Star Citizen Alpha 3.3 Update Is Out

Roberts Space Industries launched the Star Citizen Alpha 3.3 update. Among other things, the update features long awaited performance improvements, AI controlled enemies, in game chat that can map your facial features with a camera, and as always, new ships to buy. The company showed off some footage of the new alpha at CitizenCon 2018. Meanwhile, RSI also uploaded a new trailer for Squadron 42, featuring Mark Hamill, Henry Cavill, and other high profile stars. Squadron 42, a spinoff of the main game, is supposed to get an official roadmap in December. Check it out in the trailer below:

Join the brave men and women of the 2nd Fleet as they stand strong against the greatest threats the UEE has ever faced. Will you answer the call?


Source: [H]ardOCP – Star Citizen Alpha 3.3 Update Is Out

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