesses that destroy documents, keep doors and shutters closed, and act secretively will always be subject to rumors. You can nip this in the bud early by promoting an open and honest atmosphere, where every employee feels able to speak their mind. This will lower the chances of untrue claims being made.

Attend Sexual Harassment Training Courses 

Serious sexual assault is one thing, but there are often gray areas when it comes to harassment. What you might view as a harmless joke could be seen as sexually aggressive behavior to your staff members. To help everyone understand where the line is, hold regular sexual harassment training courses.

Bring in an outside expert to do this. You can then attend the course yourself. This doesn’t only prove your opposition to harassment and assault at work, but you may also learn something. This will help you avoid accidentally straying into territory that is taken in a different way from how you intended it.

Work with an Experienced Legal Team

Sexual assault is a serious accusation and you’ll want to have a team of lawyers on hand in case such an allegation does emerge. Make sure you have an attorney you can trust long before you need them. They’ll help you navigate any difficult legal periods and be there to defend you if that’s what you need.

You can look online for a sexual assault attorney with experience in this specific area. They should be someone different from your finance lawyers and business lawyers. Make sure they understand this area of the law well. That will reduce the chances of a claim being filed against you and increase your chances of winning if it does happen.

Sexual assault is one of the worst crimes a person can commit. Being wrongly accused of it can ruin your reputation and destroy your business. It’s important to foster an atmosphere of openness and transparency while working to understand how to stay on the right side of the line. Make sure you surround yourself with legal protection, as well. These three things will protect you in the face of unfounded

Source: TG Daily – How Business Leaders Can Protect Themselves Against Unfounded Sexual Assault Claims

How Helium Network is Continually Increasing its User Base

Blockchain Network Business Technology Digital

Since Helium relies on the utilization of Gateways and Miners that are installed in homes and businesses, it is known as “The People’s Network” network. In return, Helium Network Tokens (HNT) is declared as a sort of cryptocurrency by the corporation. Tokens are credited to users’ accounts based on the value their hotspot contributes to the network as a whole. For the first time ever, a peer-to-peer LoRaWAN wireless IoT network is being built by an American company.

A little cost is charged by the Helium Network, which in turn gives us a platform to link our LoRa devices to Application Servers. No Internet or other cellular networks are used during this entire process! The entire network relies on the LoRaWAN coverage provided by the hotspots put by the public.

Up to this point, you should have gotten the impression that not only is Helium Network composed to become a major player in the technology industry, but it also offers investors a promising financial return. Take a closer look, shall we? More than 9,200 hotspots have been offered by Helium. It’s clear that the Helium system has a wide following. Many of LongFi’s customers use the network to track their bottled water deliveries, such as Nestlé’s beverage delivery service ReadyRefresh and the publisher Helium. Lime utilizes the network to geolocate its assets and is a player in self-service mobility. Agriculture and education are also areas of focus for the organization.

Helium has no intention of halting its growth in that region. After raising $55 million in venture capital since its inception, the company is now focusing on tracking as well as network activity. Helium Tabs, a tracker for hotspot owners, will be available in the summer of 2020. Helium may invest in IoT development while also expanding its network by selling this gadget for 49 dollars per month with no recurring fees.

When using LoRaWAN antennas, how can you get additional HNT?

HNT is earned by helium hotspot miners when LoRaWAN gateways connected to IoT devices connect to verify the wireless coverage supplied by their peers. More HNT is extracted from Helium-enabled gateways in a range of other Helium-enabled LoRaWAN gateways that are at least 300 meters apart, using the “coverage test” technique.

LoRa antennas deployed in Hotspots with increased range and gain allow for more daily coverage tests, which means more money for Helium. It’s critical to use an outdoor omnidirectional antenna between 5dbi and 8dbi with your Helium hotspot; hence we suggest you do so.

