Navalny Urges Supporters to Protest After His Arrest

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Alexei Navalny, Russia’s opposition leader, was arrested at a Moscow airport last Sunday. Authorities has placed him in custody for 30 days for violating the conditions of his parole due to an embezzlement case back in 2014. He called on his supporters to flock the streets in protest after his arrest. Navalny attended legal proceedings on Monday afternoon in a makeshift courtroom where he was being detained, claiming he was not allowed to see his lawyers until before the hearing began. His followers are scheduled to have a nationwide protest on January 23. Navalny, known critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was poisoned by a toxic nerve agent in August last year, allegedly masterminded by high officials within Putin’s circle, to which they deny the claims.

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NPR.Org: Russian authorities had warned that Navalny would be arrested for violating the parole terms of a 2014 conviction in an embezzlement case

Screenshot from NPR.Org

According to NPR.Org, a judge ruled to remand Navalny in custody for 30 days following his return from Germany, where he was recovering from an August poisoning that he blames on Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russian authorities had warned that Navalny would be arrested for violating the parole terms of a 2014 conviction in an embezzlement case, even though the European Court of Human Rights later ruled Russia had denied Navalny a fair trial.

A Moscow court will rule next month on whether Navalny’s suspended sentence of 3.5 years in the embezzlement case will be converted into a prison sentence, his lawyer Vadim Kobzev told the Mediazona website. Navalny’s probation ended on Dec. 30, 2020, when he was still in Germany.

Lavrov accused Western governments of using Navalny’s arrest to distract from problems in their own countries. Lavrov insisted that Russian officials were adhering to the law.

Screenshot from Jake Sullivan's Twitter post

Source: TG Daily – Navalny Urges Supporters to Protest After His Arrest

Infection From New Coronavirus Strain May Surge by March, CDC Warns

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned the public that the new Coronavirus variant, which health experts found to be doubly contagious, may lead to a surge of cases and death in the U.S by March. Although this strain, which was first discovered in the UK, is easily transmittable, there are still no indications on its severity. Public health officials has been more resolute in its safety protocols like mask wearing, social distancing, frequent handwashing and limited to no social interactions and indoor gatherings.

The New York Times: The wrenching surge in cases and deaths that would further burden overwhelmed hospitals

Screenshot from The New York Times

Federal health officials warned on Friday that a far more contagious variant of the coronavirus first identified in Britain could become the dominant source of infection in the United States by March, The New York Times disclosed.

This forecast from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made plain what has been suspected for weeks now: The nation is in an urgent race to vaccinate as many Americans as possible before the variant spreads across the country.

The C.D.C.’s projections could also prove extremely troubling for hospitals and nursing homes, many of which are already operating at or near capacity. Medical centers and nursing homes have faced increasing rates of infection among their staffs, causing shortages and leading to increased patient loads that have at times jeopardized patient care.

Screenshot from Dr. Leana Wen's Twitter

Source: TG Daily – Infection From New Coronavirus Strain May Surge by March, CDC Warns

The Two Most Innovative Notebooks At CES

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CES was pretty amazing this year and, while issues were doing the event remotely, it was quickly the most enjoyable CES I’ve ever attended.  CES is about innovation, and while there were lots of notebook computers showcased at the show this year, the two that caught my attention were the updated HP Elite Folio and the Lenovo X1 Fold.  

Let’s talk about what makes these two notebooks uniquely innovative this week and why I think they not only appeal to very different and diverse users, but they represent the current pinnacle of PC design. 

The ThinkPad X1 Fold

This laptop is the first Foldable PC that has come to market, and it has won a whopping 43 CES awards to date.  With a 13” foldable display, this thing will fold down to easily fit into a woman’s handbag, arguably making it one of the few Laptops with a unique capability that appeals to women.  (We need more woman-focused products in this segment).   Using Intel technology and wrapped by both Intel and Lenovo security, this leather-wrapped offering is straightforward to carry, and it can fold down to an ultra-small form factor for use in tight spaces.  With prices between $2.5K and $3.1K, this laptop isn’t a cheap date, but well-made revolutionary products seldom are because of economies of scale issues.   

One of the most compelling use cases is a book, something I’ve come to love about my Surface Duo phone.  Partially folded, it holds like a book making it far easier to use as a book reader.   Unfolded, the 13” screen, which has a kickstand, can be used to watch movies, and it has a kickstand. You don’t end up holding the thing for everyone else.  

The optional keyboard either nests on the X1 Fold or can be used separately, turning the notebook into a tiny all-in-one that is particularly good for watching videos on a plane.   The laptop is wrapped in leather (black), making it easier to carry by itself, and the lack of crease in the foldable screen is pretty amazing.  It has decent battery life of between 8 and 10 hours and up to 1TB of storage, depending on the configuration.  With an optional 4G/5G modem, you can be connected most anyplace you are.   

Dolby Atmos sound, a four-microphone system, and an IR Camera (for Windows Hell and Zoom backgrounds) make this a decent video conferencing PC.  

The Updated HP Elite Folio

The HP Elite Folio was my instant favorite notebook when it came out in 2019.   It had a built-in 4g WAN, it carried like a portfolio, and it was the first notebook I carried where I felt I could leave my backpack at the office or in the hotel room when traveling.  It was convenient in court, and its cantilevered screen made it ideal for coach seats in airlines back when I was still flying.  

This notebook came the closest to matching how I worked and mostly lived on social media, Outlook, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Word.   Battery life was adequate, but the one thing I hated was the color choice.  It came in brown and burgundy, and I still think the 80s wanted their colors back.  

Well, the new Updated HP Elite Folio is a ton better.  First, it has the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx processor with decent performance and incredible battery life; second, it has a 5G modem now for blinding fast WAN speeds; and third, it comes in black, a modern color for modern times.  

It carries like a portfolio because it is covered with padded leather, just like a portfolio, and it feels good in your hands.  More important, even when your hands are sweaty, it doesn’t appear to get as slippery as plastic does, and the leather does protect it if dropped.  Finally, it has an impressive amount of recycled content (the frame, for instance, is 90% recycled magnesium by weight).  

It comes with HP’s unique privacy feature, Sure View Reflect, which does an excellent job of keeping the nosey person next to you from seeing your stuff.   There is truly only one word for this notebook, and that is AWESOME!

Wrapping Up: 

At CES this year, there were two genuinely innovative notebooks, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 fold (which I’m now testing) and the updated HP Elite Folio.  Both products showcase the cutting edge of laptop design and technology. Both are covered in leather and come in black, and both address a balance of male and female users unusually well.  

This month is still really early for 2021 innovative products, so these two offerings suggest 2021 will be an excellent year for cutting-edge technology, particularly in notebook computers.  It is nice to say goodbye to the horrid 2020 and say hello to what is starting to look like a far better 2021 now if we can just mitigate the damned virus. 

Stay safe out there!

Source: TG Daily – The Two Most Innovative Notebooks At CES

Anthony Munchak Explains the Importance of Corporate Investment Firms and Risk Management for Company Growth

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Having a trusted corporate investment firm is a must when it comes to managing your company’s financial future. An investment firm can help you with everything from risk management to building your ideal portfolio. Your investments are too important to leave to an amateur, and there are many moving parts that may prevent you from managing them on your own.

Anthony Munchak explains what services you should expect from your investment firm and how an investment firm can help your company solidify its future through risk management.

The Functions of an Investment Manager

In order to help you, your investment manager first needs to assess your financial goals. An investment manager needs to know how much money your company can invest, what kind of return you are expecting, and how much liquidity you need. The amount of risk you are willing to take should also be discussed.

