Chess Grandmaster Caught Cheating in Tournament With Hidden Cellphone in Bathroom

“The World Chess Federation (FIDE) announced Saturday that it caught chess grandmaster Igors Rausis cheating during a tournament in France,” writes Bleacher Report.

According to, the FIDE noted that Rausis was “caught red-handed using his phone during a game.” A cellphone was found in a toilet that Rausis had used during the competition, and Rausis later admitted to using it to cheat.

Per, Rausis said the following regarding the scandal: “I simply lost my mind yesterday. I confirmed the fact of using my phone during the game by written [statement]. What could I say more? … At least what I committed yesterday is a good lesson, not for me — I played my last game of chess already….”

The 58-year-old Rausis was born in the Soviet Union and currently represents the Czech Republic after previously representing Latvia and Bangladesh. Rausis became a grandmaster in 1992, and he is the No. 53 ranked chess player in the world, according to the FIDE.

It’s not the first time this has happened. A Georgian national chess champion was also found to be cheating with an iPhone hidden in a toilet stall more than four years ago. But in this case, “The 58-year-old Latvian-Czech grandmaster had raised suspicions after he increased his rating in recent years to almost 2700,” reports

The director-general of the FIDE said they’ve now reported Rausis to the French police, and that they’d been suspicious of him for a long time.

“It is impossible to completely eliminate the cheating, but the risk of being caught has increased significantly, and the penalties will become much more significant.”

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Source: Slashdot – Chess Grandmaster Caught Cheating in Tournament With Hidden Cellphone in Bathroom

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