ISIS Bride Sentenced to 10 Years imprisonment For the Murder of a 5 Year old Yazidi Girl

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German-born Jennifer Wenisch, 30, was charged with crimes against humanity after refusing to help a 5-year-old her husband left to die in the scorching heat.

Wenisch and her husband, Taha al Jumailly, bought the girl and her mother in 2015 while living in ISIS-controlled city of Fallujah, Iraq.

The prosecutor recommended that Wenisch receive a life sentence, which the court decided against. The court found Wenisch only had a limited amount of power to prevent the enslavement of the Yazidi girl.

Yazidis are a Middle Eastern religious group that shares a mixed set of beliefs incorporating tenets of Islam and Christianity.

In 2014, the ISIS terrorist group seized control of Yazidi hometown Sinjar, leading to the deaths of thousands of men and the capture of more than 6,000 women and young girls, many of whom were forced into sexual slavery.

German ISIS bride jailed 10 years for letting slave girl die of thirst

Jennifer Wenisch, 30, was found guilty of ‘two crimes against humanity in the form of enslavement’, as well as aiding and abetting the girl’s killing and being a member of a terrorist organisation.

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ISIS and sexual slavery

ISIS kidnaps women and girls and uses them as sexual slaves and “rewards” for their fighters and allies.

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Opinion: IS bride sentence an important sign to Yazidis | DW | 25.10.2021

The Munich trial of a German IS bride wasn’t just about the death of an enslaved 5-year-old Yazidi girl in Iraq. It was about justice for genocide, says Matthias von Hein.

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Source: TG Daily – ISIS Bride Sentenced to 10 Years imprisonment For the Murder of a 5 Year old Yazidi Girl

Keeping Your Company Assets Secure Through Robust Security Measures

hacking cybercrime cybersecurity electronic world

Assets are resources with economic value that the company owns or controls to provide a future benefit. The assets can either be tangible, intangible, operating non-operating, current, or fixed assets.

With so many data breach cases and other cases about the loss of company assets, ensuring that the company adopts better security measures is essential. Here are different ways of keeping your company assets secure through robust security measures.

Use the proper equipment

Investing in stronger firewalls and other equipment or software that encrypts the company’s data is vitally important in securing its assets. The major ways through which fraudsters can gain access to the company assets’ either by telecommunication applications, should be sealed to ensure that no one gets the information.

Data belonging to the clients, visitors, or the staff should also be highly safeguarded to ensure that it doesn’t leak into the wrong hands. Using visitor management software helps to increase security and compliance by keeping track of the guest’s information. Greetly visitor management system offers an attractive and easy-to-use interface that takes advantage of leaving a positive impression on the visitors.

Use strong antivirus application

Antitrust applications are important lines of defense against viruses, malware, and hackers. They should be prioritized to be installed on your systems and kept updated. Unfortunately, the problem with most of these applications is that they need to be manually updated, which sometimes can be a lengthy process.

Hackers often produce new advanced viruses as per the existing programs or methods for exploiting the current security holes in a company’s applications. A slight mistake; switching off the antivirus may lead to loss of assets data or interfering with programs that help run the company’s assets.

Educate your staff on security

It would be a waste of time to have the best equipment to prevent data loss and have poorly trained staff on security issues. Apart from training them on the available security threats, they need also to understand the actions that should be taken to secure the company’s resources from a possible threat.

Sometimes the threats may be physical, and it calls for legal action against the intruders trying to steal the company’s resources. So, too, educate your employees on how to handle the company’s sensitive data without exposing it to the other employees in other sectors who might mishandle it.


Surveillance is among the best ways that you can use to secure the company’s physical assets from being stolen. Any form of surveillance can be a strong deterrent against fraudsters on the organization’s premises. The best option is to opt for a CCTV camera. CCTV cameras will not only provide you with some footage on the criminal activity that was committed, but they also act as a deterrent to a lot of criminal activities.

The clear signage will clearly show the intruders entering the premises and raise the alarm if they are fitted with motion detection appliances. You can also opt to use the round-the-clock surveillance from a professional security firm.

Strict permissions for the cloud

Nowadays, many companies are storing their transaction data and all other company’s related information on the cloud. That’s why there is a need to lock down the cloud-based data to ensure that no unauthorized access can access the data. Unfortunately, human error is one of the main ways cloud data has been exposed in the past through misconfigurations.

Many clients’ information gets exposed through it, and it can later be used for criminal activities. To prevent such issues from happening to your company, there is a need to adopt better security measures that grant read/write permissions to only specified personnel.

Source: TG Daily – Keeping Your Company Assets Secure Through Robust Security Measures

Alec Baldwin Fired a Prop Gun on Movie Set Killing Crew Member

Gunshot Muzzle Pistol Weapon Execution

Alec Baldwin shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, on set of the Western indie Rust on Thursday.

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the shooting, which occurred during the filming of a scene.

A source says there were two misfires on the prop gun and one the previous week.

The film’s camera crew walked off the set in protest of their working conditions before the accident, according to reports.

Actor Jensen Ackles, who stars in the film alongside Baldwin, addressed gun preparation on set just days before the tragedy last weekend.

Opinion | The unusual legal circumstances surrounding Alec Baldwin’s firing of a prop gun

Alec Baldwin fires prop gun, killing Halyna Hutchins on ‘Rust’ move set. But who’s responsible?

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Alec Baldwin was told firearm was unloaded, search warrant says: report

An assistant director on the New Mexico movie set of the movie “Rust” was unaware that a gun being handed to actor Alec Baldwin on Thursday contained live rounds, a search warrant filed in a Santa Fe court said, according to reports.

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‘He’s supposed to check guns, he’s responsible’: Panicked 911 calls

Audio recordings from the 911 calls made from the set of Rust have shown panicked attempts to get ambulances on the scene. A cinematographer was killed and the film’s director injured.

