We're Still Waiting On The Dishwasher Utopia

We're Still Waiting On The Dishwasher Utopia

Today, roughly 75 percent of American households have a dishwasher. But this wonder of modern kitchen science still lags well behind refrigerators and microwaves — which are both over 95 percent. The automatic dishwasher was the high-tech promise of the 1920s. And the 1950s. And the 1970s. So why has the dishwasher taken so long to become mainstream?

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Source: Gizmodo – We’re Still Waiting On The Dishwasher Utopia

Monster 1.1.1 Released


Well the version 1.0.11 kept throwing up last night so this was a forced upgrade.

Unfortunately something was changed from versions 1.0.x to 1.1.x where the world does not play nice when trying to convert/upgrade. So it was an unexpected end to the world 🙁

This time I am not going to enable extra mods so hopefully game will run smoother with the default settings.

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Ubuntu – How low can you go?


I’m glad I gave up on Ubuntu back in 2011 when they started removing popular programs (pidgin, gimp) to promote their own, then they started the unity crap…

Well now they are announcing they will make it so that giving your search data to Amazon is “opt-in”… how about you shouldn’t have been doing that to begin with?

Ubuntu To Make Amazon Product Results ‘Opt-In’