Investment managers will present you with potential places to use your company’s money. Investments may range from cash deposits to government bonds. Investing in startup companies may also be an option. If you work with a trusted investment manager, you will be aware of the possibilities available to you. Your manager will calculate the possible risks and returns for you.

Next, your investment manager will spend time with you and design your investment strategies. They will help you match your goals with the risks you want to take and the amount of money you can invest. They will make sure that your portfolio is appropriately diversified to spread the risk across different assets. Strategies used by investment managers may vary based on the client’s requirements.

Judging the Merits of Your Portfolio

One of the primary functions of an investment manager is deciding whether your portfolio needs to be improved. An investment manager may counsel your company to pull out of certain commitments or to invest in a new avenue like private equity. At all times, the investment manager should be focused on creating a healthy return on your company’s investments without exposing you to unnecessary risks.

Companies that put too much emphasis on their portfolios also run the risk of damage during any economic downturns that may occur. It is a better idea to focus on the company’s activities and see where profits can be raised there in addition to the investment portfolio.

Evaluating Your Firm’s Activities

An investment management firm will be able to analyze your firm’s activities and decide which are worthy of your attention. Companies should let go of the mindset that any sort of activity is beneficial. For example, cold calls and email campaigns that go nowhere should be abandoned. An unbiased external view of these activities can often be beneficial.

An investment management firm can also advise your company on any organizational changes that may be necessary to operate more efficiently. If your operations need to be streamlined or certain other organizational moves need to be made, an investment management firm will be able to help.

Risk Management

One of the most important functions of an investment management firm is maintaining a risk management plan. Risk management plans are financially beneficial because they help businesses prepare for problems that are likely to occur. Proper risk management strategies can make a company more attractive to lenders and raise its credit rating.

According to Anthony Munchak, allowing an investment management firm to deal with risk management is a smart move. Risk management plans protect the company’s portfolio and free up managers’ time to deal with other priorities like accomplishing their business goals.

Benefits of Risk Management

Risk management plans can improve the health and resilience of your business. The risk management process can uncover problems with your company’s daily operations, letting you know about concrete moves you can make to put things in order.

When your company undergoes risk management analysis, your business operations will improve to the point where your customers will be happier with your services. Your products may be made more efficiently, leading to fewer delays for your customers. Your organizational structure may be reshaped for maximum efficiency.

Companies are also made more financially stable when they undergo risk management analysis. The process may reveal important changes that need to be made in order to preserve their financial future.

The Role of Charterholders

Hiring a CFA-certified charterholder can be a smart move for your company. Skilled specialists in business investment management firms may become certified as charterholders by the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Institute. Having a charterholder in charge of your company’s dual asset management and risk management strategies is highly beneficial. The CFA certification is difficult to obtain and signifies that the holder has completed a rigorous course of study covering topics like equity investments, financial reporting and analysis, corporate finance, and wealth planning.

CFA charterholders are well-versed in advanced investment analysis. They have the skills to manage a portfolio in the real world. Anthony Munchak recommends that your company contract with a CFA charterholder to manage your interests.

Understanding How a Corporate Investment Firm Can Help Your Business

It is often best to delegate the responsibility for your company’s investments and risk management to a dedicated firm. An external investment management firm can take an impartial look at your company’s activities and make sure that your operations are efficient. The company can examine your investments and decide whether you are appropriately leveraged. They can also make recommendations for investments that your company should make in the future. Anthony Munchak, like other CFA charterholders, is an expert when it comes to asset management and risk management. A CFA charterholder will be able to shepherd your company through difficult times, making sure that your assets are used appropriately and that your level of risk is acceptable.

Written by Ruben Hernandez

Source: TG Daily – Anthony Munchak Explains the Importance of Corporate Investment Firms and Risk Management for Company Growth

WHO visits Wuhan as China Announced First Covid Death After More Than Six Months

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A team of World Health Organization scientists arrived in Wuhan on Thursday, to investigate the origins of the Coronovirus, as Mainland China reported their first case of Covid-19 related death in more than 6 months. The woman, who was from Hebei, a coastal province of China, was found to have pre-existing health conditions resulting to a severe case of the illness. Currently, Shijiazhuang and other parts of Hebei are already under strict lockdown after reports of a rapid increase of the virus. Mass testing and travel restrictions are still being observed.

CNBC: Hebei reported 81 new coronavirus cases for Wednesday, bringing the number of current cases to 463

Screenshot from CNBC

According to CNBC, a woman in Hebei province died Wednesday afternoon, state media reported, noting her illness was a severe case and she had pre-existing health conditions.

The province surrounds Beijing and began to report a rapid increase in coronavirus cases earlier this month. In less than two weeks, authorities have locked down Shijiazhuang and other parts of Hebei province in an effort to keep the disease from spreading.

A team from the World Health Organization arrived in Wuhan Thursday to investigate the origins of the virus alongside Chinese scientists, according to state media.

The Chinese government has pushed back against implications that Covid-19 came from China. After the height of the outbreak in the country early last year, authorities attributed subsequent cases to foreign sources.

Bangkok Post: China had largely brought the virus under control after strict lockdowns, mass testing and travel restrictions, but recent weeks have seen numbers climbing again

Screenshot from Bangkok Post

A team of experts from the World Health Organization arrived in Wuhan on Thursday to start a highly politicised probe into the origins of the coronavirus, as China reported its first death from Covid-19 in eight months, Bangkok Post reports.

More than 20 million people are under lockdown in the north of China and one province has declared an emergency, as Covid-19 numbers climb after several months of the country reporting only a handful of daily cases.

Authorities last week launched a mass testing drive and closed transport links, schools and shops in Hebei’s capital city Shijiazhuang — the epicentre of the latest outbreak.

Source: TG Daily – WHO visits Wuhan as China Announced First Covid Death After More Than Six Months

House Pushes for Trump’s Impeachment After U.S Capitol Riot

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The U.S House of Representatives passes a resolution calling on Vice President Mike Pence to remove Trump from office on Wednesday. This has been the second time the lawmakers have voted for the President’s impeachment following mob riot on the Capitol last week. The final vote was 223 to 205 demanding Pence to use the 25th Amendment. The House warned that they would impeach the President if Pence will not comply.

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The New York Times: The House voted on Tuesday night to formally call on Vice President Mike Pence to use the 25th Amendment to strip President Trump of his powers

Screenshot from The New York Times

The House of Representatives voted, 223 to 205, on Tuesday night to call on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to strip President Trump of his powers for inciting a mob to attack the Capitol, The New York Times reports.

Lawmakers, escorted by armed guards into a heavily fortified Capitol, adopted the nonbinding measure just before midnight largely along party lines.

The final vote was 223 to 205 to implore Mr. Pence to declare Mr. Trump “incapable of executing the duties of his office and to immediately exercise powers as acting president.”

Lawmakers warned they would impeach the president on Wednesday if Mr. Pence did not comply.

Bloomberg: Pence told House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that he wouldn’t comply with the non-binding resolution

Screenshot from Bloomberg

Bloomberg disclosed that the House went ahead with the non-binding resolution, which passed 223-205, even though hours earlier Pence told House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that he wouldn’t comply because he didn’t believe “that such a course of action is in the best interests of our Nation or consistent with our Constitution.”

The assault on the Capitol and Trump’s role have unified Democrats and caused major rifts in the Republican Party. Four Republicans, including GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney, said Tuesday they would vote to impeach Trump. Another group of House Republicans have introduced a resolution of censure against Trump similar to the charges in the article of impeachment.

Source: TG Daily – House Pushes for Trump’s Impeachment After U.S Capitol Riot

Enhance Your Gaming Experience with the Right Laptop

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When it comes to entertainment at home, there are lots of different options available in today’s digital age. Some people spend their spare time streaming movies and TV shows, some enjoy downloading music or using social media in their spare time, and some love to engage in online gaming. For those who are in the latter group, having the right laptop for gaming is vital for many reasons.

