All Aboard!: The Taco Train Taco Holder


This is the Taco Train Taco Holder created by Fyve and available on Amazon. A train engine and cargo car combo will set you back $17, with additional cargo cars available for $11 apiece. Each engine has space for two tacos, and each cargo car three tacos, and two compartments for chips and salsa/guacamole/cheese/whatever. Plus, contrary to what I expected, they’re actually dishwasher safe. *immediately slams four tacos with ultra-hot sauce, picks up intercom* Attention all passengers: this is the Express Train to Diarrheatown, we’ll be making emergency stops at every public restroom between here and my home. Expect delays, and remind me to stay hydrated.

Keep going for a couple more shots including a family having a picnic and imagining the Taco Train that was Photoshopped into the image later is actually there.

Source: Geekologie – All Aboard!: The Taco Train Taco Holder

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