It is a Helium Hotspot provider. The hotspots are purchased from Helium, and a part of the income is split between Helium and the people who host them. However, despite the fact that we may not be controlled by Helium, we still feel that we can assist individuals to mine Helium Tokens. Help us build the greatest IoT network in the world while earning passive monthly money as a hotspot host. Helium hotspot miners are sold by a European company that sells the devices for connecting to the Helium network. We also provide a variety of other IoT products and services.

Source: TG Daily – How Helium Network is Continually Increasing its User Base

How High Will Bitcoin Go In 2022


Here’s what experts are saying. First, Bitcoin can hit $100,000 in 2022.

According to the latest reports, there’s a piece of extremely good news for crypto investors because experts suggest that coins will hit $100,000 and even more in 2022. 

The rise after the fall- bitcoin trajectory

Bitcoin’s price fell to below $40,000 in mid-April due to the hustle between the investors over rising inflation, tight monetary regulations by the US Federal Reserve, and at the same time, geopolitical tensions rising between the Russia and Ukraine war. Due to this global economic crisis, the crypto market has suffered tensions in the last few months that drive volatility where investors are not keen to purchase cryptocurrency. which is expected to increase in the coming months.

Since January 2022, Bitcoin has experienced a low of $45,000, and its current price as of April 23rd, 2022, is $39,622. The last all-time high was hit in November 2021, when it rose to $68,000, but it is important to note that even with a frequent decline in its price, Bitcoin is still more than twice as valuable as it was a few years back. 

Experts say that these highs and lows are nothing new for bitcoin. Despite the volatility, Bitcoin will make the $100,000 mark soon.

Bitcoin price predictions 2022

Last November, Bitcoin grew up to a $60,000 market cap, leading the experts to suggest that it would hit a $100,000 Bitcoin price in January 2022. However, the consistent lows in the pricing have made the game a little tricky here because some crypto skeptics suggested that Bitcoin will go as low as $10,000 in 2022. 

However, the counterparts suggest that Cryptocurrency can still climb and attain the $100,000 prediction by the end of this year. However, it is no secret that more and more big brands and franchises are looking toward monetizing their products in the digital metaverse. The increase in metaverse schemes, worlds, products, and features leads to the popularity of Bitcoin.

Although most experts are hesitant to speak up about the prediction of the number and the date of a jump in Bitcoin value, there is rather a point in the trend of Bitcoin which would increase its value and make it a pretty sustainable investment to drive organic market moments.

What are the experts saying?

Here is a summary of predictions made by experts in the crypto field, and they are taking on the value of Bitcoin in 2022.

“The increasing demand for metaverse and incorporation of new Altcoins have caused a hike for crypto, and Bitcoin will bounce back stronger. In addition, the inflationary pressures due to COVID-19 will increase the interest in Cryptocurrency and soon push the value of Bitcoin to higher projections.”

What factors influence bitcoins’ value in the market?

Several economic factors influence the price of every Cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, and therefore you must consider these factors before you buy Cryptocurrency.


Mining of the bitcoins will stop once it reaches 21 million, and currently, there are only about 18 to 19 million bitcoins in circulation. Due to this, experts such an increase in demand in the supply for bitcoins; hence, the value of bitcoins can fluctuate.


Most people purchase Cryptocurrency due to the mainstream adoption process that drives it and then sends the pricing of that Cryptocurrency. It is a technology that individuals are adopting at a very faster rate, and due to this adoption, the new consumers buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies at increasing rates.

Stringent regulations

Due to the involvement of federal regulations, there has been a key drop in the prices of bitcoins over the last few months. In addition, crypto regulations by central authorities put more pressure on the value of Cryptocurrency. 

For instance, you can buy crypto with a credit card which gets publically recorded, although your account number isn’t displayed.


Mining cycles are also called uncomplicated that involve the generation of a Bitcoin by solving cryptographic puzzles online. Halving influences the circulation of new bitcoins in the market and have who related and the increase and decrease of the cycles.

If you plan to invest in Bitcoin, you must understand these fluctuations and save your portfolio in Cryptocurrency from taking a dip.

