Elisabeth Moss gets the gaslighting treatment in Invisible Man trailer

Elizabeth Moss plays a woman who thinks her abusive ex-lover has risen from the dead to haunt her in The Invisible Man.

A young woman believes she is being tormented by the ghost of her abusive ex-boyfriend, only to discover something far worse in The Invisible Man, Universal Pictures’ rebooted adaptation of the classic science fiction novel by H.G. Wells. Judging by the trailer, it deviates considerably from the source material in some interesting ways to bring Wells’ tale into the 21st century.

(Spoilers for the 1897 novel and 1933 film below.)

First serialized, then published as a book in 1897, the novel tells the story of a scientist named Griffin whose research into optics leads him to invent a means of turning himself invisible by chemically altering his body’s refractive index to match that of air. Wells cited Plato’s Republic as one of his influences, notably a legend involving a magic ring that renders a man invisible, which Plato used to explore whether a man would behave morally if there were no repercussions for bad behavior.┬áThe novel opens with Griffin taking a room at a village inn, clad in long coat, hat, and gloves and his face swathed in bandages. He mostly keeps to himself, performing chemistry experiments in his room, but eventually his landlady discovers that he is invisible beneath the heavy clothing.

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Source: Ars Technica – Elisabeth Moss gets the gaslighting treatment in Invisible Man trailer

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