More than 117 people were killed and over 2,000 were arrested in the worst South African riots in decades

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The unrest is the worst the country has witnessed since the 1990s, before the end of the apartheid regime, the South African president said Monday.

The violence has continued in some areas and officials are concerned about the economic impact of the violence, looting and destruction of infrastructure.

The death toll now stands at 91 in Zuma’s home province of KwaZulu-Natal and 26 in Gauteng province. An additional six people were found dead on the roof of a mall in Thembisa township.

So far, 2,203 people have been arrested, according to Khumbudzo Ntshavheni.

The South African Police Service is providing armed escorts for the transportation of critical supplies.

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South Africa Zuma riots: What’s behind the violence and looting?

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South Africa Riots: How Jacob Zuma’s connection to Gupta Brothers triggered violence

South Africa riots have had a far-reaching impact on the lives of the Indian diaspora following allegations of Gupta Brothers’ affiliation with Jacob Zuma.

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South Africa Zuma riots: Why Durban mother threw baby to strangers

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Source: TG Daily – More than 117 people were killed and over 2,000 were arrested in the worst South African riots in decades

Brad Smith Showcases How Microsoft Is Working With Home Town Heroes To Improve World

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A few decades back, I met with Microsoft’s then-President Steve Ballmer and pitched the idea that they should identify partners that stand out positively and recognize them in front of their peers.  However, I entirely forgot that back then, folks were thinking that Microsoft was the greatest threat to how people wanted to work that existed in the world so that when Steve called these partners out, it was like he’d was outing them as collaborators.  It would have been funny had it not been my idea because the people that were called out seemed to want to curl up and die.  

Microsoft has changed a great deal from that time, and now people seem to be proud to be recognized.  Brad Smith at Inspire this week showed us how this was done and featured several partners who were doing extraordinary things.   He called them Home Town Heroes because they made a significant difference in the communities they are helping.  

Let’s talk about Home Town Heroes this week and how Microsoft is leveraging partners to make a substantial positive difference in the world.  

Walnut Way

One of the enormous problems we have all over the world is the lack of internet connectivity.  Milwaukee is one of 8 cities chosen by Microsoft to help solve connectivity problems.  In Lindsay Heights, only 12% of the population is connected to the Internet with enough bandwidth to get work done.  The region needed technology to connect people, particularly during the Pandemic, and the related skills to deploy that technology.  In Lindsay Heights, they partnered with Walnut Way to provide affordable broadband to the community.  

You can’t improve an impoverished area unless you can get connectivity and training into the area and related good-paying jobs that increase the socio-economic level of the community.  In Lindsay Heights, there is a lack of available income to pay for traditional broadband, so Microsoft stepped in with their partners to deploy inexpensive fixed wireless to help people connect and get skills.

Nice France

In France, they took a more skills-focused approach to improve technical competence.  France is where Brad Smith started to work at Microsoft when he initially joined back in 1993.  They spoke about needing to approach the skilling problem from two perspectives, one to help companies and two to help uplift the individual.  It started with a joint project that was an AI and Cloud school which accepted students without a college degree. After seven months, they’d have either an apprenticeship or a job with one of Microsoft’s customers or partners.  Similar to what Cisco does with their Networking Academy, it addresses one of the big problems with tech customers and partners regarding the lack of skills and individuals who currently aren’t qualified for good-paying jobs.  


The DCU is perhaps one of the most exciting units in Microsoft.  The DCU is Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit and the only private organization of its type that focuses on bringing cases against cybercriminals.  One of the bug problems with Cyber Crimes is catching the people committing them.  Law enforcement isn’t skilled enough to do this job, and since the criminals generally exist across borders, even if they had the skills, they’d be limited by jurisdiction.  But the Microsoft DCU, led by an ex-FGI employee, partners with law enforcement worldwide to bring civil and criminal actions against the attackers.  

Years ago, Microsoft required me, but I didn’t take the job because it didn’t appeal to me.  Had the DCU existed back then, things might have been different because this is the organization that most appeals to who I was back in the 1980s.  The Microsoft DCU is one of the most potent global organizations increasingly capable of destroying the profit of Cybercriminals and working to eliminate all but the State players with prejudice.  It remains one of the groups I most admire in the tech segment. 

Philips Wisconsin And Sustainability

Next, Brad took us to Philips Wisconsin, where he spoke to Microsoft’s Chief Environmental officer, making a massive difference.  Microsoft has committed to becoming Carbon Negative by 2030 with an ultimate goal of erasing Microsoft’s entire carbon footprint, going back to its founding over time.   When I’m asked about an adequate sustainability goal, I point to this goal at Microsoft.  Microsoft recognizes that the environment and the world economy go hand in hand.

It is interesting to note that they started with refining measurements first to measure their progress and improve their processes, making a lasting difference.  They aren’t just focused on their emissions either but also their supply and value chains.  Many companies have their sustainability and profitability efforts at cross purposes; Microsoft’s change in measurements ties two together, making a positive result more likely. This effort dovetails nicely with Bill Gates’s efforts.  

Wrapping Up:  Caring About People

One of the tech industry problems is that companies often forget about the people that use their products.  It is easy to focus on the large enterprise accounts and forget about the adverse impact you may be having on people and the environment.  It is great to see people like Brad Smith and Satya Nadela. They are both exceptions and have pivoted Microsoft back to the company they were at the very beginning. One focused on positively impacting the individuals who use their products and the companies that buy them, and the partners that help implement them.  

Brad Smith and his team are not only making a positive difference at Microsoft; they are making the world a better place by setting a positive example others should follow.  Creating and recognizing the Home Town Heroes helping make this world a better place also goes a long way to assure that outcome.  Nicely done.  

Source: TG Daily – Brad Smith Showcases How Microsoft Is Working With Home Town Heroes To Improve World

Why does your business need Spotify?

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The business arena is getting more and more competitive with the passage of time. It can be difficult for businesses to stand out amongst the fierce competition. Now it has become very important for businesses to market their products and services in the right way. 

