iGS60 Cycle Computer Review – Post #1

I was intrigued when I recently received an email with an interest in a cycle computer review. The computer in question is the iGS60, which the email proclaimed is . . . “similar to the Garmin Edge 520 but at about half the price.” I was partially intrigued because this is my point of reference for a cycle computer –


I think I got my Vetta C-15 in . . . perhaps 1997, and it’s still going strong even though it has bounced off the pavement a good many times.  I  will admit, I have not even used it for the past several years – I have been cycle computer free for quite some time. 

Why the Excel picture? Well I used to utilize Excel to track my mileage. However, the last time I had an interest in tracking my mileage was about 10 years ago. I used to engage in quite a bit of recreational cycling, however I am very much a “utility” cyclist now. A deep dive into my riding history, if I kept one, would show that my routes take me to and from home/work, with stops at take out restaurants, grocery stores, and liquor stores mixed in.  

I am not really a “gadget guy” per say. I certainly have gadgets, but I don’t geek out on them and seek to upgrade as soon as new stuff comes out (duh, I have a Vetta C-15). I know the name Garmin, mostly from rental cars, and I hear people talk about Strava and get the gist of what it’s about, but don’t see tracking my movements as beneficial to my life or even remotely interesting to others. The whole fitness band trend has been lost on me mostly because I will confess to being blessed with the metabolism of a humming bird. Weight loss is not my issue, I try hard to gain weight and fail consistently (I know, poor me). 

Anyway, I thought that interacting with a modern cycling gadget might be interesting so I took the plunge, and I have to admit I was immediately intimidated – look what came out of the box that was sent to me!


One product came with three boxes and one of those plastic wrap packages that sends multitudes to emergency rooms when people cut themselves trying to open the product. I think my Vetta came in a box you could fit a small mouse in. My first thought was, “How many beers is it going to take me to unpack, study, and install this thing!?” I will go through all of the stuff in a future post, but here is the “feature” product, staged next to the light for size reference.


The first thing that I noticed was that the device breaks one rule I try to live by – I try to buy products with replaceable batteries. This is one of those devices that has the battery locked in and you charge it like you would your phone. You can connect it to your computer or to a wall socket. I plan on running multiple posts on this thing and will have to comment on battery life as I use it. 

I must admit I was also intrigued because one of my first thoughts was where I was going to put the thing. Take a look at my cockpit.


My front basket does not exactly make my cockpit conducive to gadget mounting, thus the lights on the PVC pipe. This post is already running a little long and I will try to build some suspense. Readers, where do you think I ultimately chose to mount this modern marvel of computer engineering? Thoughts welcome in comments.

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