Pro tip-If you are a beginner and want to have a safe, sustainable portfolio in Cryptocurrency, then it is just advised that you should not invest more than 5% of your overall portfolio. In addition, if you do not wish to make a long-term investment, you can convert Cryptocurrency (fiat) Or make investments in companies that facilitate crypto trading.

Written by Johnny Steele


Source: TG Daily – How High Will Bitcoin Go In 2022

Dell Technology World 2nd Day:  Buckle up. It’ll Be One Hell of a Ride

dell logo

I’m at Dell Technology World this week. Michael Dell spent the first day talking about strategy, engaging with some of Dell’s more powerful customers like GMC and USAA, and closed with the amazing work Dell is doing to help Ukraine.

Vice-Chairman and Co-COO Jeff Clarke focused on the product launches and near-term Dell advances. Clarke opened with the amazing speed of advancements and trends redefining the technology industry and the world. He then showcased the Dell Workshop where there was a huge mystery box on one side and a robotic dog. Interesting side story:  At Dell World around five years ago, a guest speaker said that robotics would be the next big thing, but Dell did nothing in robotics subsequently. Or so we thought. Seeing a robotic dog in the Dell workshop might indicate that Dell didn’t ignore that prediction after all, but was simply unwilling to talk about it until now.  

Let’s go over the big thoughts from Clarke’s talk.


Even during the PC downturn of a few years back, Dell argued that PCs weren’t going away, and would not only resurge but become even more critical to work in the future. Based on Dell’s financials, it seems that the market agrees. During the pandemic, PC sales went through the roof. It is also interesting to note that during these massive supply chain problems, Dell’s Logistics Services division has stepped up to enable Dell’s teams to work around the supply deficits to protect Dell manufacturing from these problems.

One of the coolest things at Dell World this year is Concept Luna. It’s a laptop designed to show just how far you can go to create a truly sustainable laptop product. They featured it on stage, and I got a chance to see it in person while at the show. Not only can it be dismantled very quickly, but it can be upgraded rather than replaced. It uses several technologies like plastics based on plants that degrade safely in the environment.  

Another example was a new Alienware offering that gives a gamer a competitive advantage (they showcased Forza 5 on the stage), and the Alienware physical designs continue to impress.  

Easily accessible and fast infrastructure

Clarke also highlighted Dell’s enterprise storage portfolio designed for multi-cloud support targeting the hyper-scaler market at the high end. Key advancements are advanced cyber security, massive scalability (according to Dell, it’s 30x better than competitors), automated end-to-end management and 40 to 1 fast compression, and non-disruptive data-in-place upgrades, along with a long list of other features.

Other interesting capabilities were significant upgrades to existing products with no extra charges to existing customers and heavy VMware integration where needed. Typically, storage, by intent, isn’t very exciting because, when it gets exciting it generally is a bad thing, but Clarke found a way to make storage exciting while not being a bad thing. The level of implied flexibility that he noted was almost unbelievable: highly automated, extremely scalable and configurable, upgradeable, and very secure. What’s not to love? The audience certainly seemed excited, (most of the folks here this week are IT practitioners), suggesting Clarke’s announcements hit them where they lived and in a good way.

One of the interesting things that Dell shared that the audience seemed to really appreciate was that even with all of the advancements and product improvements, user incidents have dropped significantly. Loads have shifted from 80% of the time being spent on administration across Dell’s infrastructure offerings to 25% administration, allowing IT developers to do more of what they want to do: develop.  

One of the things Dell implied was that the improvements that Dell has implemented in infrastructure has massively improved Dell’s ability to respond to its own internal clients by speeding up their ability to execute while lowering operation costs significantly. This makes Dell far more competitive over time. I often think that companies that make products in this class need to talk about how they are using them to show how they not only use their own products, but how this use has been validated by Dell’s public financial performance numbers, which have been exceedingly strong for the segment.  