Music streaming services are now gaining more traction and popularity. Spotify is one of those services. Although it is an unconventional method, businesses can potentially devise their marketing strategy which takes into account Spotify. 

Here is how Spotify playlists can be used in an effective manner for various business purposes:

1. Discover new clients

Given that music streaming is becoming more and more popular, it is flooded with a huge user base. Popular platforms have millions of users. If you create playlists on Spotify, you could potentially reach new clients. The users will thereafter feel more connected. Playlists can also be used to tell potential customers about what the business stands for. It is a reflection of the company’s image. Thus, playlists can be used for effective engagement with the customers. 

2. Bring personality to the brand

Brands need to maintain their personality. Personality is what makes a brand great. Even if you know everything about a company, it can be difficult for a marketing team to convert that vision and communicate the same to the customer. If the brand is able to reflect the qualities of its business in an effective way, it will attract more customers. This is how Spotify can be used for better marketing.

3. Know more about the customers

Music indicates a lot about a specific person. People who share the same characteristics often have the same taste in music. This means that music streaming platforms can be an ideal source for analyzing and evaluating the customer base. Such information can be extracted from different platforms such as Spotify Plays Panel and can be used to your advantage. This is one of the most advantageous ways in which businesses can use Spotify. 

4. Saves time

Conventional marketing requires a lot of time. You have to create original content from scratch and thereafter, implement it. This is time-consuming. This is not the case with marketing techniques in relation to Spotify. Creating a playlist on such a platform is not only free but all you have to do is put the relevant music together. However, the playlist which you create must be such that it reflects what your company or business is all about. 

The bottom line

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms. It has millions of customers and to make the most out of them, you can potentially use the above-mentioned methods. However, it is pertinent to note here that there are various professionals who can devise effective marketing strategies in Spotify. It is always recommended to hire professional services. They will ensure that the results are fruitful and enable businesses to generate more revenue by better marketing tricks and techniques. 

Source: TG Daily – Why does your business need Spotify?

How to increase subscribers on YouTube


If you want to determine how popular someone is on YouTube, check the number of subscribers the channel has. The more subscribers, the better the chances are to get more views on the content which has been uploaded. 

This means that people and/or businesses running YouTube channels should lookout for ways in which social media subscribers can be increased. Although professional services such as YouTube Subscribers Panel can be used, here are some of the effective ways in which you can increase subscribers on YouTube. 

1. Post quality content

The first thing that you should do in order to gain more subscribers on YouTube is to produce high-quality content. This is the key. Content can be created by producing something which is relevant to your market and audience. Stick to the preferred theme and accordingly, you can develop a name for yourself in the market. Produce value. However, in order to do this, you should have the right studio equipment. This is to create and edit videos properly. 

2. Consistency is the key

You should post with maximum consistency. Post as much as you can, while ensuring the quality of the same. Create a fixed schedule and try to stick to it. You may even ask subscribers who will give you suggestions regarding what to upload and when to upload. It is not only about the quality but also how consistently you engage with the viewers. This will definitely help you increase the subscription numbers on your YouTube channel. 

3. Optimization of videos

If you want to rank higher on YouTube, then it is essential that all the videos that are uploaded on the channel are optimized. Optimize the video elements, such as title, description, and video tags, to ensure that the videos reach the people or audience you want. Keywords should be used in the title of the video. It helps in boosting the rankings in an effective manner. You can even hire professionals who can get the optimization done. 

4. Engagement is necessary

Quality and consistent engagement is the key to success. Engage with the audience as much as you can. This can be done by replying to their comments that have been left on your videos, being responsive at all times, encouraging others to get more subscriptions, and creating videos that tell your fans what to see. You must ask questions as well that are relevant to the video. Engagement results in more traffic and thus, increasing the number of subscribers. 

5. Promotion of channels

Promoting the YouTube channel and your videos is the key to getting more subscribers. You can do this on different platforms. This includes the social media community. You can perhaps just spread it by word of mouth. Promoting can be done through conventional means along with the latest means. It is a great time that we live in and people are willing to promote products, services, and of course YouTube channels of others. Thus, make the most out of it. 

Source: TG Daily – How to increase subscribers on YouTube

How to increase Telegram channel members

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Social media channels are used for multiple purposes. From being used for entertainment to communication, people are utilizing it for various reasons. Fortunately, there are different platforms of social media and each of them has unique features. 

Telegram is one of the social media channels that can be used for different reasons, whether in individual or business capacity. Telegram channel is one of the features, which work as a group. Any admin would ideally want to increase the number of telegram members. 

This can easily be done by using services such as Telegram Members Panel. However, here is how you can increase the Telegram channel members:

1. High quality content

In order to increase the number of members, the first step is to publish and produce content that is useful. The right content will attract more members. It can have a positive impact on the potential members. Try to choose a theme that is ideal for the members. Furthermore, make sure to bring variety to the content. Use a combination of textual content, images, and videos for more creativity. 

2. Specialize the posts

One of the most important things that can be done is to specialize the channel posts. This can help in increasing the number of channel members. Make sure that all the posts are attractive, special, prominent, and have the ability to connect with people. You can also use the tag or logo of the business on such posts. It is one of the ways to engage with the members in an effective manner. 

3. Link it to other social media platforms

One of the best ways is to link your channel to other social media platforms. This will increase the membership of the channel. The channel address of Telegram should be put on all social media platforms you are active on. For instance, if you use Instagram or Facebook, make sure that the channel address is put in the bio. This will help other members to join the channel in an easy manner. 

4. Host competitions

This is a much-undermined tip. Hosting competitions is one effective way through which you can get more members in the channel. You must have come across different competitions and contests in telegram so far. No matter what the channel is about, you can host creative competitions. This fosters engagement, which is one of the most important ways in which the number of members can be increased. Also have special prizes, such as giveaways, to make the participants more excited. 

