Pokemon Grandpa's insane 64 phone 'Pokemon Go' rig


When we last wrote about Pokemon Grandpa in 2019, his bike rig was a measly 30 phones. And before that in 2018 it was a pathetic 9 phones. Well now the Taiwanese fengshui master Chen San-yuan has upped his Pokemon Go rig to an insane 64 phones. I’m honestly not sure how many more phones he can physically add to his rig, but I’m pretty sure by this time next here he’ll qualify as his own telecommunications company. And at this point he must have already caught them all, right? He must have already caught anything that can be caught, Pokemon or not. And by that I mean radiation poisoning. With that many phones he’s definitely caught that.

Keep going for more shots of the impressively unsafe Pokemon Go rig.

Source: Geekologie – Pokemon Grandpa’s insane 64 phone ‘Pokemon Go’ rig

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