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Source: TG Daily – Alec Baldwin Fired a Prop Gun on Movie Set Killing Crew Member

Cisco Partners with COP 26 To Counter Climate Change

Climate Change Global Warming Environment Disaster

Climate Change is a critical problem for the world. At a recent conference for The World Talent Economic Forum, we highlighted that fighting Climate Change requires a global effort.  These efforts must also address inequality so that solutions don’t unfairly hurt emerging countries while benefitting rich nations.  To address this joint issue, Cisco is partnering with COP26, the UN-backed Global Climate Conference occurring in Glasgow beginning on October 31st.  

Given the pandemic increases the risks, particularly for most older politicians likely to attend this event, Cisco’s technology will be critical to providing safe forums for discussion and secure debating and voting tools at the event.  These technologies will be critical to any progress in creating inclusive solutions or mitigation policies that can result in meaningful worldwide change.  

Let’s talk about how Cisco is uniquely enabling one of the most powerful debates on climate change on a global level ever to occur.

The need for safe collaboration

When debating a highly controversial and economically divisive topic like climate change, particularly during a pandemic, a great deal of care has to be taken to secure communications tools so activists and agencies that stand against the majority can’t corrupt the process.  Regardless of their negative impacts on climate change, many existing petrochemical companies and countries tied tightly to this market want to limit or eliminate any progress that would adversely impact their revenues.  

In addition, activists who believe the process is inherently corrupt or want to bring attention to their unique view of this problem are motivated to break in very high authentication accuracy is critical to the success of the event and related technical solution  Finally, we live in a time when those who want to disrupt events like this for monetary gain or just visibility are at an all-time high. Some of these hostile entities, governments or large companies, have considerable resources they can call on to disrupt this effort.  

Therefore, the partner company(s) must have the scale to deal with over 25K active delegates at the event and secure it against aggressive attackers, some operating at a national level.  This dynamic requires a company that is trusted broadly by many attendees and has proved capability in line with the exposure so that the related risk is not unreasonable.  

Why Cisco is the ideal (only?) choice

Cisco’s CDA (Country Digital Acceleration) program is the only program of its type that focuses both on establishing trust at a national level and on prioritizing that trust over revenue.  This program has created an unmatched level of trust that extends internationally. Most of the related deployments have focused on communications between large government organizations needing an exceptional level of security and reliability.  

This combination has created not only an extraordinary level of trust between a large number of governments and Cisco but focused that trust on Cisco’s communications tools, making them uniquely both the most capable and least risky vendor to partner with for an event of this scale and type.  

Cisco’s Legislate for Webex is the version of the Webex platform that focuses on security hybrid discussions between government policymakers.  This unique government-focused solution assures those remote policymakers protecting their health are not disadvantaged and can participate equally with their on-premise peers.  Cisco partners ITGL and Davra were instrumental in helping modify Legislate for Webex to meet the unique needs of COP26.  

One of the issues with conferences like this is that the remote attendees can’t participate in ad-hoc discussions.  This lack of side conversations is a weakness in almost every solution.  But Legislate for Webex uniquely facilitates ad-hoc discussions with secured break-out Webex sessions. Live interpretation and closed captioning will also be available as required, ensuring everyone can participate in their language. “Cisco has developed the most inclusive platform for participants of meetings and events to interact, whether they are attending in-person or virtually,” explained Wendy Mars, Cisco’s President for Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Russia, and that is not an overstatement of Webex’s state-of-the-art security combined with Legislate for Webex’s customizable design makes it the ideal platform to host COP26’s future-defining talks.

Other aspects of the solution include live moderation by “digital clerks” that focus on assuring inclusion across all members by using Slido to enhance the live interaction.  While Cisco is providing state-of-the-art video hardware for this event, in the spirit of sustainability, this hardware will be repurposed to eliminate any related technology waste after the event concludes.  

Wrapping up:

There is a critical need for the world to step up and counter climate change while mitigating its effects locally.  For the world to step up, there must be collaboration. Of the available vendors, Cisco was chosen because it has done, through its CDA program, the most work establishing a worldwide foundation of rust critical to this effort. Fran Katsoudas, Chief People, Policy & Purpose Officer leads the CDA program and this team has proved itself uniquely suited and ideally positioned to help with this critical worldwide effort at COP26. 

Source: TG Daily – Cisco Partners with COP 26 To Counter Climate Change

NVIDIA’s GTC: Looking Forward to Magic

NVIDIA logo PC game green abstract 3D

NVIDIA’s GTC is arguably my favorite vendor show of the year because it encompasses so many things that interest me.  More recent versions of this show are fascinating to watch because of the increased use of NVIDIA’s Omniverse technology for the presentations.  This technology creates fantastic, photorealistic, virtual active backgrounds that most speakers (including me) would love to have.  

GTC is the one event you can attend to see the cutting edge in AI, gaming, robotics and how that technology is being applied across various industries.  I’ll cover automotive at length in a future post this week. Let’s talk about what is coming on November 8th, when GTC is slated to begin.  


GTC is a big show which is expected to draw 200K innovators, researchers, thought leaders, and decision-makers, and given it is virtual again; there is no charge.  I love that part of these virtual events. I can attend them from home, and they don’t cost anything.  Companies and schools presenting in this year’s event include Amazon, Arm, AstraZeneca, Baidu, BMW, Domino’s, Electronic Arts, Epic Games, Ford, Google, Kroger, Microsoft, MIT, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, OpenAI, Palo Alto Networks, Red Hat, Rolls-Royce, Salesforce, Samsung, ServiceNow, Snap, Stanford University, Volvo and Walmart.

Some of the more exciting sessions include a panel hosted by my friend and VentureBeat journalist Dean Takahashi. He’ll be talking to top executives from Epic Games, Roblox, Tencent Games, SK Telecom, and NVIDIA as he focuses on the emerging Metaverse.  In addition, there will be sessions on things like ML research, the digital transformation of Slovenia, converged AI and scientific computing, AI for cybersecurity, universal scene creation for 3D video, democratizing AI in Africa, the state of AI in Latin America, and building a conversational AI.  Finally, there will be sessions on diversity and inclusion, how to improve natural language understanding in computers, and a discussion on AI for smart city professionals.   