5. Invite the website visitors

This is another effective way in which the number of members on Telegram channels can be increased. All you have to do is invite the visitors to the website. All the visitors of the website must be given an invitation to the link. Furthermore, you can even simply send them emails. There are many email services that can send automated messages to visitors on the website. It is a slow way but effective way to get more members. 

Source: TG Daily – How to increase Telegram channel members

Insights and innovations in social advertising

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Social media advertising is experiencing an unprecedented increase. This is particularly due to the coronavirus pandemic going on. Most of the companies are now shifting towards digital forms of marketing which include social advertising. 

Everyone now knows for a fact that social advertising from platforms such as social media panel can be important. However, the real question is – how to do it in the right manner. 

Thus, this article will guide you over the insights and innovations in the social advertising industry. This will help you to devise better strategies pertaining to social media marketing. 

1. Story formats

There has been a dramatic increase in the story formats. Different social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat have come up with this idea. In fact, Facebook has also been on the bandwagon. It is an effective way through which businesses are communicating and engaging with customers. It further helps in increasing the social media following. Thus, this is one of the formats that you must be looking forward to at all times. 

2. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been a very important part of social advertising. It is a relatively recent trend. Influencers are now taking on more and more campaigns. Influencers are now keener than before to partner with brands and businesses. It is one of the most creative ways through which you can create engagement on your posts. Thus, all marketing professionals should definitely look forward to opportunities that are connected to influencer marketing. 

3. Ad production in an automated manner

Ad production is now getting more and more automated. There are automatic ad creators which are ideal for high-speed advertisements. The possibilities are now much more immense. Ad production is done according to the needs and preferences of the business. Businesses are slowly adopting such tools, however, the faster you do than your competitors, the more benefits you will reap. 

4. Better video formats

We live in a digital world where video marketing is the most common format. Video content is much more normal than it used to be. Different video platforms have shaken up the market. This includes channels such as TikTok. There were over 100 million downloads in the last year only. Video media marketing is the new trend. This is because it allows the brands and businesses to communicate their message more effectively to the customers. The emergence of better video formats has positively influenced the market and you should be looking forward to it at all times. 

The bottom line

Above are some of the major insights into the social advertising trends in this day and age. However, experts recommend that rather than keeping up on things on your own, you should hire digital experts. These experts are professionals who are well aware of all the trends and current insights which will help you in multiple ways. They have the ability to devise marketing strategies that may not be possible for any layperson or someone who is not within the field. 

Source: TG Daily – Insights and innovations in social advertising

How do brands use Twitch?

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The gaming industry is at its peak. Every now and then we come across a new gaming trend that has transformed the industry in different ways. Twitch has now become one of the essential parts of the gaming industry. 

Twitch is essentially an online platform through which people can stream online games. You can either watch a live stream or other streamers who are broadcasting the game. The user base mostly comprises teenagers who are into gaming. 

Nevertheless, here is how the brands and businesses are making the most out of Twitch in this digital day and age:

1. Brand awareness

Twitch is a platform that is increasing in popularity. It has a directly proportional relationship with the growth of the gaming industry. In other words, if the gaming industry grows, Twitch as a platform grows. Now given that it has a large user base, businesses can use it for spreading brand awareness. This can be done in a number of ways, which includes engaging with the potential customers as much as possible. 

2. Target specific markets

There are many broadcasters on Twitch. Some show online games, while some also show the lives of day-to-day animals. Companies are now using this platform to broaden their audience. As mentioned above, the real market of Twitch is young users. Thus, if your business is specifically targeting the youth of the country, then it can be used as an effective platform where services and products can be marketed. Nevertheless, services like Twitch Reseller Panels can be consulted with while targeting such specific markets. 

3. Generate leads

Lead generation refers to the process of marketing wherein the interest of customers in a product is captured in order to generate sales. This allows the brands to meet their targets. Lead generation techniques can be used by all types and sizes of businesses. Businesses can use Twitch to generate leads in an effective manner. The attention and interest of the potential customers can be captured in an effective manner. 

4. Influencer marketing

This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits for businesses to use Twitch. There are many influencers on Twitch. For instance, Ninja has over 14 million followers. Some marketing campaigns can incorporate influencer marketing strategies. Businesses can contact influencers on Twitch and partner with them on certain terms and conditions. This can be a creative way to generate more sales and market the products and services in a highly effective manner. 

5. Paid advertising

This is a similar practice to other platforms. Twitch has also integrated paid marketing and advertising into their user interface. The streamer may come across a particular advertisement for a particular business. 

The bottom line

Twitch is perhaps highly popular in this day and age and for all the good reasons. However, in order to make the most out of it, you may consider the ways listed above. In any case, it is always advisable to hire professionals who can devise better marketing strategies.

Source: TG Daily – How do brands use Twitch?

How to use social media channels to make businesses more successful

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Social media is one of the most important tools for businesses in this day and age. It can be used in different ways to make the business more successful. This is why businesses hire professional services such as social media control panel to effectively market their products and services. 

Nevertheless, there are still some businesses that are not making the most out of social media channels. Thus, this article will guide them on the benefits of social media channels and how using the same will increase their chances of success in the digital arena:

1. Acquire customers

If you want unprecedented access to a huge customer base, then social media is the key. The customers will easily be able to find the business and purchase the services and products. It even helps in building relationships with potential clients. Just a single marketing video can help the business to reach thousands, if not millions of customers. Therefore, businesses should use social media channels for acquiring customers in an effective manner. 

2. Manage reputation

In order to survive the fierce competition, businesses need to effectively manage their reputation. This can be done through social media channels. Social media channels can be used by businesses to get customer reviews and feedback. It is also an excellent platform where you can entertain potential complaints from the customers. Thus, it is an ideal tool that can be used to promote information that is favorable for your business and helps to maintain a good reputation. 