Wrapping up:

Clarke closed by building on the message that, thanks to Dell Technologies, Dell developers are doing more with their time to advance the company’s interests, as opposed to just keeping it running, than ever before. He mentioned that these advancements don’t just benefit Dell, but change and advance industries. Boeing came on stage (virtually) to talk about how it is massively changing how it develops aircraft using Dell’s latest technologies. Boeing can do far more in simulation to identify problems and come up with advancements before it ever builds the aircraft, which reduces development time and results in better and potentially safer aircraft. As a result, Boeing can spend more time assuring the result, and Dell is working with it to improve Boeing’s performance, trust, and capabilities. 

As I write this, today is Dell Technologies’ 38th birthday. Jeff Clarke has been with the company for 35 of those years and I’m wondering just how much more amazing this company will become over the decades to come.  

Source: TG Daily – Dell Technology World 2nd Day:  Buckle up. It’ll Be One Hell of a Ride

Shanghai: Elderly Man Placed In A Body Bag While Still Alive


A Shanghai nursing home resident was mistaken as dead, placed in a body bag, and taken to a morgue. A video widely circulated on Chinese social media shows the incident.

Five officials, including the director of the nursing home and a doctor, have been punished for the mistake.

The elderly patient is said to be in stable condition at a local hospital in China’s Putuo district hospital, where he is being treated for his injuries. The incident occurred in Shanghai, where millions of residents were still under strict coronavirus-related lockdown orders on Tuesday morning 

Horror in Shanghai as elderly man taken to morgue in body bag while still alive

An elderly Shanghai resident was mistakenly declared dead and taken to a morgue in a body bag, in the latest sign of dysfunction in the Covid-stricken city where millions of people remain under government-enforced lockdown.

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5 officials punished after video shows man in COVID-stricken Shanghai taken to morgue in body bag ? while still alive

A Shanghai district government said five officials have been punished and the license of a doctor revoked after the blunder.

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Outcry in Shanghai as person declared dead and put in body bag found to be alive

Incident prompts concerns over city’s overwhelmed medical system during weeks-long Omicron lockdowns

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Source: TG Daily – Shanghai: Elderly Man Placed In A Body Bag While Still Alive

Benefits of Implementing AI in Medical Imaging

medical image analysis

Analysis of biomedical images is a hot topic related to computer diagnostics. Mathematical methods and medical image analysis software are already helping to significantly simplify and speed up the diagnosis of diseases, especially in the early stages.

Medical image analysis AI helps to properly process images and identify signs of the disease. But it will not replace a person, but it will greatly facilitate the work of doctors.

The advantages of automatic processing of medical images are obvious:

  • doctors work with a convenient tool;
  • errors become smaller;
  • rapid diagnosis of diseases.

AI is not restricted to just recognizing given ailments. It can be trained to detect other diseases, depending on the task set by the doctor. For example, you can train the software to find not only a tumor but also internal bleeding, and damage to the body. The high accuracy of neural networks allows them to be integrated into the daily model of the healthcare system.

Innovative technologies should contain artificial intelligence and knowledge based on the subject field. So the physicians will be released from the daily routine tasks: entering information into a medical record, a detailed analysis of a large amount of data from a medical history. It will permit physicians to focus time and efforts on serious diagnostic issues and treatment.

Modern AI technologies can help the healthcare system improve patient and medical staff satisfaction, reduce the cost of medical services and improve the quality of medical care.

Custom medical image analysis solutions for radiology

Medical software allows you to pay attention to the individual users of the system and the specifics of various diagnostic departments. It may include the individual characteristics of the patient.

It is important that the data can be projected onto other possible diseases or ailments. Getting some results, doctors analyze the development of a particular problem. Knowing the possible problems, the doctor can protect the patient and prevent the disease from developing.

Technologies of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neural networks greatly simplify the lives of doctors and patients. The medical image analysis software development company is able to create innovations in medicine that will allow more accurate diagnosis of diseases,  getting medicines faster, and monitoring the condition of patients. And this is only a small part of the possibilities that AI has brought to the healthcare industry.