The Metaverse

Many companies are now talking about the Metaverse, but NVIDIA is one of the firms leading the charge into it.  In particular, its Omniverse product is one of the most effective and relatively easy-to-use tools to create and use metaverse content.  At the last GTC, NVIDIA recreated, at a granular level, their CEO, Jensen Huang’s, kitchen.  This presentation made such a big splash; the company created a focused video of it.  

This ability to create highly accurate and fully functional virtual objects that can be dismantled and rebuilt using digital twins of everyday objects is a considerable advancement in our ability to virtually emulate the natural world and create a Matrix-like virtual alternative.  It was even more impressive, from my perspective, than painting the Mona Lisa with paintballs, something NVIDIA did at an earlier GTC.  


I believe robotics is the next frontier for the Technology Industry, but few tech companies are now engaged with robotics to the degree that NVIDIA is.  It has taken its advanced capabilities developed for autonomous cars and applied them to this emerging market that Tesla and Lenovo have recently announced they will join.  

Robotics has the potential to outstrip the entire existing technology market because not only are they relatively expensive, but they will, once viable, get jobs that humans don’t want to do, and they will eventually be solid in volume into most industry verticals and homes.  

Robots will impact every part of our lives, and NVIDIA has demonstrated everything from brains for this class of offerings (including drones and farm equipment) to massive metaverse simulations for robotic training.  I’m hoping to see some even more advanced robotic demonstrations this year, given Tesla’s announcement.  

Wrapping up:

GTC is my favorite vendor show mainly because it encompasses many of my passions like drones, robots, cars (which I’ll cover later), and artificial intelligence.  This show is where you go to meet people virtually on the cutting edge of tomorrow and where you can see things that used to only exist in science fiction.  November 8th is coming, and I can hardly wait!

Source: TG Daily – NVIDIA’s GTC: Looking Forward to Magic

Top 5 Tips for Investing in Equities

Computer Stock Trading Finance Day Trading

Investing in equities is usually considered risky because stock prices keep fluctuating on a regular basis. However, as it’s said «higher the risk, higher the returns», and therefore, if you have the knowledge and expertise of investing in stock markets, there can be no other asset class that can give returns as high as the equities. This is why for many high-net-worth individuals, wealth management in the USA by consulting professional asset management firms has become a trend. In this way, investors build a strong, stable, and profit-generating portfolio. To trade stocks, it is important to choose a good broker. Read reviews about the Exante broker.

For those, who want to try their hands in the stock markets, here are a few useful tips: 

Tip 1: Go for a long-term strategy 

When developing a strategy, look at the bigger picture. Don’t just focus on your short-term goals, and keep an eye on the long-term financial requirements such as your child’s education, healthcare, retirement planning, and more. Long-term strategies can work the best when you invest in assets such as stocks or real estate. Historically, investment in them has always yielded higher returns as compared to any debt investments made in similar time frames. 

Tip 2: Expect realistic returns 

Many investors have unrealistic expectations from their investments. They expect more returns and minimal losses. It is better to set realistic expectations, and therefore if you are investing in equities, your first consideration is to know about the equal risk/reward ratio in such investments. One of the reasons for expecting unrealistic returns is the tendency of investors to look at the top performers only. 

Tip 3: Be prepared for the fluctuations 

Investment in asset classes such as equities, real estate, and gold encounter price fluctuations more often. Be prepared for this market instability and do not panic if your stock portfolio dwindles by a substantial percentage in a short period of time. It is not unusual for stocks to fluctuate, and therefore, keep patience and wait for the right time to pull back from those levels. In fact, if you have more money to invest, go ahead and put it on the market. This will help you average out and own the same stocks at a comparatively lower rate. 

Tip 4: Financial Vs. Investment Planning – Know the difference 

Often people get confused between investment planning and financial planning. While the two are similar in terms of the methods implemented for achieving the desired results, they differ in the following respect. Investment planning has a specific focus on understanding the investor’s objectives, risk appetite, asset allocation, and developing investment strategies. On the other hand, financial planning has a holistic view and is an intricate technique that involves more than just the management of investments. It considers various aspects such as income sources, insurance assessments, investments, lifestyle planning, budgeting, and more. 

Tip 5: Don’t just jump on the bandwagon 

Just because everybody around you is bullish about the market and is investing in it, does not mean that you should also invest. Do a thorough risk/reward analysis before making a buying decision. Similarly, when the markets are bearish, and share prices are falling, people would be selling stocks. However, you need to carry out some research because usually, these are the times when you are supposed to enter the market. 

Last Few Words

Whether you decide to invest in equities on your own or hire the services of a wealth management firm in the USA, the key to success in stock markets is to remain patient. Whenever you decide to invest in the market, use the funds that you are not likely to use during the next four to five years. This will help negate the time horizon factor, one of the biggest considerations when it comes to investing in equities. 

Written by Lara Harper

Source: TG Daily – Top 5 Tips for Investing in Equities

Preventing Access from Competitors Using Proxy: How it Plays out in 2021

Proxy Proxy Server Free Proxy Online Proxy

Online marketing is as cruel today as ever. You have no right to make a mistake. Otherwise, your cherished website will bring neither new audience and clients nor any income. Obviously, you want anyone to be able to access your website in order to engage as many people as possible, but there is a pitfall in this.

If anyone can access your site, your competitors also can. “So what?”, you may think, and this is the biggest mistake. Keep reading to find out what the menace is.

What if Rivals Have Access to my Website?

Your competitors can review your website as real users if they use proxies. They can analyze everything, monitor prices, verify application promotions, billing campaigns, and scrape other significant data.

To be more precise, with the help of proxies, your competitors will be able to examine any website down to every detail.

  • They can check the traffic to your website in one click.
  • They can receive comprehensive information about your keywords.
  • They can analyze the most profitable advertisements.
  • They can evaluate your backlink profiles.
  • They can review pages and subdomains that are targeted in your campaigns.