3. Spread brand awareness

Brand awareness is highly important for any business to grow. Customers do not know about your business in the beginning. No matter how good your products and services are, no one will purchase the same if they do not know about it. If people are aware of the brand, it will develop a sense of trust in them. Social media channels can be used to establish an identity and voice of your brand 

4. Customer service

If you want the business to be successful, it is essential that the right customer service is provided to potential customers. Otherwise, it can cause you a great deal of loss in all ways. Brands have to always be ready to entertain the complaints of the customers. This can be done by social media channels. If your business is readily available on social media, you will be able to cater to the needs, queries, and concerns of potential customers in an efficient manner. 

5. Research the market

One of the biggest benefits of using social media is that it provides the business the opportunity to do effective market research. You will get to know what the competitors are doing. Once you start with your own marketing campaign, you will have all the statistics in relation to how the performance is being done. It provides you instant feedback and you will easily be able to track the results. Thus, market research is now much easier. 

Source: TG Daily – How to use social media channels to make businesses more successful

Ferrari Energy Shows 10 Effective Ways Entrepreneurs Can Refine Their Product

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Any entrepreneur will speak to the importance of product testing as it is a significant first stepping stone for developing any business endeavor. However, once a poor product is sent out for consumer use, things can take a nasty turn for any growing company. 

Ferrari Energy, a family-owned private oil and gas organization founded by Adam Ferrari, says that product or service quality can make or break a business and shares ten effective ways that entrepreneurs can take note of when refining their products.

1. Start with the basics

When refining a product, entrepreneurs should begin at the base floor. It is critical to define “what” the idea is and the “why” behind it. To create the most clarity, break the meat of the concept down into a single sentence. 

2. Create a mind map

Brainstorming different angles with a product using mind maps can help entrepreneurs develop questions and ideas surrounding product improvement. A mind map can be directed towards exploring the product’s broad idea, potential consumers and target audience, and the industry. 

3. Consider quality

A good product is a quality product, and these days’ consumers appreciate quality. Therefore, entrepreneurs should heavily consider their target audience’s wants and deliver those wants to them through materials used and overall experience. 

4. Do your research

Know, learn, and grow from the competition. By researching what products and companies are a part of the competitive equation, entrepreneurs can understand their competition to outweigh them.  

5. Enhance the product 

Refining a product means making it not only helpful and easily usable for consumers but also aesthetically pleasing too. Adding any new capabilities to meet these standards without negatively impacting the ease of use is the striving goal towards the ultimate customer experience. 

6. Make sure to do the math

Profitability is another critical aspect for a business’s success and should be included in the development of a product. Entrepreneurs need to ensure that they do the math to affirm that they do not build a product they cannot afford or overestimate sales leaving costs to bring the business down.   

7. Create dialogues with the target audience

One of the best strategies when trying to get raw feedback from a target audience is to tell as many people as possible about a product idea—engaging with those in a target audience and outside of that ideal consumer group will also better gauge the accuracy of the chosen target audience.  

8. Gain feedback from an expert

Seeking out advice from an expert is an excellent way to better a product. An innovative method to upgrade a product is to reach out to colleges and universities with business schools to see if a marketing class or professor would be willing to take on the product as a project. 

9. Put the product to the test

If a company can develop prototypes, it should. Getting a product into consumers’ hands for product testing before it hits the market can be the difference between catching a mistake and missing one. 

10. Collect surveys

Surveys can drastically help with data research and accurate feedback for both product ideas and product tests. 

About Ferrari Energy

Ferrari Energy took its name from its founder, Adam Ferrari. Adam is a native of Chicago and was formally educated in chemical and biomolecular engineering. He completed his degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and finished at the top of his class, graduating magna cum laude. As a young professional, Adam worked in the operations and business sides of the energy industry. After gaining ten years of direct industry experience, he took his passion for the energy industry and launched Ferrari Energy.

Source: TG Daily – Ferrari Energy Shows 10 Effective Ways Entrepreneurs Can Refine Their Product

Business investment in China: the experience of the Manifestgrowth venture fund

money currency fund investment cash 100 dollar bills

Chinese companies have been showing excellent financial results lately and have good growth potential. However, such investments are associated with a number of risks. Manifestgrowth has decided to invest in 2 companies. One of them is completely private, the second is 50% owned by the state. Our selected companies have become part of a diversified portfolio of stocks.

While everyone falls, the Celestial Empire grows

The last year has been difficult for the economies of all states, including China. China’s GDP grew by 2.3%, while the normal average for this indicator is 6%. A similar picture was last observed in 1976. Other countries in 2020 also faced a decline in the economy:

  • USA – by 3.5%;
  • Japan – by 4.8%;
  • Germany – 5%;
  • France – by 8.3%.

Even in difficult economic conditions, Beijing is showing an increase in capital investment and industrial production. The Chinese authorities are helping the country to maintain positive dynamics by developing government programs to stimulate business and develop infrastructure. Yet, in the first quarter of 2021, the Chinese economy has grown by more than 18%. The active economic growth of the Celestial Empire is positively influenced by the increase in demand for state-produced goods and the strengthening of the real estate market.

Analysts in long-term forecasts predict stable growth of the Chinese economy until 2025. Until then, this figure is expected to be 5.7%, and then it will drop to 4.5%. With such a pace of development, the economy of the Celestial Empire can become the largest in the world. Despite the positive forecasts, many investors are in no hurry to invest in Chinese companies.

Risk Factors When Investing in Chinese Companies

Over the past few years, the growth of the Chinese economy has been supported by domestic consumption. However, during the pandemic, the activity of consumers in the Celestial Empire decreased. In a study published in The New York Times, this situation was explained by the fact that during the quarantine period, people in China took out a lot of loans to cover their daily expenses. Now they are forced to pay off debts and spend less on non-essential goods and services. It should be borne in mind that in China, citizens did not receive financial aid from the state during the pandemic, unlike the United States. In this regard, domestic consumption in the Celestial Empire will not grow at an accelerated pace in the near future.

The main risks of investing in Chinese companies include the trade struggle with the United States. Duties and various prohibitions for investors from America negatively affect the economy of the state.