Written by Adam Eaton

Source: TG Daily – Benefits of Implementing AI in Medical Imaging

Apple Broke Antitrust Laws, says EU

apple logo logo apple golden background wallpaper

European Union regulators accuse Apple of breaking antitrust laws by unfairly boxing out competitors of its Apple Pay payment service. Apple is accused of not allowing companies like PayPal to access the Apple Pay technology in the iPhone and Apple Watch.

The tech giant is now facing a possible fine of up to 10 percent of its global revenues.

Apple will be allowed to respond before the executive body shares a final judgment on the charges, which follow an investigation that began back in 2020, according to the New York Times.

Apple said Monday that its policies do not limit competition and that it will continue to engage with the European Commission to ensure European consumers have access to the payment option of their choice in a safe and secure environment, the tech giant wrote in a statement. 

EU says Apple Pay restrictions may harm competitors

The European Union is warning Apple about possible antitrust violations after an investigation into the iPhone maker’s dominance in mobile retail payments.

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European Union moves forward in antitrust case against Apple

BRUSSELS (AP) The European Union stepped up its antitrust case against Apple on Monday, accusing the company of abusing its dominant position by limiting access to technologies allowing contactless payment.

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PayPal Helped Spur EU Antitrust Complaint Against Apple Payments

PayPal Holdings Inc. helped spur a formal antitrust complaint against Apple Inc. and its iPhone payments system by raising concerns with the European Commission, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

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Source: TG Daily – Apple Broke Antitrust Laws, says EU

The Ultimate Dream Gaming Desk for Gamers

image 1

We all know that a high spec gaming PC is a key part of any gamer’s arsenal, but what about your gaming desk? If you’re like most gamers, you probably spend hours upon hours sitting in front of your computer, and if your gaming desk isn’t up to standard, you’re going to start experiencing some serious discomfort. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at why you need a dream gaming desk and provide some tips on how to choose the right one for you. So keep reading to learn more!

What Should You Expect From the Gaming Desk of Your Dreams?

When you’re shopping for a dream gaming desk, there are a few things you should expect. 

First, the desk should be big enough to fit all of your gear. If you have multiple monitors, a large tower case, and other peripherals, make sure the desk can accommodate them all. It also needs to fit well in the space you have available in your home. 

Second, the gaming desk should be comfortable to use. This means that it should have a good amount of space for you to spread out, and it should be adjustable so that you can find the perfect height and angle. 

Finally, the gaming desk should be stylish and cool-looking so that you’ll be proud to show it off in your gaming space.

How to Choose the Right Desk for You

It’s time to choose the right one for you. Here are a few tips:

  • Think about your budget. Gaming desks can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, so decide how much you’re willing to spend.
  • Consider your space limitations. If you’re tight on space, there are gaming desks designed for smaller rooms.
  • Think about your gaming gear. Make sure the desk is big enough to fit all of your gear.
  • Choose a color and style that you like. There are many different styles and colors to choose from, so find one that suits your personality.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect dream gaming desk, it’s time to start enjoying your games in comfort!

How Important is it to Have a Comfortable and Organized Gaming Desk?

You may be wondering how important it is to have one. The truth is, having a comfortable and organized gaming desk is very important. Not only will it make your gaming sessions more enjoyable, but it will also help keep you comfortable and healthy.

Benefits of Having a Comfortable and Organized Gaming Desk

  • You’ll be less likely to experience discomfort or pain while gaming.
  • You’ll be able to find everything you need quickly and easily.
  • Your gaming gear will be well-protected and organized.
  • Your desk will look neat and tidy, which can help improve your focus and concentration.

Suggestions for Matching your Home with your Ideal Gaming Desk

It’s time to start thinking about how to match your home with the perfect one. Here are a few suggestions:

If you have a modern and stylish home, choose a gaming desk that matches your décor. There are many cool-looking gaming desks available in different styles and colors.

If you have a traditional home, choose a gaming desk that is classic and timeless. There are many beautiful wood desks available in different styles.