You definitely do not want to share all this data with your business rivals if you want to stay afloat.

Access Prevention with the Help of Proxy: Providers

Unblocking websites is not the only advantage of rotating residential proxies. You can also set blocks with their help. It became possible to block not only separate accounts but the IP addresses themselves.

Get acquainted with the list of proxy providers that will help you to keep your competitors away from your website.


This proxy mastodon offers 99,99% of uptime and a 3-day money-back guarantee. It has more than 195 locations for geo-targeting. Since this company is very large and famous, it can allow itself to set quite high prices.


Oxylabs owns more than 100 million IP addresses around the globe. Your business will receive a high protection level with this provider. The prices are not very low, however.


This proxy accommodation boasts more than 60 million IPs around the globe. OnlineSIM claims 99.5% of uptime without ban. It is possible to target up to the city. Your brand will be secured from the omnipresent eyes of your detractors.

You can try this service for free before paying for it if you want to check the quality of its work first. OnlineSIM’s prices are quite loyal. You can choose unlimited traffic or paying for gigabytes.

Written by Rida Sheppard

Source: TG Daily – Preventing Access from Competitors Using Proxy: How it Plays out in 2021

6 Ways your Law Firm Can Benefit from Document Management Software

Files Paper Office Paperwork Stack Work Data

Documents used in law firms are sensitive. And if not handled correctly, this can lead to dire situations and problems. That is why law firms must employ document management software.

In this post, we look at some of the ways document management software for law firms is crucial. Let’s discuss.

1. Organize and search for documents

Having your legal documents all over the place creates chaos! However, a legal DMS (Document Management Software) allows you to systematically organize all your files. Whether emails, electronic media, documents, etc., you can create a centralized storage area to organize related documents.

Additionally, you can effortlessly search for documents if everything is centralized and well-organized across departments. That means that accessing data is fast, hence saving your time.

2. Greater security

Security is a significant concern in many firms and their clients. Sensitive documents may sometimes get into unintended hands. And this is something you want to avoid at all costs. Yet, a secure DMS ensures there’s no such risk.

To access documents, you have to pass through a security clearance level or input passwords. That enhances privacy and security. And that confidential and sensitive information is kept safe. 

With robust security, your reputation gets upheld at all times. 

3. Enhance collaboration among team members

Many legal matters require teamwork and staff to work collaboratively, ensuring that they deliver the best results to all their clients. In the past, that meant physically searching and sharing documents. And this led to a lot of time wastage and confusion. 

With DMS, however, everything gets stored and accessed in the cloud. That means that the entire team can effortlessly share and access required documents and get real-time updates. That results in quick preparation of files and fewer errors.

4. Improved decision-making

Besides effectively managing cases on the cloud, DMS can help you generate significant insights into your business and manage case files. It helps you monitor and analyze your law firm’s activities, bill clients, and log time. 

That allows you to make crucial decisions concerning the growth strategy of the firm. 

5. Automated high volume document processing

DMS leads to automation and handling of large volumes of files as effectively as possible. Since manual processes are inaccurate and slow, you may not have the ability to account for the number of documents that you have to contend with. 

DMS will help with high-volume document processing and the implementation of disaster recovery processes. That helps to reduce reliance on paper, automate digital processes and simplify workflow. 

6. Effortless integration with other systems

When choosing a DMS for law firms, you want to choose one that does not disrupt other parts of your business. The best one will immediately integrate with your current systems, such as Microsoft Office, used in most law firms. 

With DMS, you can effortlessly store word documents, Excel spreadsheets, emails, PDF files, and so on in a specific matter or client file. That makes everything easily searchable, shareable, and accessible within your law firm, directly through the system. 

Written by Scott Weathers

Source: TG Daily – 6 Ways your Law Firm Can Benefit from Document Management Software

An Introduction to the Different Types of Cryptocurrencies

cryptocurrency digital coins bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage these days. They are an innovative way to make purchases, send money internationally, or invest in a new business. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, but it is not your only option. Some people might not know that there are many different types of cryptocurrencies out there that have their own unique features and benefits.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of these different types of cryptocurrencies so you can determine which one best suits your needs.

Let’s take a look at these types of cryptocurrencies.

1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, and it’s the one that started the whole craze. Satoshi Nakamoto created it in 2009. It has become so popular because of its scarcity factor: there will only ever be 21 million bitcoins in existence. And while you can’t hold them in your hand like actual coins, they do exist on what’s called “The Blockchain,” in which everyone who uses bitcoin has access to each record of all transactions between two parties is entirely public – but without knowing anything about anyone else using Bitcoin except their wallet address. 

This makes it very difficult for people to buy or sell things illegally with Bitcoins since every transaction is documented permanently on The Blockchain (and thus cannot be tampered with).

2. Dogecoin

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, but it has no real value. It started as a joke and was created by Billy Markus after noticing the lack of dog-based cryptocurrencies on the market. Dogecoins do not have any real intrinsic value other than their usefulness within online communities such as Reddit, where they can be used to reward users who produce content or comments that are particularly good or helpful for others which makes them different from other types of cryptocurrencies because instead of having some sort of utility outside of exchanges, they serve only to provide social interactions between people involved in various online communities while also acting as a means through which its users can express themselves through.

3. Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is a decentralized digital currency that works on blockchain technology. It was created by Charlie Lee, who also started working as an engineer at Google after its launch in 2011. He left his job and decided to focus full-time on Litcoin’s development team back in 2019 since he believed there was not much room for growth with Bitcoin due to its high transaction fees and slow processing times.

4. Cardano

Cardano is a decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project that features the world’s first provably secure proof of stake algorithm. It’s the first blockchain project to be created from scientific philosophy and built on peer-reviewed academic research. Cardano is very cautious with their promises because they don’t wish to disappoint anyone again, like when the roadmap was moved forward in June of 2017, which caused panic among community members who then dumped all their ADA tokens while prices went down 50%.