Chinese companies face several challenges:

1. Pressure from the US government. Donald Trump, during his governance, was determined to exclude shares of Chinese companies from the United States stock market. This situation at that time had a detrimental effect on the financial performance of enterprises from the Celestial Empire, securities of which were traded on American stock markets. Joe Biden is less dramatic than the previous president. However, the current head of the United States has already presented a list of Chinese organizations in which American investors cannot invest.

2. Situation inside the country. The authorities are exerting significant pressure on the state of Chinese business. One of the striking examples is the confrontation between billionaire Jack Ma and the government and the suspension of the IPO of his financial company Ant Group. You can also mention the Anti-Monopoly investigation against Alibaba. As a result of the increased attention of the authorities to this marketplace, not only did the company’s shares fall, but the entire Chinese securities market suffered. At the moment, Alibaba quotes have recovered, and the site is operating normally. But investor reviews indicate their wary attitude towards large Chinese organizations since it is not known who will be the next to fall under the tight control of the authorities.

3. Possibility of bubbles appearing. The population of the Celestial Empire is actively responding to the growth of quotations on the stock market. The attention of a large number of non-professional investors to stocks of companies provokes the appearance of bubbles. So, since 2007, when one of them burst, the stock index of the Shanghai Stock Exchange has not yet recovered.

More than one country has suffered in the trade wars with the United States. For example, in the late 90s, Japan was prophesied to be the state with the largest economy in the world. But the confrontation with America led to the collapse of the Japanese market index (Nikkei 225).

What stocks did the participants of Manifestgrowth invest in?

Having weighed all the benefits and risks of investing in Chinese companies, Manifestgrowth decided to invest in some organizations from the Celestial Empire. The easiest and most reliable way to invest in Chinese businesses is to buy an ETF. Investment funds are interested in the shares of individual companies or entire industries. Famous ETFs focused on the Chinese stock market include iShares MSCI China ETF, Invesco China Technology, SPDR S&P China ETF, and others.

Since Manifestgrowth’s investment portfolio of stocks is already diversified, we did not direct investments to exchange-traded funds, but to the assets of individual companies:

• Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited – a half-state manufacturer of refined products, plastics, synthetic fibers;

• Baozun Inc. – a private company providing marketing and IT services for stores selling products from clothing and cosmetics to cars;

• Roblox – online gaming platform;

• Usana Health Sciences – manufacturer of nutritional supplements, skincare products;

• Spotify – music service.

Among the listed enterprises, 2 – Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited and Baozun Inc. – are based and operating in China. Both companies have good growth potential. We chose Chinese organizations that are traded on US exchanges to avoid currency conversion.

Financial results of companies

Manifestgrowth invested in Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company securities when their value fluctuated around $23.8. After the start of the trading struggle with the United States, the value of the company’s shares dropped significantly and never returned to the previous level of $70. We expect the rate to partially recover and rise to $30. At the time of the purchase of Baozun shares, their value was $35. In the winter of 2021, the exchange rate exceeded $50, so we are counting on an increase in quotations.

If we take into account the non-Chinese companies whose shares are included in the investment portfolio of Manifestgrowth, Roblox and Usana Health Sciences have shown high returns recently. Spotify also posted good financial results, with shares up about 15% by early July. Some of the non-Chinese institutions we have invested in have dropped by more than 10%. These assets include Delta Air Lines, an agro-industrial company, Bunge, and the Manchester United soccer club.

Let’s summarize

Our diversified investment portfolio of Chinese companies is performing well this year. Despite the risk factors and the unstable situation on the market, the enterprises of the Celestial Empire remain promising assets.

Source: TG Daily – Business investment in China: the experience of the Manifestgrowth venture fund

A man with paralysis can use an experimental brain implant to turn his thoughts into words

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An experimental device decodes signals in the man’s brain that once controlled his vocal tract.

The man is currently limited to a vocabulary of just 50 words. He communicates at a rate of about 15 words per minute, which is much slower than natural speech.

“This tells us that it’s possible,” says a neurosurgeon at the University of California, San Francisco.

A device that allows people who can’t speak to communicate using brain circuits previously used for speech would be “more natural, and hopefully effortless,” an engineer says.

The patient is the first patient in a study called BRAVO, or Brain-Computer Interface Restoration of Arm and Voice . The name refers to his status as the first person in the study called “B”.


Device taps brain waves to help paralyzed man communicate

In a medical first, researchers harnessed the brain waves of a paralyzed man unable to speak — and turned what he intended to say into sentences on a computer screen. It will take years of additional research but the study, reported Wednesday, marks an important step toward one day restoring more natural communication for people who can’t talk because of injury or illness.

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Using liquid metal sensors and AI to create a more natural prosthetic device

Each fingertip has more than 3,000 touch receptors, which largely respond to pressure. Humans rely heavily on sensation in their fingertips when manipulating an object. The lack of this sensation presents a unique challenge for individuals with upper limb amputations.

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A New Brain Implant Automatically Detects and Kills Pain in Real Time

A group from the New York University School of Medicine have designed a smart, closed-loop brain implant to detect and relieve bursts of pain in real time.

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Source: TG Daily – A man with paralysis can use an experimental brain implant to turn his thoughts into words

Video games will be offered by Netflix within the next year

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According to reports, Netflix plans to build out its gaming team in the coming months to be able to start offering games for streaming within the next year.

Netflix isn’t exactly inexperienced in the area and previously developed games based on its popular shows.

The company has hired Mike Verdu as vice president of game development.  From 2017 to 2018, he was the head of EA Mobile and oversaw the studios that worked on Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, SimCity BuildIt, Plants vs. Zombies and Sims Free Play. 

The streaming giant reportedly has no plans to charge extra for game access, though it’s unclear if the additional content will lead to a future price hike.  


Netflix Will Offer Video Games, Hires Former EA And Zynga Exec – Report

Netflix looks to be expanding into a new market with a foray into games.

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Netflix working on its own gaming platform — which may never be available on the App Store

According to Bloomberg, Netflix is working on its own gaming platform. However, the availability on Apple’s platforms seems unlikely.