Naturally, when you play games online you want the experience to be an exciting and thrilling one. The laptop you use can make all the difference, and there are lots of great gaming laptops you can choose from. In order to ensure you find the right computer for your needs, you do need to put in some research and assess your specific needs. In this article, we will look at some of the ways to find the perfect laptop to enhance your gaming experience.

Making Sure You Find the Right Laptop

If you want to ensure you find the right laptop so you can make the most of your gaming experience, there are some key points you need to consider. Some of these are:

Affordability Factor

Naturally, you need to consider affordability, and you have to remember that some high-spec gaming laptops can come with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, there are plenty of great deals around, and you can also use promotions such as HP promo and coupon codes to help slash the cost of your laptop purchase. By finding ways to reduce the cost of the laptop, you can ensure you get a high specification computer without the high price tag.

Specifications of the Computer

It is important to ensure you check the specs of the system properly before you make your decision. This will help to ensure the laptop is ideal for your needs based on the types of games you play and the other activities you engage in on your laptop. Thinks such as graphics, memory, CPU, and speed will all have an impact on your gaming experience.

Size of the Screen

You should also look at the size of the laptop, as this will clearly have an effect on your gaming enjoyment. Obviously, many gamers are looking for a bigger screen so they can really immerse themselves in the game. However, if you find a great deal on a smaller laptop with great specs, it is well worth considering, as you could invest in a separate monitor to hook up your laptop for a big-screen experience.

Opinions from Others

Before you make your final choice, make sure you look at the opinions of other gamers via online reviews. You can then see what other people thought of the specs and reliability of the computer for gaming purposes, which means you can make a more informed choice.

Once you take all these factors into consideration, you will be better placed to find the ideal gaming laptop for the most exciting experience.           

Source: TG Daily – Enhance Your Gaming Experience with the Right Laptop

What CES 2021 Has to Offer Amidst the Pandemic

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Unlike before where tech geeks gathered in Las Vegas, this year’s annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) went virtually via Zoom due to the pandemic. Unsurprisingly, some of the new products have been inspired by the Covid-19 situation to help consumers power through the new normal. Some of the offers include a smart mask that tracks workouts and the air quality, a sticker button that helps detect Covid-19 symptoms, a portable furry robot that looks like a cat without a head and legs but feels like a real pet, just to name a few. The even will run until January 14, 2021. There are still plenty of gadgets, apps, electric vehicles, smart-home appliances, brain-training headsets, and Alexa-powered workout gear to tell you about

Screenshot from

The WIRED crew shares some products showcased at the CES 2021:

Samsung’s Bot Handy6 has the ability to load dishes into the dishwasher, or pour you a glass of wine.

BioMilq’s lab-grown human milk tailored to your baby. The company collects a woman’s mammary epithelial cells while she’s expecting and cultivates them at their facility. When the cells are ready, they’re stimulated to produce personalized human milk for the infant and sent back to the mother.

MaskFone is making its “official debut” during CES this week, combines a machine-washable fabric mask with an N95 filter, a built-in microphone, and attached earbuds, so you can pop them in as needed and experience clearer-sounding phone calls.

Philip’s Sonicare 9900 Prestige claims to personalize your brushing experience, by sensing your technique and adapting in real time. So if you tend to apply too much pressure, it can automatically adjust the intensity.

The Washington Post: At CES, covid-19 has inspired new products to power extreme digital living

Screenshot from The Washington Post

Here are some of the best, most intriguing and weirdest products of CES 2021 by The Washington Post:

The BioButton, about the size of a silver dollar, sticks to your upper chest with a medical adhesive and uses sensors to continuously track your skin temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, activity level and sleep. It can collect enough data to help identify if you have symptoms of a possible coronavirus infection — even if you don’t notice you’re sick.

The Petit Qoobo is like a cat, without a head or legs or fleas or a soul. A round fuzzy ball with a stubby moving tail, it is a portable-sized robotic companion designed to soothe you.

Gardyn, a plug-in home gardening machine, is designed to let prospective growers cultivate fresh leafy greens indoors with the help of artificial intelligence.

AirPop’s new Active Plus mask comes with a sensor that the company calls Halo. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and monitors everything from breaths per minute to outside air quality to the health of the mask’s filter so it can alert you when it needs replacing.

Source: TG Daily – What CES 2021 Has to Offer Amidst the Pandemic

The Irony Of Google Getting Unionized And How To Prevent The Coming Tech Union Wave

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When I eventually decided what I wanted to do after leaving college, like many of you, I chose a field that I never really explored after graduation.  That field was HR, then called Manpower Management, and much of the focus in one of the classes was on Unions and how to stop them.   Unions tend to sprout when employees and management become disconnected, particularly when there is perceived employee abuse.  One way you keep unions from forming is to monitor employees closely and aggressively move to eliminate the dissatisfaction with management at the core of a successful Unionization effort.  The irony here is that Google knows every user and employee that Union busting efforts from my time would have killed to get. Yet, they showcase that these data collection companies have no real clue how to use the data they collect.   

This situation is similar to a country going to war with the best weapons but failing to train its soldiers to use them effectively.  What makes Google’s Unionization ironic is that its employee compensation and benefits package is considered one of the best industries. Their failure to prevent Unionization is likely driven more by unfavorable perceptions than reality.  The ironic part is that it is likely no company with more Ad power than Google in the world. Ads are how you change perceptions showcasing that Google also doesn’t understand the real power of their primary source of revenue.  

Finally, the tech segment has resisted Unions effectively for decades.  One of the ways it has done this is by effectively preventing Unions from gaining a beachhead.  This effort has successfully spanned decades, yet the firm that failed to prevent Unionization was one of the newer powerful firms, not one of the old ones.  And once a Union has a beachhead, they will leverage it to Unionize other technology firms.  Companies like Cisco have already erected firewalls against this activity. Other Tech firms should consider doing the same because it is very likely to spread once a Union penetrates an industry like a Virus.  

Let’s talk about the right way to prevent Unionization this week.

Why Unions Are Bad

In concept, Unions are a good thing in that they create a balance between employees and management.  Here in the US, they are protected by law, and they are generally born due to bad employee practices resulting in an employee rebellion.   In practice, they often are company killers because they create a separate and non-aligned management structure that is political by nature.  In other words, Union bosses are elected and, if they wish to be reelected, they have to promise to improve employee benefits regardless of how the business is doing.  

Unions, because they are built on political power, tend to favor tenure over performance. They like to protect jobs often regardless of the group or individual’s actual accomplishments, making firing a cause far more difficult (for instance, the Police Union is often shown as the cause for so many misbehaving officers).   My own experiences with Unions haven’t been positive.  From efforts to shut down new technology implementations like smart offices because you use Techs, not Unionized electricians, to lousy faith negotiations that leave employees worse off, to outright taking bribes to keep the Union Bosses from harming the business, I’ve had a surprising amount of Union experience.  

In the first instance, I was in a Union myself working at Disneyland, and part of our contract was we got free lunches.  The Union went in and negotiated a $.05 an hour raise in exchange for dropping the free lunch.  Lunch typically costs around $5 – $10 at that time, or equivalent to 10 – 20 hours of that $.05 increase.  Yep, we got screwed.  A friend of mine used to give his Union Boss boxes of product every time the guy visited in exchange for not riling up the workers all under the table.  The guy would pull up, and the CEO would fill his trunk with the product regularly as part of the cost of doing business.  A few years back, I reviewed one of the most advanced Smart Offices in Canada and was told the project had been significantly delayed because the lights were connected with Ethernet cable and plug and play, and not hardwired.  The local Electrition’s Union took exception and aggressively moved to shut the project down, resulting in delays and cost overruns.   I’ve also seen Unions come in and shot down efforts for small startups to set up their booths, costing those startups critical funds they needed to survive pre-profit.  