5. Ethereum

Ethereum is an open-source, public blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract functionality. It provides a complete decentralized Turing virtual machine that can execute scripts using an international network of public nodes. Development of the Ethereal software project began in early 2014 through a Swiss company, Ethereal Switzerland GmbH (EthSuisse).

Written by Barbara McGee

Source: TG Daily – An Introduction to the Different Types of Cryptocurrencies

Drone Company to Rescue Dogs Trapped by La Palma Volcano Eruption

volcanic eruption lava eruption volcano

Several dogs stranded by lava from a volcano in La Palma, Spain, could soon be rescued.

A drone will drop a net on each dog, then whisk it to safety.

The operation will be fraught with risk, as cargo drone operators try to trap the dogs in nets, lift them into the air and carry them 450 meters (about 1,476 feet) over lava.

It will be the first time an animal is being rescued with a drone that will also trap it, Aerocamaras CEO Jaime Pereira says.

The volcano and its lava flows are currently in something of a holding pattern, authorities in the island said on Tuesday.

No new evacuations are in the works, although experts are preparing preventive measures in neighborhoods along the coast, in case the lava enters the sea nearby and creates toxic gases, according to the local media reports. 

Drone Company Rushes to Rescue Trapped Dogs in Daring Life and Death Mission

A drone company in Spain is awaiting last-minute approval from Spanish authorities to utilize a cargo drone to rescue dogs surrounded by lava flow.

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Drone to Attempt Rescue of Dogs Trapped by Volcanic Lava | Digital Trends

A drone company will attempt to rescue four dogs trapped by lava spewing from a volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma.

Continue reading on Digital Trends

Drone help called for in La Palma

Drone help called for in La Palma to rescue a cat that is trapped due to lava. Animal rights organisation is calling for help to rescue a

Continue reading on Euro Weekly News Spain

Source: TG Daily – Drone Company to Rescue Dogs Trapped by La Palma Volcano Eruption

Here’s What You Need to Know if You’re Considering CoolSculpting

Belly Body Calories Diet Exercise Fat Female Fit

Let’s start off with a general reminder that having some body fat is completely normal, not to mention, healthy. That being said, many of us still struggle with that little bit of excess fat in areas that can get uncomfortable and to some, may look unflattering with extra fat. I was aware of treatments like liposuction, that surgically eliminate this excess fat, but was particularly intrigued when I heard about “lunchtime lipo,” a treatment called CoolSculpting, which eliminates your fat using a non-invasive method, which can be carried out during your lunch break without any downtime restricting you from going right back to your regular day to day life. The treatment has become incredibly popular and is available at body sculpting clinics as well as medical spas across the globe. I was able to get some more information on the treatment from the founding doctor of Skinly Aesthetics cosmetic dermatology located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York, who offers the treatment at his clinic and treats patients on a near-daily basis with it.

What is CoolSculpting and how does it work?

CoolSculpting is a procedure that uses cryolipolysis to freeze unwanted fat cells and permanently eliminate them. The process is carried out through the use of a vacuum applicator that comes in various sizes, which is placed on the treatment area or area of concern over a protective membrane that is placed on the skin to prevent burning or freezing of the skin. When turned on, the applicator begins to suck in the fat in the area and reduce the temperature gradually. The temperature only goes down to the exact freezing temperature for fat, which prevents all other tissue from freezing. This means that the procedure is non-invasive and also does not damage the skin or any surrounding tissue other than the fat cells. One session allows for 25% of subcutaneous fat reduction, and results can be seen within 1 – 3 months after your first session. “One session will be sufficient for some patients, but others will need up to four sessions, depending on how much fat is initially present,” says Dr. Schwarzburg.

Who is CoolSculpting for?

“At Skinly Aesthetics we recommend CoolSculpting primarily to those who have an overall healthy body weight, but have some extra (pinchable) fat in areas that bother them,” says Dr. Schwarzburg. CoolSculpting is ideal for people who have small pouches of pinchable fat that bothers them. If you can’t pinch it, then it likely is just skin. CoolSculpting will work on people who carry a lot of fat but will require several sessions for results, making a surgical procedure such as liposuction more efficient in that case. 

How to prepare for CoolSculpting?

There isn’t a ton of preparation involved in CoolSculpting. Patients should avoid taking anti-inflammatories before their procedure, but it will not make or break the results of the procedure. Unlike many other methods of fat elimination, CoolSculpting is completely non-invasive, so there is really no preparation needed. In addition, there is no downtime.

What are the side effects?

While CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure, there are some possible side effects involved, including numbness in the treatment area, mild swelling, and possible bruising. The numb feeling may persist for up to a month but will subside over time. There are some other minimally invasive treatments, such as Kybella, that involve injections to break down fat cells, which usually result in more pain and side effects, making CoolSculpting an amazing non-invasive tool to use to eliminate fat and skip the downtime.

Source: TG Daily – Here’s What You Need to Know if You’re Considering CoolSculpting

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Identify Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Unity Women Prevention Health

Every October for the last four decades, Breast Cancer Awareness Month has helped to raise visibility of the most prevalent cancer on Earth.

Despite recorded cases stretching back to ancient Egypt, breast cancer was considered an “unspeakable” condition for millennia.

For most of the last century, a woman suffering from breast cancer would be offered radiation therapy and/or surgery while the treatment of other cancers progressed.

Treatment has been transformed in a generation, thanks to new drugs, cutting-edge screening methods and more subtle and effective surgery.

Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly critical role in identifying breast cancer. Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) announced a study of how AI could screen for breast cancer this year.

While intended to augment, not replace, human doctors, this would help to mitigate a shortage of radiographers — 2,000 more are needed to clear the NHS’ backlog in scans caused by the pandemic.

The earlier breast cancer is spotted, the earlier it is the easier it is to treat it, the better it is easier to treat.

Startups are also using AI to screen half a million women in rural and semi-urban areas with a low-cost tool that could help screen large numbers of women.