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The A.V. Club

Netflix is making video games, so let’s baselessly speculate about what they’ll be

The streamer is apparently interested in expanding out into gaming spaces, for some reason

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Source: TG Daily – Video games will be offered by Netflix within the next year

Colbeck Capital Management’s Jason Colodne Discusses Independent Sponsors in Finance

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Jason Colodne, a Managing Partner at Colbeck Capital Management, described an independent sponsor as a group or individual with insufficient capital to acquire a company or fund a transaction. Most independent sponsors are operators with extensive industry experience or former employees of private equity firms. 

Colodne stated that both types of independent sponsors offer a unique skill set and can achieve success. The most successful independent sponsors are extremely proficient with business operations and have strong financial skills. This makes it possible for independent sponsors to succeed at raising capital and managing a growing business.

Growth of the Independent Sponsor Model

The independent sponsor model became more prominent after the last financial crisis in 2007-2008 in response to the following factors:

  • Concentration of funds raised
  • Decreased willingness of private equity funds to handle complex situations
  • Expansion of private debt funds
  • Investment strategy mergers with larger private equity funds

A decent market exists for independent sponsors if they do not focus exclusively on offering service for smaller opportunities and avoid complex financial situations. By following these guidelines, independent sponsors can actively engage in buy-out opportunities that were previously too difficult to execute. Common examples include carve-outs, divestitures, non-traditional businesses, and roll-ups.

Financing Options for Independent Sponsors

Financing options for independent sponsors typically fall into one of the three categories: private equity, seller financing, and strategic debt. 

Private equity (PE) solutions refer to financing acquired from a traditional private equity fund. Operators of PE funds generally view independent sponsors as an extension of their original team. Independent sponsors typically receive compensation via equity upside after they have cleared all challenges associated with the transactions. 

The downside to PE solutions for independent sponsors is that they have less control and equity along with a reduced fee for management income. At the same time, the PE fund can invest funds into the company in question. From a profitability standpoint, private equity is less desirable than exercising a strategic debt option. However, PE solutions do provide independent sponsors with the following benefits:

  • Improved access to capital when the purchase price is not possible with a strategic debt solution
  • Improved interest alignment
  • Traditional PE support from sourcing more merger and acquisition opportunities

Seller financing refers to the consideration of a deferred purchase price. Typically structured as a subordinated note that does not bear interest, seller financing can payout as a business sale, refinancing deal, or structured payments. When seller financing is available, independent sponsors can benefit from the reduced cost and lack of upfront cash considerations necessary to acquire a platform. Seller financing also provides assurance of a smooth transfer of the asset between its former owner and the independent sponsor.

In contrast, private debt lenders typically offer strategic debt when the independent sponsor locates a debt solution that involves a higher-than-normal capital cost. In exchange, the independent sponsor receives less dilution of equity, greater overall control, and ongoing access to salaried income and management fees while operating the acquired business.

Combined Financing Options Are Usually the Best Solution

Most transactions benefit from a combination of seller financing and strategic debt solutions. Seller financing is popular because both the independent sponsor and the financing partners benefit from it. Rolling considerations offer the seller a financial incentive to provide the independent sponsor with a smooth transaction. This consideration also leaves an important enterprise value cushion.

Highly skilled independent sponsors usually try to maximize the seller financing aspect of a transaction to reduce the need for third-party financing and strategic debt. When the independent sponsor cannot access significant seller financing or refuses to pay a higher price, financing typically shifts to a private equity solution.

About Colbeck Capital Management

Jason Colodne and Jason Beckman founded Colbeck Capital in 2009. With offices in Los Angeles and New York, Colbeck offers strategic loan options to companies in transition that do not have traditional capital sources available to them. 

About Jason Colodne

Jason Colodne has more than 20 years of investing experience. He previously worked for Goldman Sachs as the head of the Hybrid Lending Group and Proprietary Distressed Investing for the Fixed Income Currencies and Commodities Division. He has also worked in distressed investing at UBS and as an Investment Banker at Bear Stearns as well as the head of the Strategic Finance Division and managing director at Morgan Stanley.

Colodne has held board positions with several portfolio companies and participated in steering committees focused on restructuring. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, he is a board member with the Centurion Foundation and a member of the Young Professionals Organization of Metro New York. Colodne has supported the Children’s Tumor Foundation for several years and assisted with the charitable organization’s fundraising efforts.

Source: TG Daily – Colbeck Capital Management’s Jason Colodne Discusses Independent Sponsors in Finance

China tightens its control over cybersecurity

cyber security protection cybersecurity hacker

New rules would ban private sector experts who find “zero day’s” weaknesses and sell the information to police, spy agencies or companies. The new rules would also apply only to overseas markets.

Such vulnerabilities have been a feature of major hacking attacks including one this month blamed on a Russian-linked group that infected thousands of companies in at least 17 countries.

Beijing is increasingly sensitive about control over information about its people and economy.

Companies are barred from storing data about Chinese customers outside China and banned from storing such data about their customers, including ride sharing services such as Uber and Didi global, which has made its stock market debuts in the United States last week. 


China’s Big Tech crackdown has opened a new front: national security

In a week, Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing went from being a US tech darling to the face of news stage in Beijing’s tech crackdown.

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What the Crackdown on China’s Big Tech Firms Is Really About

With traditional growth engines slowing down, China’s regulators are determined to get a handle on the digital economy

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Morgan Stanley says investors should be cautious on Chinese stocks amid tech crackdown

U.S. investment bank Morgan Stanley reiterated its call to downgrade Chinese stocks under the MSCI China index.

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Source: TG Daily – China tightens its control over cybersecurity

JPMorgan: No tangible economic benefits seen in adopting Bitcoin as a legal tender

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JPMorgan & Chase’s Latin American research team published a report titled “The Bitcoinization of El Salvador” Thursday.

JPMorgan says, “It is difficult to see any tangible economic benefits associated with adopting bitcoin as a second form of legal tender.”

El Salvador recently passed legislation making bitcoin legal tender alongside the U.S. dollar. 

