In Some States It’s Illegal to Give Someone a Ride to the Airport



Another dictatorship! San Francisco Airport, Chicago, New York etc are giving fines and citations to people that use the rideshare program to give someone a ride to the airport. Programs like this allow people that otherwise would be unemployed to make a buck or two here and there. Makes it cheaper to the people that uses those services. So what do big companies and government do? Fine them and charge them with trespassing!

Rideshare drivers given citizen arrest by SF International Airport officials

Moneysaver: The Stick of Truth, Skullgirls, Skyrim Legendary, X Zone

Moneysaver, we make the sales come through. Moneysaver, we’ll bring them right to you. When your world looks kind of pricey and you wish that you weren’t there, just open your eyes and read this post and you can save everywhere.

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Source: Kotaku – Moneysaver: The Stick of Truth, Skullgirls, Skyrim Legendary, X Zone

It’s still a trailer park!


It’s a trailer park no reason to call it something else and if people are happy living in it so be it. There is also nothing wrong with living in the outskirts of the city if you can ride your bike 20 miles a day and can self sustain your family or self while minimizing damage to nature. But I can understand that some sheeple prefer to stay in a pack even if it means living like sardines in a can.

New “Tiny House” Hotel in Northeast Portland (via Treehugger)

You Wouldn’t Translate a Car…


Good article, here is my favorite part:

 “When ordinary people are told that there aren’t police resources to investigate who raped them, who stole their car, and who broke into their home, and get the investigations closed in 15 minutes (which was the case with a rape investigation recently) – but there are police resources to conduct raids against fan-made creations from the common folk, just because the wealthiest feel like it (there’s not even a credible threat to base the raid on) — that’s a recipe for more than growing discontent. That’s a recipe for an uprising, in one form or another.”

Movie Subtitle Fansite Raided by Copyright Industry and Police (via Slashdot)