How AI is helping to make breast cancer history ? TechCrunch

With AI helping to diagnose patients earlier and enabling the rapid development of treatments, it is possible that in a few decades, we may no longer have the need for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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AI evaluation of MRI scan helps rule out cancer in women with dense breasts

While mammograms have reduced deaths by detecting breast cancers when they’re small and easier to treat, it’s less effective for women with dense breasts.

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AI outperforms doctors at spotting breast cancer, say researchers

AI outperforms doctors at spotting breast cancer, say researchers

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Used To Fight Breast Cancer

The sensitization and awareness of the most rife cancer ailment in the world (one that takes almost three-quarters of a million lives every year) has been

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Source: TG Daily – How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Identify Breast Cancer

China Finds Illegal Crypto Miners Stealing Electricity

Bitcoin Miner Antminer Hardware Mines Crypto Gold

Banned bitcoin miners were found using China’s state resources to carry on with their operations.

The Chinese Bitcoin mining industry represented the biggest BTC production in the world.

The shutdown of such a significant industry does not only impact the numbers of carbon dioxide emissions but also weights over a big human factor that was reliant on mining operations.

It is being widely reported that many Chinese Bitcoin miners are migrating to the U.S. and countries where they can find cheap electricity and kinder laws.

At press time, Bitcoin trades at $61,824 with sideways movement in the 24-hour chart. The question is raised whether some Chinese crypto miners will find other ways to carry on operations in China’s own way to endure the crisis.

The Chinese government has been working on an ambitious plan to reduce carbon emissions until they reach carbon neutrality, which has found a big obstacle since they rely on coal for generating electricity. The government is working to reduce its own power shortage.

China catches hundreds of banned crypto miners stealing electricity amid energy crisis

Banned crypto miners reportedly siphoned electricity from public agencies and universities during an electricity crunch caused by a coal shortage.

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Banned Crypto-Miners Siphoning Power from Chinese Public Firms – ExtremeTech

Two Chinese provinces have found that a substantial chunk of illegal mining was happening at public institutions. Naturally, the government aims to put a stop to that.?

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Tom’s Hardware

Report: China Discovered More Cryptocurrency Miners Stealing Electricity

Illegal cryptocurrency miners were said to be stealing power from public institutions

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Russia to slap crypto miners with energy tariffs amid wave of migration from China – EconoTimes

Russia is considering slapping special energy tariffs on cryptocurrency miners after Chinas industry ban triggered a wave of migration. There was an exodus of cryptocurrency miners to Russia after bitcoin mining…

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Source: TG Daily – China Finds Illegal Crypto Miners Stealing Electricity

Pro-Eating-Disorder Videos Reach Teens on TikTok

Weight Loss Slimming Diet Health Anorexia Fat

Video-sharing app TikTok allows pro-anorexia hashtags to be searchable on the app.

TikTok does not allow content promoting or glorifying eating disorders.

The video app surpassed 1 billion active monthly users in September, 60% of whom are between the ages of 16 and 24.

The app’s use of augmented reality camera filters can also contribute to negative body image, especially for young girls, research from UltraViolet found.

The platform in 2020 imposed additional restrictions on weight-loss ads after facing criticism for promoting dangerous and unhealthy diets.

‘It spreads like a disease’: how pro-eating-disorder videos reach teens on TikTok

Although the platform bans content promoting dangerous weight loss, hashtags such as #skinnycheck can still be found

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Parents open up on how social media fuel eating disorders – Taipei Times

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Michelle noticed her teenage daughters were spending substantially more time on Instagram. The girls were feeling isolated and bored during lockdown, the Arizona mom, who asked to only be identified by her first name to maintain her children?s privacy, recalled. She hoped social media could be a way for them to remain connected with their friends and community.
However, as the months progressed, the girls fell into pro-diet, pro-exercise and ultimately pro-eating-disorder hashtags on the social media app. It started with ?health challenge? photos and recipe videos, Michelle said, which led to more similar content in

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Instagram admits that it promoted pro-eating disorder content to teens

The photo sharing app has acknowledged that it failed to remove dangerous accounts, and has instead actually recommended them to users

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Instagram Triggered My Eating Disorder

The platform could be doing so much more to protect its users.

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Source: TG Daily – Pro-Eating-Disorder Videos Reach Teens on TikTok

Huawei Harmony Grows Up: Building the Chinese Apple


Before the US went to war with Huawei, Huawei was like most companies expanding into personal technology. They were happy to license technology from US companies to build their products.  This prior behavior made them more like Samsung than Apple, which rabidly works to own its entire technology stack.  But sanctions forced Huawei to pivot hard to use a next-generation operating system (OS) they had under development for TVs, Harmony, and expand its hardware technology so it could stay in business. This US threat ironically forced the company into the far more insular Apple vertical integration model.  But Huawei has some interesting differences from Apple. These differences allow Huawei to outperform Apple in China and provide a more consumer and, most importantly, developer-friendly set of products to the world.  

Let’s talk about the potential for Huawei’s Harmony OS and why it could eventually bypass the iOS in developer support and market penetration.  

Apple vs. Huawei model

Apple was created along the lines of the old IBM model of doing everything and using lock-in to create a highly reliable revenue stream that most other firms envied.  However, this model was also instrumental to IBM’s near-death.  This near-death experience occurred because, over time, it focused IBM on more creative ways to mine customers for revenue while cutting costs, which created a growing disparity between the ever-lower value the customers received and the ever-higher costs they paid.  

Financial benefits flow to Apple’s reserves, top executives, and stockholders, not employees or customers. This business model is hardly unique to Apple in the US. While Apple continues to enjoy relatively high customer satisfaction, customer growth has all but stalled with revenue increases tied mainly to price increases or new services with ever-higher fees.  Developers, who are foundational to Apple’s position and success, are often treated poorly.  Apple often appears to be at war with their developers rather than supporting them.  Apple seems to believe that all developer profits should instead be Apple’s.  