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned of “a number of macroeconomic, financial, and legal issues” surrounding the decision to make bitcoin legal tender legal in El Salvador.

The report also adds that adopting bitcoin “may imperil negotiations with the IMF” for El Salvador, stating: “We believe the Bitcoin Law is complicating talks around IMF aid which we continue to believe is necessary to put El Salvadorian debt on a more sustainable footing.”

JPMorgan Lists Bitcoin’s Limitations as a Legal Tender By CoinQuora

JPMorgan Lists Bitcoin’s Limitations as a Legal Tender

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El Salvador Bitcoin move will put pressure on network: JPMorgan

The adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador could put some strain on the Bitcoin network, one JPMorgan expert group warned.

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Steve Hanke warns BTC could ‘completely collapse the economy’ of El Salvador

Economist Steve Hanke thinks that El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption could potentially lead to the collapse of its economy because “all the dollars in El Salvador could be vacuumed up and there’d be no money in the country.”

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Source: TG Daily – JPMorgan: No tangible economic benefits seen in adopting Bitcoin as a legal tender

18 people taking storm selfies killed by a lightning strike in Jaipur India

lightning lightning strike storm

A lightning strike killed 18 people in Jaipur, India, on Sunday.

The victims were snapping selfies at the top of a tourist attraction.

At least another 41 people died in Uttar Pradesh and seven in Madhya Pradesh.

Lightning strikes are not uncommon in India, where they kill at least 2,000 citizens annually.

It’s not the first time that people have died from selfie-induced accidents. The selfie deaths have been reported to have occurred in the U.S., according to CNN iReport.comThe most recent data available showed that at least 259 people worldwide died in selfie-related accidents between 2011 and 2017, including cliffside photo ops and too-close attempts at consorting with wild animals.

Chief ministers in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh have plans to provide compensation for families who have lost loved ones, including compensation for those who have died in the incident.

The Indian Meteorological Department says lightning strikes are thought to be increasing in frequency in the past 30 years, though some believe climate change has contributed to the increase in number of strikes.

Lightning strikes kill 76 people in India; some victims were taking selfies

Emergency teams were checking if any victims had fallen into a deep moat on one side of a historical fort.

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India Today

Rajasthan: Search operation underway in Jaipur’s Amer area after lightning leaves 11 dead  

Lightning claimed 11 lives in Jaipur’s Amer area on Sunday. Around 40 people had gathered at two watch towers around 500 metres from the Amer fort on Sunday evening when the tragedy struck.

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Hindustan Times

Climate crisis reason behind increase in lightning strikes

In 2019, there were 2,876 deaths due to lightning, compared to fewer than 1,500 on an average, annually, between 1968 and 2004.

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Source: TG Daily – 18 people taking storm selfies killed by a lightning strike in Jaipur India

Los Cabos Villa Vacations: Insider’s Guide


Los Cabos is a great choice for a getaway, whether you are looking to completely relax or try other active pursuits. You’ll be amazed by the wide range of Cabo vacation rentals to suit different budgets and preferences. If you are looking for true relaxation and privacy during your holiday, it may be best to book a vacation home instead of booking a hotel room. This insider guide will tell you everything you need to know about Cabo vacation homes and why you should consider renting one.

Where to look

The best Cabo vacation rentals are usually nestled in beautifully breathtaking estates where you can enjoy the soft ocean breeze, picture-perfect sunsets, and quiet moonlit nights from your private terrace or infinity pool. These luxury rental homes provide easy access to the magnificent beaches of Cabo San Lucas where lots of water-based activities await. The thriving nightlife in town is easily within your reach, too.

To ensure exclusivity, search for a vacation rental in the exclusive Pedregal neighborhood. There, you can find holiday villas, which epitomize what luxury is about while offering complete privacy to you and your companions. The prime location is accessible to the hustle and bustle of downtown where you can enjoy the local nightlife, luxurious shopping, fine dining, and an impressive art scene, but it is also secluded enough to ensure a relaxing environment when you simply want to unwind and spend time with your loved ones.

Insider secret: Villa Las Palmas

Those who know Cabo know Villa Las Palmas. This opulent villa in the upscale Pedregal district offers world-class comfort, convenience, and luxury.

Being one of the most sensational Cabo vacation homes available, Villa Las Palmas is equipped with all the amenities you will need for a quiet holiday, a family vacation, or a couple’s getaway. It can also be arranged to accommodate an intimate tropical wedding or any other important milestone event where you want to be surrounded by loved ones.

Beyond the first-class amenities, you can expect world-class service to be provided to you. There will be an on-site guest experience coordinator to offer access to everything Cabo San Lucas has to offer. You don’t have to fuss about daily chores and other tasks around the home while you’re on vacation because there’s a daily maid and butler service.

All guest suites come with satellite television service in English. You have access to fast Wi-Fi. Ceiling fans and air conditioning are available in all rooms, and you can choose to dine indoors or outdoors—there’s even a large kitchen with an island that can seat five. You can also prepare your own meals if you want, as the kitchen is equipped with high-end professional appliances.

Keeping you entertained and amused

Some of the best Cabo vacation rentals give you the opportunity to explore a beautiful courtyard with a custom professionally designed six-hole putting green—and this is certainly the case with Villa Las Palmas.

Practice your swing or simply enjoy the surroundings and the views of lush vegetation, palm trees, and a sophisticated cantera fountain. If you want to keep fit while on holiday, there is a gym and wellness center that is equipped with a universal machine, elliptical, treadmill, yoga area, private bathroom with shower, and a beverage center. You will also be given access to a private community beach.

When you feel like staying in, you can play billiards or spend time in the media room, which has a large flat-screen TV, an assortment of entertainment, and a Blu-Ray player.

More things to do

Villa Las Palmas is tucked away in a serene neighborhood but is close enough to the action so you can spend your holiday however you want. Why not check out the restaurants and high-end shops at Puerto Paraiso Mall? You can also discover the local culture by going to San Jose del Cabo, a quaint town about 20 miles from Cabo San Lucas and near the airport. There, you can discover a traditional town square, an old church, and a unique arts district.