Preventing Unionization

Unions are created or move into an industry on a wave of employee dissatisfaction.   Notice I didn’t say employee abuse.  While abuse may be part of the cause, depending on what happened, perceptions drive the effort.   A Union looking to penetrate a company generally fuels dissatisfaction within the employees, and they use that dissatisfaction to drive a favorable employee Union vote.  What generally doesn’t work long term is threats or actions against the employees organizing because that creates more dissatisfaction and can cross over into illegal areas resulting in government sanctions against the firm and even more profound distrust between workers and management.  

Of the companies, I follow Cisco likely has the best Union defense.  They engage with their employees regularly, ask their opinions, report back on what resulted from them, encourage and help employees improve their communities, assist with retraining and employee development, and encourage a healthy work/life balance.  

Besides a pre-existing union that might surround delivery drivers, cafeteria workers, or construction, Cisco should with these practices remain relatively Union free because little a Union could do that Cisco isn’t already doing for their employees.  

In short, the best way to prevent a Union is to treat employees with respect, be aware of and effectively manage employee perceptions (countering with facts and perspective) any attempts to use false information by Union organizers against you, and engage with the employees. Hence, they know they count and will get the credit that they’ve earned.  Finally, recognize what compensation can and can not do.  Compensation doesn’t increase productivity; however, if compensation is perceived unfairly, it can have broad adverse effects that far exceed its value (Herzberg Motivational Theory).  

Wrapping Up:

With Google being Unionized, there is a reasonable chance that Unions will spread to other companies and, I’d expect, Facebook to be towards the top of that list along with Amazon for different reasons.  If one or both companies fall, Unionization will move from a beachhead to gain more solid footing and spread.  

If you aren’t engaging with and have a good handle on whether a critical mass of your employees feel they are being taken advantage of, you’ll likely be toward the top of the Unionization list.  And, if you do Unionize and are a manager, you’ll likely find your job just got a ton harder and eventually experience the unfortunate excitement of a separate and very political management hierarchy.   

Oh, and it should go without saying, but if you face the threat of being Unionized, it reflects on management competence and not in a positive way.  Your best defense is to fix that management shortcoming; otherwise, it will continue to fuel the effort to Unionize your firm, and Unionization goes from if to when.  

Source: TG Daily – The Irony Of Google Getting Unionized And How To Prevent The Coming Tech Union Wave

Browserling Offers Virtual Browsers

laptop mac computer browser research study

Browserling is one of the leading browser cloud platforms that offers virtual browsers for secure and anonymous browsing, as well as browsers for cross-browser testing and checking if your website looks correctly on various systems. It can be used to get a quick secret browser but it’s also used by the world’s most experienced website developers for testing the design, appearance, and functionality of websites they developed. Another popular use case is using Browserling as a URL sandbox service to test suspicious websites. Instead of loading websites on your computer, you can load them in Browserling first to see if they are not harmful. The virtual browsers are always updated to the latest versions and you can choose which operating system the browsers run on. You can get access to different browsers in just 5 seconds as the browsers are already running on Browserling servers.

How does Browserling offer virtual browsers?

It provides all the commonly used and most popular browsers from a cloud environment. These are the virtual online browsers that run on Browserling’s servers and all can be accessed from Browserling’s homepage. The browsers are streamed to your browser and you can access them in a live and interactive way, as if they were installed on your computer. When new browser versions are released, they are installed in the cloud and instantly made available for use.

Browser maintenance

Installing and maintaining your own browser is a lot of work. It’s often hard to even install two versions of the same browser side by side. Browserling takes care of all this maintenance and they install browsers in separate virtual machines. Each virtual machine contains one browser so there are no browser version conflicts. It’s also tedious to run browsers on different operating systems at once. You now need twice as many virtual machines. Browserling also takes care of that as each browser and browser version is installed in all operating systems. What’s more, all virtual machines are running online and there’s no boot time waiting. You can get a browser in 5 seconds or less!

Quick access to browsers

Browserling’s homepage is similar to Google’s homepage as it focuses on the action first and everything else second. When you visit Browserling, you can instantly enter the website that you will be testing without hesitation. After you enter the website, there are 3 more select boxes below the link field. The first is for choosing the operating system (ranging from Windows XP to Windows 10 and from oldest Android KitKat to the most modern Android 11), the next is for the online browser that you need (ranging from Chrome to Internet Explorer to Safari to Edge), and the last option on the right side lets you select a browser version (ranging from 1 to the latest). 

Browserling as a cross-browser testing tool

Browserling can not only be used as a way to get a quick browser but also for serious website development work. If a developer needs to check appearance and design on multiple browsers, then Browserling can be used for this purpose. It’s very popular for this purpose as all browsers are pre-installed and ready to be launched. Developers can perform responsive testing, take screenshots, and run automated tests, such as Selenium tests and Cypress tests.

If the developer sees an issue, they can create a bug report through the Bug Hunter feature that instantly captures the browser as a screenshot and allows quick editing, such as draw lines, boxes, and circles, and add annotations. The bug reports can be sent over email or uploaded via Imgur.

Browserling as a security sandbox

A new use case for Browserling is using it as a security sandbox. As the browsers run on Browserling servers, they are isolated from your network. This allows security testers and information security analysts to load a website in a sandboxed environment to check if it doesn’t contain computer viruses and malware. After the check has been performed, the browser and the virtual machine that runs the browser gets destroyed.

Browserling features

Live interactive sessions:

The virtual browsers are accessible in live and in an interactive way. What this means is you don’t get just a screenshot but full access to a browser as if it was running on your computer.

Real browsers: 

Already covered in this article, the browsers are installed in virtual machines from browser installation packages. The browsers aren’t fake emulators but the same browsers that you run on your devices.


You can easily take screenshots of the browsers as you are using them. You can add annotations and also save them for later. You can clip parts of the browser through a snipping tool.

Responsive browsers:

As different devices have different screen sizes, it’s often important to view a browser at various sizes. You can adjust the resolution of the virtual machine and resize the browser to any size.

Secure and safe browsers:

Also already covered in this article, the connections between Browserling and you are encrypted and you can have secure and safe browsing sessions. After the browser session ends, the browsers along with the browsing history are destroyed, so your browsing is anonymous. There is also no chance for a virus or a trojan to hit your computer as the browsers run outside of your device and network.

Browser extensions for quick browser launching:

For quick access of the virtual browsers, you can use convenient browser extensions. There are Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari extensions available and when you install them, then loading a Browserling browser can be done by a click on the extension icon in your browser’s toolbar.

Browser bookmarks:

This feature allows you to bookmark any site for fast testing. It creates a special bookmark entry that loads and saves the website together with the preferred browser so you can start your favorite browser very quickly by just clicking on a bookmark.


As a web developer, I’m a fan of the virtual browsers that Browserling offers. I no longer have to install browsers and I can get all the browsers in a couple of seconds. Sometimes, I want to see how my website would look like in an older browser version and I can quickly access it, too. There is even Internet Explorer 6 available.