In contrast, Huawei is China, not U.S.-based, making them much closer to the Chinese market, one of the largest and fastest-growing over the last decade.  Huawei is majority-owned by its employees, not investment firms, and compensation across Huawei appears less stratified between executive staff and line workers.  Huawei is a company that aggressively backs Open Source, and its Harmony OS is shared with other large Chinese companies like Xiaomi and is far more consistent with other newer-model companies like Qualcomm in that way.  Finally, Huawei aggressively recruits developers rather than finding ever more creative ways to make their revenue, making them, potentially, a far better partner for new business than Apple has become.  

Harmony OS

Harmony is an OpenSource microkernel modern OS designed from the start to scale from tiny IoT devices to PCs.  Currently, Huawei products range from their new Huawei Watch 3 to new electric cars (Huawei has entered this market well ahead of Apple) and far more different Smartphones than Apple currently has.  While a US market for Harmony is unlikely until the US removes Huawei’s sanctions, in Europe and Asia, the company’s market is growing. It projects to grow significantly in the near term and is likely to increase focus, potentially outperforming Samsung’s Tizen platform.  

Harmony may be the first genuinely effective scalable operating system to ship at significant volumes. Harmony devices’ interoperability potential and consistency across different hardware platforms assure unmatched revenue potential for developers, which other older operating systems, like the macOS and iOS, can not provide.  

Finally, because Harmony is one operating system, integrating and sharing data across platforms that use Harmony is far easier than trying to do the same thing with different operating systems, particularly if those competing vendors own those platforms.  (Try to get an Apple Watch to work with an Android phone, for instance).  

Wrapping up:

Thanks to US Sanctions, Huawei is modeling itself like an updated Apple.  It is far more focused on employee participation, growing its market, and current generation initiatives like microkernel architectures, massive cross-platform support, licensing, and open source. It still owns quality top to bottom, but it isn’t taking revenue and profits from suppliers or developers. Instead, Huawei focuses on growing market share, not mining existing customers for money and making them potentially less risky outside of the US than Apple.  

It is interesting to note that while the actions against it may have been motivated by an effort to eliminate a Chinese Apple competitor, the strategic result is now a far stronger one.  But, if you are thinking of spending platforms, and mainly if you are sick of working with Apple as a developer and would like to expand in Asia and Europe, Huawei’s Harmony platform may be worth a look.  

Source: TG Daily – Huawei Harmony Grows Up: Building the Chinese Apple

5 Pointers When Hiring the Best Web Designer in Toronto

Designer’s two-screen setup

What should you consider when hiring a web designer for your business? Well, you can take into account a website design company that has a broad experience and is top-rated in this field. This means that you should hire someone who has been awarded an excellent rating by other clients who have availed of their services. Here are some pointers that will help you get the best website designer for your company.

1.    Make a List of Top-Rated Companies:

The first thing that you need to do is to find out the top-rated list of website design companies in Toronto. You may check and hire a website design company by rank by focus in Toronto. You can also start your search through the internet. You just have to check out the websites of these companies and hire experts for website designing in Toronto.

2.    Find Out the Testimonials:

Another pointer that will help you hire web designers is to find testimonials that these firms have received. These testimonials will provide you with an idea about the work that they have done and the services that they provide.

Most web designers in Toronto will have a lot of testimonials and you can find them by doing thorough research on the internet. The testimonials will also provide you with an idea about the efficiency of the firm and its ability to deliver the required website design services.

3.    Contact the Companies Directly:

The third pointer that will help you hire web designers is to contact the website design companies directly. You can check out the portfolios of these firms to check the websites that they have designed. If you wish to have a unique website design, you can contact a website design service by Focus group Toronto and get the website design that you want.

You will be able to know the different packages that are being offered by these companies and the price structure that is being offered by them. It is important for you to choose a reliable company for website development because you do not want to hire an inexperienced developer.

Experienced developers and designers will be capable of producing websites that are attractive and user-friendly. Experienced website designers can also work effectively with other people from different fields to make websites that are not only attractive but also very interactive.

4.    Use the Reference:

The fourth pointer in hiring the best website design in Toronto is to use the reference of an established business. You can ask your friends and colleagues for their opinions about a website designer that they have worked with. The opinions that they will provide you with will be very useful when it comes to finding the best website design in Toronto.

You can visit the website of the companies that offer website design services in Toronto and get more information about these companies. After visiting the website of these companies, you will be able to find a designer that is capable of creating a website that is appealing and highly functional.

These companies will also provide you with all the services that you need in order to have a website that will meet all your website design requirements.

5.    Search Area-Based Companies:

The last pointer that you can use is to search Toronto area-based companies that are offering website design by focus. By using the search feature of various search engines, you will be able to get the list of website design companies that are available in the city of Toronto.

This can be helpful in finding web designers in Toronto. You will be able to get all the information about these companies including the designers that will be providing you with their services. By using these few tips, you will be able to hire the best web designers in Toronto.

Source: TG Daily – 5 Pointers When Hiring the Best Web Designer in Toronto

What experts are saying about the current global energy crisis

fossil fuel energy fuel oil rig

Prices of fossil fuels around the globe are surging, leading some commodity pros to refer to the current condition as an “energy crisis.”

Energy assets from natural-gas futures to crude-oil have been trading at or around multiyear highs.

Some define it as a bottleneck in the supply of energy resources, with the potential to hamstring economies.

It also carries implications for energy policy as the U.S. attempts to wean itself off crude oil and its byproducts and transition to renewable sources of power.

China has been ratcheting up its imports of coal, with Beijing purchasing 32.88 million tons of coal in September, a 76.8% increase from a year earlier. China banned imports from coal-producing Australia a year ago, which is now limiting Beijing’s ability to outsource the commodity.

The stock market has been unsettled amid the concerns about pricing pressures and its ability to tighten its grip on oil and other fossil fuel markets.

Russia has been blamed for amplifying the energy crisis by limiting its global exports.

Energy crisis is a ‘wake up call’ for Europe to ditch fossil fuels

Soaring energy prices are a stark reminder of how dependent Europe is on fossil fuels and should serve to accelerate the shift towards renewable forms of energy.