Feel like going on a day trip? You can’t go wrong with Todos Santos, a former sugar mill town with plenty of art galleries and beaches nearby. Your butler can even arrange an ATV tour as an alternative way to discover the landscape. After a day of adventure, you can come home to your very own Cabo vacation home to relax and unwind. Ready to vacation in style? Book Villa Las Palmas today by calling 011 (52) 624 355 3540 or sending a message to

Source: TG Daily – Los Cabos Villa Vacations: Insider’s Guide

The Official Checklist for Buying a Used Truck

The Official Checklist for Buying a Used Truck

Do you want a truck but don’t want to tie yourself to monthly payments? Then it’s time to start looking at used trucks for sale online. There are certainly many financial benefits to buying a used vehicle. You also don’t have to shoulder the costs of depreciation. Best of all, can pay for it outright and never have to worry about amortizations.

The challenge is to find a truck that’s in great condition at the right price. And given the selection of used trucks, that can be a bit overwhelming. Not sure where to start? This checklist will help you make an informed decision and steer clear of low-quality vehicles.

1. Know your ‘whys.’

Before anything else, think about why you need a used truck. Are you buying it for your business? Will it haul something? Will you use it daily? Your answers to these questions can help you narrow down your list of used trucks in Savannah GA and make it easier to find the vehicle that works for you.

2. List down your non-negotiable features.

Once you know how you will use the truck, think about what features you need—and what bells and whistles you really don’t have any use for. Some trucks—particularly higher-end models—might have cooled and heated seats, advanced safety features, and rear backup cameras, all of which might be great if you’re using the truck as a daily driver. But if you are simply using it for hauling and dumping, you might not need to pay for all these fancy additions.

Don’t worry if you can’t find used trucks for sale with all the features you want. You can always add aftermarket accessories to it later on when you have more room in your budget.

3. Determine how much you can spend.

How much are you willing to pay for a used truck? Setting a budget will help you avoid overspending. Prices of used trucks in Savannah GA vary widely and are influenced by the vehicle’s condition, miles, features, make, model, and year. Be sure to consider the costs of upkeep, insurance, and fuel consumption, too.

4. Go over the truck’s history.

Once you have picked a handful of used trucks in Savannah GA, try to find out more about their history. Why is the truck being sold? Ask for its maintenance history and go over its changed oil records. Get to know its accident history, if any, and find out if any parts have to be replaced or repaired. Consider looking up the track record of its engine model because certain types are notorious for having chronic problems.

5. Drive around in it. 

Ask the seller if you can take the truck out for a test drive. This is a good time to do some basic quality inspection so you can determine if it’s a good buy. While inspecting the truck, be sure to check its oil situation—particularly the current oil levels and the oil’s condition. The transmission and engine oil will tell you a lot about the overall condition and health of the used truck. You should also look for any signs of rusting on the exterior and within the structure of the vehicle.

6. Buy from the right source.

When you’re ready to buy used trucks for sale, check out the listings at Savannah Pennysaver. Here, you’ll find a wide range of used trucks in Savannah GA from local sellers who might have a great deal for you. Even if you have a tight budget, you should be able to find a great vehicle that suits your requirements.

Source: TG Daily – The Official Checklist for Buying a Used Truck

Researchers in China propose to deflect asteroids with rockets

spacecraft launched in space

23 Long March 5 rockets could divert an asteroid from its path by nearly 9,000 kilometers.

The probability of an asteroid colliding with Earth is low but one, Bennu, has been targeted for investigation. The chance that Bennu will impact Earth is only 1-in-2700, but that risk is still enough to concern scientists due to the amount of destruction the asteroid could cause.

The Chinese plan would only need a decade’s warning to prepare for the mission.

The United States is planning a similar endeavour called HAMMER (Hypervelocity Asteroid Mitigation Mission for Emergency Response) which would send more material – 400 tonnes of rocket material – to Bennu.

It would also make the trip faster, only taking two years to reach the asteroid.

The U.S. plan is more expensive, and would take longer to prepare, but it would take more time to discover the asteroid, which would take 25 years to prepare. 


Chinese Researchers Want To Stop Armageddon, Blast Asteroids With 20 Rockets!

Chinese researchers want to send more than 20 of China’s largest rockets to practice turning away a sizable asteroid that may stop the armageddon.

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Can rockets and spacecraft change an asteroid’s trajectory?

Chinese researchers want to send more than 20 of their largest rockets to practice deflecting an asteroid from its original path

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NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Goes for Early Stow of Asteroid Sample

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Goes for Early Stow of Asteroid SamplePR NewswireWASHINGTON, Oct. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission is ready to perform an early stow on Tuesday, Oct.

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Source: TG Daily – Researchers in China propose to deflect asteroids with rockets

Israel seizes Hamas’s Cryptocurrency accounts used for online donations to restore its terrorist infrastructure

bitcoins on a multi colored background

A joint operation uncovered a web of electronic wallets used by Hamas to raise funds. Hamas has been waging an online campaign to raise donations for its military wing. Defense minister Benny Gantz ordered security forces to seize the accounts.

Efforts accelerated after the 11-day war in Gaza in May this year.

US justice department said it had seized millions of dollars from cryptocurrency accounts that armed groups, including al-Qaeda and ISIL (ISIS), relied on to finance their organisations and violent plots.

Last year, the department seized about $2m, in addition to more than 300 cryptocurrency accounts, four websites and four Facebook pages related to the schemes.

Israel has waged four major offensives on the besieged Gaza Strip, killing thousands of civilians. The latest one took place in May, killing 260 Palestinians, including at least at least 66 children.

Israel says it is targeting Hamas’s cryptocurrency accounts

Israel says it ‘uncovered a web of electronic wallets’ used by Hamas to raise funds.

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Source: TG Daily – Israel seizes Hamas’s Cryptocurrency accounts used for online donations to restore its terrorist infrastructure