About the Author:

Shanawar Shafiq is a Blogger, Top rated Freelancer & Co-Founder at I’Mr. SEO. He is a content writer for multiple niches like SEO, SMM, SEM, Technology & Web Development etc…

Source: TG Daily – Browserling Offers Virtual Browsers

Hongkong Mass Arrest Denounced by US, UK, Australia and Canada

Global News

Diplomats from the US, UK, Australia and Canada issued a joint statement on Sunday condemning the recent detention of opposition activists in Hongkong. In the statement, these nations call on Hongkong and Chinese key leaders to “respect the legally guaranteed rights and freedoms of the people of Hong Kong without fear of arrest and detention.” Last week, around 55 demonstrators were apprehended for participating in unofficial election primaries for legislative elections in 2020, which according to Hongkong officials, was a violation of the new national security law. Aside from the pro-democracy activists arrested last week were former lawmakers and an American Human Rights lawyer.

New York Post: The US joined Australia, the UK and Canada on Sunday in condemning the recent arrest of dozens of pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong

Screenshot from New York Post

New York Post disclosed that fifty-five people — including American human rights lawyer John Clancey — were rounded up last week for participating in unofficial election primaries for legislative elections, in violation of a Chinese law aimed at tamping down dissent in semi-autonomous Hong Kong.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his counterparts at the three other nations mentioned in a joint letter issued Sunday that “it is clear the National Security Law is being used to eliminate dissent and opposing political views.”

Hong Kong’s government fired back with a statement of its own, defending the application of the law.

Those arrested under the law have not been formally charged, and almost all have been freed without bail.

The Hill: All but three have been released on bail

Screenshot from The Hill

In a similar report from The Hill, it revealed that Hong Kong officials announced about 55 arrests last week, the largest mass arrest since China imposed the new national security edict in 2020. All but three have been released on bail.

Pompeo separately announced this weekend that the U.S. will remove diplomatic restrictions on relation with Taiwan, previously in place as a concession to Beijing, which considers the island Chinese territory.

Western diplomats have called the national security law one of the Chinese government’s most explicit moves to erode Hong Kong’s autonomy since the British government handed over control in 1997 under a “one nation, two systems” rule. It followed protests that lasted for much of 2019 over a since-withdrawn bill that would have allowed the extradition of some suspects to China.

Source: TG Daily – Hongkong Mass Arrest Denounced by US, UK, Australia and Canada

NVIDIA And Mercedes-Benz To Revolutionize Car Dashboards At CES

mercedes-benz emblem auto benz car mercedes

I’ve been waiting for this to happen as I watched car companies like Tesla and Ford seem to mess, and at times competing, over the size of the digital dashes in their latest electric cars.  Ford has been winning up till now.  But Mercedes, working with NVIDIA, decided to move the competition into an entirely different realm at CES next week, and it could change the future of next-generation electric cars.  

Let’s talk about that this week.

The Birth Of The Hyperscreen Dashboard

It is incredible how much cars have changed over the last ten years, at least partially due to Tesla’s influence and success.  With Elon Musk passing Jeff Bezos as the richest man in the world this month, even more attention is likely going to be paid to some of Musk, and Tesla’s innovations are bringing to market.  

But the traditional car companies are no longer standing still.  Ford with the Mustang Mach-E, GM with the new Electric Hummer, Volvo (who just partnered with Baidu) with their Polestar and XC-40, Audi with their e-tron family, and Mercedes with their EQC have all innovated in their unique ways up till now.

But it was only a matter of time till a significant car company decided to truly break out and try something less of a Tesla wanna-be (most of these cars have better fit and finish than Tesla but smaller displays with lower performance and less range) and move to shoot for market leadership.   Granted, Ford with their Mach-e Mustang has a larger display, and Porsche with their Taycan should have better performance at a far higher price, better performance but generally, on spec, Tesla still owns this segment.  

Well, Mercedes, with NVIDIA’s help, has decided to move aggressively to take dash leadership.

The Birth Of The Hyperscreen Dashboard

The new Hyperscreen Dashboard that will be showcased at the Mercedes-Benz event next week at CES is an amazing piece of technology.  It blends AI capability into a display that transforms the entire dash into a digital panel that goes from the driver’s to the passenger’s door.  

It is creating an experience that reminds me of the initial control screens showcased on the Discovery Starship in Star Trek Discovery.  I didn’t even have to read the entire announcement before I started lusting after this new dashboard because it does look like something out of a future starship.

With Norway blazing the trail to our electric future, the realization that these cars deserve more advanced interfaces drives a ton of development. This impressive effort by Mercedes-Benz and NVIDIA is arguably well out in front with cabin design.  Granted, at last, CES Mercedes-Benz arguably had the most advanced electric prototype.  I don’t recall lusting after a car like this that wasn’t in a movie ever before; the thing is off the hook amazing!  And it also showcased where this new Hyperscreen dash is likely to go in the future.

This dashboard is the first “Zero Layer” User Interface, which addresses the UI’s big complaints in many of the existing cars with screens.  You currently have to drill down multiple layers to get to the setting you want, and forums are full of folks asking for assistance in getting simple things done.   With this much screen real estate, you don’t need the layers and should be able to quickly and easily get to the setting you need.  This solution uses a neural interface to prioritize and better present the controls and information you need.   

Wrapping Up:  Not Just A Concept

This fantastic electronic dash will be appearing in the top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz EQS this year, showcasing another best practice.  That best practice introduces features like this in top-line cars so you can genuinely build a fantastic solution without crippling it due to cost constraints and then move the solution down the market as cost efficiencies are developed with volume.   

So far this dash, and seeing the EQS in person are reasons why I wish I could attend CES in person this year, and I’m thrilled they put this in a sedan, not an SUV; otherwise, I’d be tempted to buy this starship on wheels.  It is probably good I wait for a later, more affordable version anyway.  But, regardless, Mercedes-Benz, with NVIDIA’s help, just set a new bar for car interiors; I can hardly wait to see how the other car makers respond.   

Stay safe!  

Source: TG Daily – NVIDIA And Mercedes-Benz To Revolutionize Car Dashboards At CES

7 Ways to Use the Cloud in Your Business

storage cloud database sync upload data download

Cloud computing provides internet-based support available anytime, anywhere, and with any device: computer, tablet, smartphone, or something else entirely. 

The versatility and accessibility of the cloud makes it a crucial aspect of modern business. As COVID-19 forces companies to adopt new ways of remote work, the cloud is there to facilitate this transition.

The cloud has helped thousands of businesses operate remotely: Sales staff, outside technicians and even office staff can now work from home without a hitch. If you’ve used it to help keep your business alive, it’s time to learn how you can use it to make it grow. Here are a few places to start.

1. Remote Call Centers

No office setup seems more distant now than the call center: workers shoulder-to-shoulder, dealing with customer inquiries the same way workers did 50 years ago. Contact Center as a Service, or CCaaS, has quickly earned its place as the new “must have” of customer engagement technology. 

CCaaS platforms use artificial intelligence to ensure that telephone customers are routed to customer service representatives with as little delay as possible. Misdirected calls are reduced, managers can oversee call center workers without being on-site, and the entire process becomes more efficient. Because the heart of CCaaS platforms is cloud-based, updates come frequently and require minimal input on your part.

2. Storage Solutions

Cloud storage is one of the technology’s most valuable uses. The most common storage solutions are built as a public cloud, an off-site service where multiple users share infrastructure space. Dropbox and Google Drive are examples of a public cloud. Server hosts provide encryption to protect your private information.

Alternatively, companies can opt for a fully private cloud, where they house and maintain the servers, other hardware, and software. Developing and operating private clouds are expensive endeavors, but the payoff of complete data security is worth the price of admission for plenty of businesses. 

Some options are hybrid models, a blend of public and private storage solutions. This option uses internal servers for information with critical security needs, like client data and proprietary information. A third-party vendor provides storage for less essential information needs. 

