Tabletop Gaming Dice Set With Bloody Teeth Inside


This is a set of custom tabletop gaming dice created by Monstrous Incantations as a commission. I also included shots of the eyeball and skull dice she also made. Obviously, the dice aren’t perfectly weighted on account of the things inside, but if you’re interested in some pre-made dice or a custom commission you can visit the Monstrous Incantations shop HERE, although the website says commissions are currently on hold, presumably because so many people want them. Obviously, I want a set with REAL teeth inside, so friends coming over for some Dungeons & Dragons action how seriously I take it. Your character dies, you lose a tooth, house rules. “But–” Haha, no….no butt stuff until after the game is over, we need to focus.

Keep going for a shot of the other sets.

Source: Geekologie – Tabletop Gaming Dice Set With Bloody Teeth Inside

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