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Cascade of problems fuels world energy crisis as another winter looms

Homes and factories across China are shrouded in darkness. British utilities firms have gone bust. And a harsh U.S. winter could deliver expensive heating costs.

Continue reading on NBC News

Energy crisis puzzle: why fossil fuel prices are surging

One of the conundrums within the energy crisis that has enveloped the world is why, with the global economy still recovering from the pandemic, it has found itself so short of supply?

Continue reading on The Sydney Morning Herald

Source: TG Daily – What experts are saying about the current global energy crisis

How to choose the right TikTok panel?

person holding an iPhone running TikTok

A TikTok panel is a website wherein you can purchase social media marketing services that strictly pertain to TikTok. An example of such a service is purchasing followers of TikTok. 

There are hundreds of businesses that are in need of purchasing these services. This is because TikTok has transformed into one of the most effective marketing channels which can help businesses connect to millions of potential customers. 

This article will guide you on how you can choose the right TikTok panel. 

1. Customer support

Before choosing any TikTok panel, the first thing that you need to do is to choose the right customer support. This is of paramount importance. The customer support team of the panel should be responsive and be able to provide answers to your queries. If the customer support team is performing poorly, then your satisfaction levels are going to be low. The quality of the customer support team can simply be tested by talking to them. You will get an idea about how good they are at communicating with people. 

2. Website security

It is essential that you are familiar with the security of the website. We have heard a lot of stories wherein the confidential information of businesses is leaked as a result of acquiring services from panels that are not secure. You should ensure that the website from which TikTok panel services are being acquired is completely secure. You can make transactions with secure services. 

3. Reliability

It is important that you choose a TikTok panel that is of utmost reliability. There is always a possibility that you come across a scam which will run away with your money. You should exercise caution before transferring money. Get in touch with a service which has a good reputation. The portfolio of the panel must be checked. The details of their previous clients can be checked as well. Go through client testimonials to get an idea. Reliability is a major factor that must be taken into account to make the right choice. 

4. Payment options

You need to go through the payment options provided by the TikTok panel service in order to make the right choice. If the panel has more payment options available, then it is a suitable choice. Most of the reliable websites out there will provide you with different payment options. Some websites only ask for credit card details and there is no other alternate option. You must be really cautious while you are providing such credit card details

5. Type of services

This is perhaps the most important factor you must take into account while purchasing services from any TikTok panel. There are various services out there and each and every one of them will have a wide range of facilities. Choose a panel that suits your needs and preferences the most. Evaluate whether the services provided by the TikTok panel meet your demands. If such is the case, then you can consider purchasing from the service.

Source: TG Daily – How to choose the right TikTok panel?

Tips to begin with SMM reseller panel


Starting the business of having your own SMM reseller panel can be interesting. It is beneficial to a lot of businesses out there that are in the need of marketing services. These SMM reseller panels can work as a one-stop shop where businesses can acquire various social media marketing services. 

However, in this competitive day and age, it is not easy to start your own SMM reseller panel. Thus, before doing so, it is advisable to consider these tips to effectively begin with your business. 

1. Offer optimal customer support

Businesses are foundationally based on good customer support. This is especially relevant in the service industry. It is imperative to ensure that the panel has a team that is optimal in providing good customer support. By good customer support, it means that the team should be able to offer timely customer support which satisfies the customers. Live chat and bots can be added for such purposes. If the customers are satisfied, your panel will be able to attract more attention on the Internet. 

2. Promote the panel

Do not miss the chance of promoting your panel whenever you can. It is ideal that other people should talk about your reseller panel. However, you yourself should promote the services as well. You can join different groups and communities where you can post about the services offered by the panel. Look out for different places where the services of the panel can be marketed. Promoting is one of the effective ways to get more customers. 

3. Start a blog

It is always a good idea to start your blog which is about SMM reseller panel and the services provided by it. Write different articles regarding how your panel is different from others. You can post about the services which are offered by the panel. This is an effective way in which the services provided by the panel can be effectively marketed. Thus, begin with starting your own blog. 

4. Give bonuses to the customers

This is something that a lot of panels are not doing, even though this is a highly effective tip. If it is financially possible for you to do so, make sure that you set additional bonuses for the customers. This will give customers the incentive to purchase services from you. The bonuses can either be in form of cash, gifts, or giveaways. In any case, you will be able to attract a large pool of audience. 

5. Show consistency

Each and every successful reseller panel in the market took some time to kick off. Thus, it is essential that you are patient. However, during such time, you should show consistency in your work. If you will be consistent with the strategies and keep working hard to achieve good results, then the results will actually show. Keep reading up on newer things on how these panels can be promoted and consistently try to market the services offered by you.

Source: TG Daily – Tips to begin with SMM reseller panel

Havana syndrome symptoms in Colombia

lethargic fatigue tiredness man tired

More than a dozen US officials who work at the US Embassy in Colombia and their family members have reported symptoms consistent with Havana syndrome.

Some officials who reported symptoms in Colombia had to be medevaced from the country, sources say.

US investigators have struggled to determine what or who is causing the symptoms and how exactly they are doing it.

Incidents of Havana syndrome began in late 2016 in Cuba and there have since been cases reported in Russia, China, Austria and other countries across the globe.

President Joe Biden signed into law long-delayed legislation to provide support for victims of the strange confluence of symptoms that have sickened diplomats, spies and service members around the globe, last week.

US officials reported Havana syndrome symptoms in Colombia

More than a dozen US officials who work at the US Embassy in Colombia and their family members have reported symptoms consistent with “Havana syndrome” in recent weeks, according to a US official and a source familiar with the situation.

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Havana syndrome reported at US embassy in Colombia

The mystery illness has sickened US diplomats around the world since it was first reported in 2016.

Continue reading on BBC News

Havana syndrome culprits may be crickets, scientists say

A newly declassified government-backed study obtained by Buzzfeed News suggests a bizarre theory that Havana syndrome is ?most likely? caused by extra-loud crickets.

Continue reading on New York Post

Source: TG Daily – Havana syndrome symptoms in Colombia