Though cloud security can cost a pretty penny, companies that use cloud-based services often save on server maintenance expenses, including payroll costs associated with internal IT staff. 

3. Data Backup

What happens to your information if a natural disaster strikes or if the server you store data on burns out? Catastrophic losses like this occur every year, yet few businesses are prepared to deal with them.

Using cloud services to backup data means that information can be restored if an emergency destroys your work center. Many companies that offer data backup also maintain the information on multiple servers. This redundancy means that service providers have a secondary backup in case one facility fails, keeping the odds of data loss as low as possible.  

4. Disaster Recovery

Companies may be struggling with the data backup aspect of disaster mitigation, but they’re not doing well with the other elements either: One survey found that 73% of worldwide companies failed a disaster readiness review. 

Moving your CRM, CCaaS, and financial platforms to the cloud can ensure that your company can stay up and running should a disaster strike. Customer service can continue. Companies can maintain email, marketing plans, collaboration and productivity tools in the cloud as well. A cloud-based technology ecosystem prevents externalities from causing irreparable harm to your operations. 

5. Collaboration

Because cloud-based software is universally accessible, this makes it possible for a company to have global operations without investing in brick-and-mortar infrastructure across continents. Anything you could once do in the office can now be done from thousands of miles away, opening up new possibilities for collaboration.

Instant messaging and project management software based in the cloud both enhance communication, information sharing, and teamwork. These tools also open new opportunities for a broader, more diverse workforce. Cloud operations empower companies to find more qualified employees and shake up their way of doing things as well.

6. Scalability

Startups grow and develop increased infrastructure needs, but no early-stages startup can afford to buy the servers and hardware they think they may need later on. Companies need digital power that they can scale up or down as they need without incurring prohibitive costs.

Cloud computing is the “new utility” for businesses. Pay-as-you-go models make it possible for companies to buy as much cloud processing power as required. Industries with heavy data and large media files can buy more space than those with more basic requirements. When their needs change, they can work with other providers to buy more bandwidth. On the flip side, companies that are downsizing can return server space and reduce costs. 

7. Testing New Applications

Testing is a necessary part of any company’s operations, and the risks of doing so need to be kept to an absolute minimum. Using cloud software, IT staff can beta-test software in a limited way to work out the bugs without risking essential processes. 

This safe testing area is critical not only for technology developers but also for companies changing software or upgrading to new systems. Businesses can review information security processes before the new system is launched companywide. 

If cloud computing hasn’t transformed your company yet, 2021 can be the year it finally does. By moving your business online, you’re preparing it for the future and optimizing its present as well. 

Source: TG Daily – 7 Ways to Use the Cloud in Your Business

Facebook and Instagram Bans Trump Until End of Term

Global News

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Thursday that it has blocked President Trump’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely in the aftermath of the recent mob riot by alleged Trump supporters at the U.S Capitol. The ban may last until the end of his Presidential term or until a “peaceful transition of power is complete.” Many have voiced concerns about Trump’s misuse of various social media platforms that incites violence and discord. Twitter has also frozen his account for 12 hours on Wednesday and may permanently suspend it if he continues to violate Twitter guidelines.

player icon

CBS News:  Zuckerberg said, Mr. Trump used the platform to “incite violent insurrection against a democratically elected government.”

Screenshot from CBS News

According to CBS News, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Thursday that President Trump will no longer be able to use his official Facebook and Instagram accounts after the social media giant indefinitely banned him following the violent protests at the U.S. Capitol, at least through the end of his presidential term.

“The shocking events of the last 24 hours clearly demonstrate that President Donald Trump intends to use his remaining time in office to undermine the peaceful and lawful transition of power to his elected successor, Joe Biden,” Zuckerberg said.

Twitter on Wednesday froze the president’s account for 12 hours and required him to take down tweets that repeated false claims about the election. The company said if Mr. Trump continues to violate Twitter rules he could be permanently suspended. 

Source: TG Daily – Facebook and Instagram Bans Trump Until End of Term

Magento – Developer Portal

ecommerce online shopping marketing technology

Our development company has been supporting and building e-commerce stores on Magento for over 10 years. From 2010 to the present day, our agency helped to develop Magento stores for 1000 clients, using advanced approaches and technologies. Qualified employees of the company develop high-performing and reliable online stores.

Magento Features and Advantages

Magento is one of the most popular and modern eCommerce systems. Open-source status and eCommerce-oriented features have become a distinctive advantages of the platform. In order to make Magento as convenient as possible for buyers and administrators, Magento equipped the platform with robust features. 

Due to the enormous functionality and a large selection of available tools, the system is in demand among advanced specialists who are working on creating online stores. Right now, Magento is a part of the Adobe company. Adobe is putting a lot of effort into developing this system. What is more, Magento cooperates with global brands such as Lenovo, Samsung, Olympus, etc.

By opting for CMS Magento, you will not only get a stable and user-friendly website, but also a bright design along with useful plugins. Magento platform is great for online stores of any capacity – from small stores to enterprise one with thousands of products with multiple attributes.

The unique flexibility of the Magento system allows not only making a large number of small settings but also diversifying the system, which forms an individual image for online stores that strive to be recognizable and unique.

Another advantage of the platform is the simplicity of the administration panel. In order to add, delete or edit the content posted on the website, you do not need third-party developers, because these functions can be easily mastered and can be performed by any of the employees of the online store. 

The best choice is to create websites on Magento.

Our development company has been specializing in the magento development of websites for many years. Extensive experience combined with the professionalism of the staff allows us to guarantee high results in all services provided, namely:

  • Magento 2 development;
  • Migration to Magento 2;
  • Magento 2 PWA development;
  • Magento web design;
  • Magento support;
  • Magento optimization;
  • Magento security audit.

Real results are much more important than words, so here are some statistics. We have been successfully operating for ten years. During this period, more than 1000 projects have been completed. Clients are satisfied with the work done and recommend the Magento developers for cooperation. Regardless of the specifics, the launched online stores show high conversion rate, provide smooth user experience and meet the needs of both customers and business owners. 

Source: TG Daily – Magento – Developer Portal

Loss of Taste and Smell May Have a Long Term Impact on Covid-19 Survivors’ Life

Global News

The most prevalent indication that a person is infected by the deadly Coronavirus is the loss of taste and smell. Clinical reports show that patients regain their sense of taste and smell after they recover, but for some, the loss continues and may be permanent. According to a Neurobiology professor at Harvard Medical School, losing the sense of taste and smell can have an extensive impact on a Covid-19 survivor’s quality of life that may lead to nutritional deficit, anxiety and depression, among others. In a recent study done on some patients in Germany discovered that “smell training” or sniffing essential oils such as lavander, eucalyptus, cinnamon and chocolate may be helpful in bringing back the olfactory senses.

Jerusalem Post: Potential immediate loss of the senses of smell and taste, patients have also been reporting symptoms of drastic changes to their perceptions of flavors and to their overall appetite, leading to fears of nutritional deficits

Screenshot from Jerusalem Post

According to Jerusalem Post’s report, as worldwide coronavirus cases top 85 million, the report features some experts who fear that the pandemic may leave huge numbers of people with a permanent loss of smell and taste.

Some COVID-19 survivors are tormented by phantom odors that are unpleasant and often noxious, like the smells of burning plastic, ammonia or feces, a distortion called parosmia.

Last month, a research team in Barcelona found that in addition to the loss of senses, many coronavirus patients reportedly experienced severe nasal irritation and dryness in conjunction with the beginning of their sensory loss, which lasted for around 12 days.

Dayton 247 Now: Some COVID-19 survivors who overcame the virus say their senses aren’t the same as they were before

Screenshot from

Dayton 247 Now shares about Mari Levinson, a health worker who lost her sense of smell and taste after she was diagnosed with Covid-19 in early June. While she survived COVID-19, some effects of the virus haven’t gone away.

