The Pixelbook Is Being Used to Test Google's Fuchsia OS

New documentation pertaining to Fuschia suggests that Google’s upcoming OS, designed to run across a wide array of devices, will support higher-end laptops such as the Pixel, which has recently been listed as a “targeted” device. While the project is open source and subject to public inspection, nobody seems to know what it will really look like or how it will perform.

Does this prove the Fuchsia will someday replace Chrome OS? Definitely not. However, it does mean that Google wants to make sure the OS works on high-end laptops, like the Pixelbook. Will Fuchsia end up as a stable operating system that runs across a wide array of computers/tablets/phones, or simply a Google pet project that is eventually abandoned? Only time will tell.


Source: [H]ardOCP – The Pixelbook Is Being Used to Test Google’s Fuchsia OS

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