If you have a small home, choose a gaming desk that is compact and doesn’t take up too much space. There are many great-looking desks available in different sizes and shapes.

No matter what your home décor is like, there is a dream gaming desk that will match it perfectly. So start shopping today and enjoy hours of comfortable gaming!

Time to Choose a Dream Gaming Desk Perfect for You!

Now that you know all about dream gaming desks, it’s time to choose the perfect one for you. Consider your budget, space limitations, and gaming gear before making your decision. Remember to choose a desk that is comfortable and stylish so that you’ll be proud to show it off in your gaming room.

Written by Scott Weathers

Source: TG Daily – The Ultimate Dream Gaming Desk for Gamers

Importance of Wireless Communication in Every Industry


A wonder, even to someone who has worked with wireless technology for over two decades. We have data in one location and can access it from another location without seeing any physical link between them. There’s something mystical about the technology underpinning it all, from the first radio receivers to today’s multi-gigabit computers.

Smart cities, agricultural monitoring, health monitoring, and home or building automation all benefit from the flexibility and low cost of wirelessly networked sensors. For several of these uses, a single radio solution is currently claimed by certain manufacturers to be the best option available. However, rather than relying on a “one-size-fits-all” wireless communication technology, developers should take a more methodical approach to select a system.

Defining the requirements is the first step. Wireless system development may be an iterative process for newcomers to the field. Determine what is achievable and what sacrifices are necessary to attain particular objectives. The physical environment, product dimensions and shape, latency, network size, lifespan, maintenance cycles, the importance of availability, data throughput, data security (security), geographic regions, in which the system is to work, interoperability, and cloud/server connectivity are among the most important considerations when designing a new product. It’s usually a good idea to keep costs in mind. So, the problem is to achieve all of these needs while staying under the established budget.

Wireless technology fundamentals

The “electromagnetic spectrum” is a term used by physicists to describe the known cosmos. Oscillators may be used to create electromagnetic waves, which are the carriers of these waves. It is possible to set an oscillator to create waves at a given frequency; the higher the frequency at which the produced waves vibrate or oscillate, the more power it produces.

Progress in communication and automation technology is characterized by an expanding range of computer-aided functions and an ever-increasing degree of networking at the field, control, and management levels. Radio transmission is the preferred method of data exchange when there are no hard-wired connections. Machine and operational data may be accessed in two ways:

  • less than 100 m or less; the Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)
  • In addition, satellite-based radio communications allow for location-independent transmission and receiving.

The market is flooded with a variety of gadgets and apps, but integrating them into a robust communication platform is tough. To ensure compatibility, wireless networks generally use proprietary protocols, interfaces, and network designs. Consider using an outside specialist if your in-house IT staff lacks the expertise to handle large-scale initiatives.

An automation landscape may be described as a network of machines that communicate with each other through M2M. New applications in automation are made possible by radio-transmitted data, which in many instances reduces maintenance and repair costs and increases the flexibility of material and production process management.

Wireless offshore’s difficulties

Offshore operations have several challenges, the most evident of which is the harshness of the settings in which they are located. Extreme temperatures, corrosive seawater, continual vibration, and pervasive dust and grime are just some of the environments under which wireless networks need to be placed and operated.

Another key worry is the availability of a steady and reliable connection. When it comes to an offshore network, even certain industrial-grade wireless networks aren’t suitable for an operation where all assets are continually moving.

Offshore oil & gas activities consist of both permanent rigs and moveable equipment, which includes maintenance tugs, workboats, and floatels. Line-of-sight” is a term used to describe the ability of mobile equipment to “see” a network antenna on a rig from all possible angles. In places with strong seas, a boat or floatel may not have line-of-sight to an antenna on a rig. In this situation, the connection will be lost.

That’s a similar case with a large offshore oil platform that needs to transmit signals between different devices on the platform. And if you want to read about it, just click on the link.

Source: TG Daily – Importance of Wireless Communication in Every Industry