“Right after Thanksgiving, anything with onion or garlic or savory it just smells like a chemical, like putrid chemicals. There’s no way else to describe it,” Levinson said.

“I’ve had to learn to live with it, but there are days it really upsets you. Food that I don’t like, I now eat because I have to find things I like again,” Levinson explained.

Source: TG Daily – Loss of Taste and Smell May Have a Long Term Impact on Covid-19 Survivors’ Life

How to Choose the Best Virtual Phone System for Your Small Business

office work iphone communication mobile

Online call systems are increasingly being used for the benefit of companies. There are many advantages of online networks like Zorra compared to traditional telephones such as more economical costs, no large-sized hardware requirements, and ease of use. 

The success of a corporation can be determined by its communication, both internally and externally. This is why entrepreneurs need to invest in an online call arrangement. However, it is not uncommon that small enterprise owners are having difficulty determining what factors need to be considered in order to be able to determine the best virtual phone system for small business. Here are some tips to help choose a virtual phone system for small business. 


One of the most important factors is rate. Traditional networks cost much more than virtual VoIP phone systems. By comparison, research shows companies can save up to 50% of expenses on communication posts by going online.

From one service to another, of course there will be a number of price differences. Entrepreneurs need to consider the expense of a telephone plan and what they get with this amount. Select the supplier who can adjust all your needs at a relatively low-cost price. 


Another aspect to also be considered is the variety of features offered from each arrangement. Plenty of aspects are very useful to small and large corporations. At this stage, you should be able to find out what components your organization requires right now and in the future. Make a list of features beneficial to your company. 

Don’t forget to also consider a number of benefits such as call forward & recording, customized voicemail, and extension. There are also additional tools like web conference and instant messaging.


The reliability of a telephone arrangement is also important in order to maintain business continuity. If it is unable to offer consistent communication to both customers and clients, the company may find it difficult to compete against competitors. Thus, when choosing the best free virtual phone number provider you should consider the credibility of the provider, from their virtual phone system reviews for instance.

Our online telephone service has become the best solution for our clients. With complete features, competitive prices, and responsive customer service, maximize your opportunities with us. We are always glad to cooperate with you.

Source: TG Daily – How to Choose the Best Virtual Phone System for Your Small Business

A rising star of DeFi : Whale Network


DeFi (decentralization finance) heat lasted a whole year. DeFi locked value rose from $2 billion in July to $11 billion in October. Throughout July and August, a number of DeFi Token appreciate more than 5-10 times. Its projects are popular. And this summer, NFT markets have also seen explosive growth. Trading volume soared 57%, bringing the market value of the industry to about $100 million. Investors involved in DeFi became profitable. Now, Developers are feverishly designing platforms that use NFT in innovative and surprising ways. A number of project parties and investors have turned their attention to“DeFi+NFT”, and this combination gives NFT more opportunities.

The new agreement in the art market allows you to divide the NFT into thousands and then regroup; the game platform sells land for a decentralized virtual world; and the loan agreement accepts NFT as collateral. 

Whale Network NFT casting system 

The full name of the NFT is Non-Fungible Token, meaning “non-homogeneous token”, which means that each token of this kind is unique and the price is different. Whale Network is committed to providing users with an open, equitable and interconnected decentralized financial ecosystem. In the project 1.0 plan, the Whale Network provides users with a variety of decentralized financial services from asset exchange to the implementation of automatic trading strategies to the creation of stable coins. Development Whale Network further improve its services by allowing users to mortgage real-world assets as collateral and borrow from them. To achieve this ideal, Whale Network 2.0 program, the NFT casting system, was born.

Physical assets NFT is a very promising industry, because the market space of physical assets themselves is already very large, and through the Whale Network NFT system, the ownership of property is now represented by the ownership of tokens. Transaction costs have now been reduced to the gas fee required to send NFT only to another address. 

But the most critical problem of physical assets is the need for credible third parties to issue and accept NFT. To link NFT market trends, Whale Network will create a sound physical chain mortgage ecology through the DAO governance mechanism. Whale Network will start the first step of physical mortgage through cooperation with offline third-party trusteeship institutions and property management institutions to realize the chain mortgage of all things. Through the Whale Network NFT system, the regional restriction of real estate investment will be broken based on block chain technology, and the ownership of assets will be represented by token ownership, which will reduce the transaction cost. 

Whale Network, as a pioneer practitioner of NFT chain, is steadily advancing the NFT casting system so that users can easily place real-world assets as collateral, borrow and mine, and lead the exploration of business innovation and application scenarios in the NFT industry. Whale Network believe that NFT will be the next step in DeFi development, more real-world assets on the chain, let more users benefit, is the mission and vision of Whale Network. Future Whale Network will have more development! 

At present, the DeFi market is still in the early stage, the opportunity is huge. DeFi sector currently has more than $8.6 billion in locked assets, and the overall encrypted asset market value is about $350 billion, but it is still very small relative to CeFi. The GDP generated by the centralized financial system is very large. For example, the average 4.5% of the $20 trillion GDP, in the United States is generated by the financial industry, the traditional financial markets are millions of dollars, and the assets of the whole encryption field are less than 0.1% of its size. 

“The GDP generated by these centralized financial services will be DeFi replaced in the future, including the chain of physical assets brought by NFT, and the opportunities for future development will be enormous, and Whale Network are trying to achieve it .” — said Thomas Kuhn, co-founder of Whale Network.

Recently, Whale Network’s Whale Token is about to launch an initial public offering on Uniswapex. Whale platform coin (WT) is the Whale network proof token that has a variety of use scenarios. As the Whale Network delegate share of consensus rights, holders of the WT will directly participate in the consensus proxy vote. First, users can pledge WT and get a series of stable coins such as WUSD. As the platform’s value exchange medium, WT can be used to pay for the consumption of resources within the community, the functions of the exchange platform, the consumption and the circulation of digital assets, and consumption and resource exchange of Whale ecology (e.g. GAS needed to use Whale-NFT). In addition, WT will be rated as a Whale crowdfunding platform, decision voting, exchange recommended items on the currency rights and other governance tokens. At the Whale strategic exchange, WT can be used as exchange platform currency, In addition, WT tokens can also be used for decentralized multi-scene market forecasting used to build markets, transactions, report and liquidation.

Uniswapex, founded in 2018, is an innovative global digital asset exchange with a legal financial license supervised and issued by the Financial Crime Enforcement Agency of the of the United States Treasury Department. Business scope covers digital asset transactions and digital asset management and other aspects.

Source: TG Daily – A rising star of DeFi : Whale Network

2020 And Bob Swan’s Impressive Year At Intel

chip computer chip background wallpaper microchip

When Bob Swan, Intel’s CEO, took over the company from Brian Krzanich, it looked like he had inherited a train wreck.  But he appeared to hit the ground running since he had been CFO and knew where all the bodies were buried.   He had to rebuild the company that had been ravaged by ill-advised layoffs, a lack of focus on Intel’s core business, and what had been a lengthy process of alienating Intel’s largest customers.  Frankly, had I been him, I’d have said no thanks and run for the hills.  But Bob rolled up his sleeves and drove into the problems making impressive changes and progress over the last 12 months. Let’s use this closeout week to go over some of what he accomplished.

