A Sneak Peek at SEGA's Cancelled Shenmue HD Remaster

The crew at Digital Foundry was sent a work-in-progress video of an early HD remake of the cult classic game Shenmue. It seems that SEGA had commissioned UK developer d3t initially to create a complete remaster of the game with better environment maps, crisper textures, and HD graphics; but due to unknown reasons it was cancelled. The Shenmue I & II game that we got on Steam uses the old AM2 assets. Here is a look at what could have been. Maybe one day we will get this version?

Well, the details are murky but as we understand it, this more in-depth remaster/remake was in development for quite some time before the plug was pulled due to budget constraints and development delays – and perhaps owing to concerns with the nature of some of the changes being made. We only have a rough idea of what happened and we can’t presume to understand all of the business reasons behind Sega’s change in direction, but the bottom line is that in common with other unfinished and cancelled projects, the work-in-progress video we received adds a further dimension to the history of one of gaming’s most celebrated franchises.


Source: [H]ardOCP – A Sneak Peek at SEGA’s Cancelled Shenmue HD Remaster

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