Refocusing Intel

Intel’s Strategy was in the dumpster when Bob took over, allowing him to reform the firm around a different concept.  That concept was the XPU, a massive shift from Intel’s historic but languishing CPU strategy.  More similar to how Qualcomm approaches the Smartphone and Tablet markets, the XPU is more of a complete solution than just a collection of parts.  This solution consisted of a multi-architectural solution containing large and small core CPUs, their new Xe GPU, Altera FPGA, Habana AI accelerators, and other internal and acquired technologies.  Intel stepped sharply out of their CPU comfort zone into something that looks more like Qualcomm’s successful Snapdragon strategy.   

While Intel’s initial camera focused approach to autonomous driving seemed to be a knee jerk reaction to NVIDIA’s success in the same space, under Swan, Intel fleshed out the solution into something far more compelling.  By moving from parts to platforms, under Bob, Intel created a viable alternative with unique advantages in the emerging Self Driving car segment.  Intel reported they are currently ranked #1 in the emerging advanced driver assistance market in 2020.  

While there is some speculation that Intel may exit manufacturing, something I think is less likely given the fulfillment problems tied to the Pandemic.  These problems forced many companies to rethink outsourcing manufacturing, particularly outside their country of origin.  Under Bob, Intel has made several improvements.   These improvements include better tools and improved foundries, and disaggregated design principles that more efficiently lead to workloads that are optimized for cost and assure promised milestones are met.   

These changes have helped Intel grow revenue by $20B since 2015 while improving the firm’s diversity at the same time.  

Overcoming Adversity To Drive Growth

The changes Bob has made weren’t easy.  For instance, under his leadership, Intel divested their 5G Smartphone modem and NAND businesses.  But he didn’t just divest. He also acquired Habana, Moovit, and Bearfoot Network to complete his vision for Intel’s future.  Intel remained the largest semiconductor manufacturer globally in 2020, primarily due to nearly doubling its manufacturing capacity over the last three years. Intel’s advancements enhanced this improvement in Superfin, the largest single intranode improvement in Intel’s history (Tiger Lake).  

Intel also streamlined product roadmaps under Bob’s leadership and reached a better than 90% on-time delivery rate to customers despite the Pandemic shutdowns.  This improvement is critical in a market currently plagued by product shortages and supply chain problems resulting from the global Pandemic.    

These changes helped Intel grow significantly in new markets.  For instance, when Intel was mostly in inference, AI grew to $3,8B in 2019, and the firm moved into training more aggressively in 2020.   On top of all of this, Bob also drove rigor into Intel’s operations with improved transparency and accountability and weekly checkpoints to assure milestones and overcome one of Intel’s historical problems of missing critical expectations.  

Wrapping Up:

Coming in after someone else made a mess is problematic for a new CEO.  Fortunately, as CFO, Bob Swan would have had an excellent idea where he needed to focus and stepped up to the challenge.  As a result, Intel leaves 2020, despite the Pandemic, in better shape than the firm entered the year and better positioned for the future.  If Bob and his team can keep up the pace, Intel should have a healthy 2021 as well.  Intel is a critical national asset, and assuring its future isn’t just beneficial to Intel customers, employees, and investors. It is critical to the future of the country.  Fortunately, it is in good hands.  In a year defined by bad news, I thought that pointing out some good news at the end of the year was appropriate.  

Here is hoping you all have a safe and prosperous new year!

Source: TG Daily – 2020 And Bob Swan’s Impressive Year At Intel

9 Signs You Need a Website Redesign

Website Redesign

Your website should offer excellent user experience to boost traffic and captivate visitors. However, several issues could make your website fall short of its mark.

How long has it been since your last redesign? If you don’t have an answer, you need to put a redesign on your agenda. Websites should be dynamic and adapt to your business needs and audience.

If you have been overlooking the signs, pay attention now. A majority of people search online for your business before making a purchase. A visitor forms an opinion of your business in a matter of seconds.

Customers leave your page if it doesn’t display your services or takes too long to load. The same goes for cumbersome pages hard to navigate.

Your online presence is the pulse of your business. The perfect site has three qualities:

  • It is easy to locate
  • It offers easy navigation
  • It is engaging

If your website is missing these qualities, schedule a redesign posthaste.

Are you uncertain about getting your website redesigned? You are in the right place.

What are the Signs that You Need a Website Redesign?

1. An Outdated Display

With a website, first impressions are crucial. The visual appeal of your website affects the time people spend on your pages.

An outdated display shows unawareness of current trends. You can’t project your business as the best choice in your field when your website says otherwise.

Your website needs updates to display content that is new, engaging and easy to understand.

2. A Text-Heavy Website

You need a redesign if text outnumbers illustrations, graphics, or icons. A text-heavy site is hard on the eyes and overwhelming. Your message isn’t precise and is left unread because of excess text.

A text-heavy site prevents visitors from locating your call-to-action buttons. The action you need from visitors could take too long to complete. They could even leave your website out of frustration.

3. Your Website is Hard to Navigate

Several pages on your site must be easy to locate. The About Us section falls into this category. It provides information on your products and services and offers a contact choice for inquiries and complaints.

If these vital pages are hard to find, your site needs redesigning.

Visitors want to find products and services without stress. If they cannot find the service, product or page, your competitors could enjoy your negligence. Visitors will return to the search page and select another choice.

Google will have issues placing your site if it’s hard to navigate. It uses the arrangement of information on pages to decide how it matches the website’s purpose. Google’s ability to find your website affects its addition to search query results.

4. Poor User Experience

You can have an impressive home page, but ruin it with added pages that don’t match. It creates an enormous design gap. Your viewers get confused and think they have switched sites. 

A consistent look and functionality need to cover your website. 

Poor user experience increases your site’s bounce rates. If viewers are not staying long enough to study your brand, you need to tweak a few design elements.

5.  Content Doesn’t Match Your Mission or Marketing Targets

Changes in your organisation’s marketing goals, services, or mission should show on your website. Your website must display consistency, from getting your domain name to page content.

Your viewers need to know you can resolve their issues. They can’t know that if they can’t find your services. Make sure viewers can see the services you offer before leaving your page.

6. Content Updates are Difficult

If you face issues with your back-end system when adding new content, you need a redesign. Difficulty in adding new copies, pictures, or pages, makes it impossible to satisfy your audience needs.

You should be capable of changing your website. Whether that means editing a blog post, joining or removing products or revising your terms and services.

7. Slow Loading Speed

Slow loading speed affects user experience. Slow websites have low conversion rates. It can result from several issues such as not compressing image sizes or programming code. Regardless of the cause, websites with slow loading speed need attention.

If you are unsure of your website’s loading speed, check it with Google’s Test My Site. If the results are poor, consider a simpler, more streamlined design.

8. Low Search Engine Rankings

When people are searching for a particular product or service, they rely on Google to help them find it. In your domain, aim to rank among the first results on the search list. Many viewers don’t click the second page of results. They have either found what they want or need to refine their search parameters.

Your rankings decide your need for a website redesign. Developers often stick a batch of keywords into a website to improve Google ranking. Google has since caught on and penalized those websites.

Google favours reasonable content that relates to a users’ search query. If your URL structures get damaged or don’t communicate your message, your page won’t rank in the top results.

9. Your Website isn’t Responsive on Mobile Devices

The mobile-responsive feature isn’t a choice for websites, it’s a necessity. Despite that, several sites aren’t active or performing well on mobile devices.

The user experiences on these sites will be poor. Viewers visiting the websites on mobile devices won’t be sticking around for long.

Key Takeaway

If any point listed above applies to your conditions, change your website design. Redesigning your website is a huge undertaking. You must take several steps before starting the redesign.

Test your website’s shortcomings. How are the shortcomings affecting user experience? What is missing? Is there room for improvement?

You may not have the answers to everything, but still, assess your online presence. You take a step closer to reaching your business goals.

Written by: Scott Weathers

Source: TG Daily – 9 Signs You Need a Website Redesign