How Intel, IBM, and Microsoft Will Change The PC Market

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This week Intel’s dream CEO Pat Gelsinger went public with his vision for Intel’s future.  It is rare you get a vision statement like this from a new CEO this early in their term as it usually can take a great deal of time for the new CEO to learn the firm’s capabilities and problems to craft such a plan.  But Pat Gelsinger was one of Intel’s designers and, as CEO of VMware, he was able up to date on the firm’s problems and reduced capabilities.  The birth of virtualization was tightly tied to overcoming the problems created due to Intel iterating its technology.  This background means he was both well-founded in Intel’s history since he helped write it, and Pat was up to date with Intel’s more recent issues, given he was CEO of VMware.  

Interestingly, he had the CEOs of both IBM and Microsoft in the event with him, and together those three companies are considered to be the parents of the modern PC age.  They created a revolution before; could they do it again, this time with The Cloud?

Let’s explore the PC revolution this week.  

Past Breakups

The relationships between Intel, IBM, and Microsoft have been almost like bad relationships.  IBM created the platform and then lost it to Intel and Microsoft after Microsoft rebelled against IBM’s control over OS/2.  Then Microsoft and Intel, who had been increasingly aggravating each other since that earlier time, fell apart during the launch of Windows Vista when the then CEO of Intel, Paul Otellini, refused to be on the same stage with AMD’s then CEO.  Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s then CEO, started calling Otellini Torelini, and things went south from there.  

But all three companies have different CEOs since those times; both Microsoft and IBM have pivoted hard toward collaboration and open architecture strategies. Pat Gelsinger is rather famous for his ability to build alliances from when he was at Intel, creating IDF, to his time at VMware, whose success was primarily connected to the companies VMware sells through.  

As a result, the problems that caused the breakups have been mainly eliminated both; personally, the CEOs are more collaborative and less winner take all focused, and organizationally as the firms pivoted from going it alone to increasingly leveraging ever stronger partnerships.  Suddenly all three firms are vastly better partners.   

Back To The Future

It is interesting that ever since we moved from Mainframes to PCs, the industry has been seemingly designing a path back.  The Pandemic forced a massive change in where we worked and how we collaborated.  This change showcased the massive management problem by having many hardware remotes and tech staff working from home.  The amount of breakage was impressive. This breakage has substantially accelerated the interest in Cloud-hosted clients, which in their ultimate form, are very similar to terminals in that they require a Cloud connection to function.  

So this sets the stage for what may seem, after the fact, to be a surprisingly rapid pivot to a new PC architecture, one that is more tied to Cloud than desktop technology and performance.  

Laying Out The Solution

With Intel focused on new desktop and server hardware that will better work in a blended Cloud solution, Microsoft focused on the Virtual Windows platform and Cloud connection to Azure and IBM, showing value in their actual terminal experience, multi-cloud solutions, and security-focused cloud offerings the potential for a unique disruptive solution is set.  

Given their collective focus on AI, the result won’t just be an invisible flip from desktop to cloud computing either.  It should eventually come with significant enhancements enabling the AI to streamline work and eventually anticipate and execute decisions autonomously.  This last likely won’t emerge until the second half of the decade, but the Cloud pivot should begin long before 2025.  

Wrapping up:  

One of the most significant pivots in the technology market’s history was driven by a mature IBM and relatively young Microsoft and Intel.  Now all three companies have grown up, become far more collaborative, and far more strategic.  One of the most strategic may well be this latest broad collaboration between the three companies and change personal computing forever.  

We should see the beginning of this pivot before 2005, but many tangible benefits, including the integration of applied AI, aren’t expected until the second half of the decade.  And if you are worried about your current hardware, don’t, as it is far easier to turn a PC into an appliance than an appliance into a PC.  

If you don’t like change, you really won’t like the next few years, but if you are looking for a far easier desktop platform to manage, either on-premise or remotely, that is coming, and when it happens, it will seem sudden, but it has been decades in the making.  

Source: TG Daily – How Intel, IBM, and Microsoft Will Change The PC Market

How Adopting a Stray Dog is a Noble Idea

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If you’re thinking of adding a pet to your family, there are many reasons why you should adopt a stray. In the United States, more than a million dogs and cats are euthanized every year. If people adopted pets instead of buying new pets, it would reduce this number. Be an example by moving any stigma against adopting stray dogs. 

Give a stray a second chance

Animal shelters are full of wonderful dogs that deserve a chance at happiness. Just because they were lost and abandoned for one reason or another shouldn’t count against them. It’s a common misconception that all stray dogs are broken and problematic. 

When you offer them loving care, they will usually respond well and develop into affectionate pets. They are also often house-trained and well-socialized so introducing them into your family home is easier. 

If you go to OurFitPets, you can find Cavapoo rescues for adoption. A Cavapoo has a lovable, endearing personality and is a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. 

You’d be saving lives

Dogs roaming the streets live lives of hunger, cold, fear, and physical abuse. If they are lucky enough to end up in a shelter, they may have to be euthanized if they aren’t adopted. There is simply not enough room in the shelters for all the stray dogs. 

When you adopt a stray dog, you could be saving more than one life. You not only give one animal a home and a chance for a better life but you make room for another stray dog.

A benefit that probably does not cross your mind when you want to adopt a stray is that it usually costs you less. You don’t have to pay for the costs of vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and even microchipping in certain cases. 

You can choose from a great selection of dogs

Most stray dogs are a combination of at least two different breeds. They may not be purebreds but this gives them certain advantages. They may have the best character traits of both gene pools. Purebred dogs seem to have more genetic health issues, although the evidence is not conclusive. 

Animals that go to a shelter are admitted by experienced staff and given vaccines on arrival. Vet partners often deal with healthcare issues and concerns so they are healthy and well when you adopt them. 

It teaches your children 

Having a pet helps you to teach your children to take care of another living being. You can teach them compassion in caring for a stray pet who may not have known love and affection. 

Make sure that they know the proper way to approach the new pet – no prodding, hugging or poking until the dog is more comfortable with the new surroundings. The dog is likely to become a great companion for having fun and playing games. 

You help support the fight against puppy mills

Puppy mills put profit above the well-being of animals. The dogs are often housed in poor conditions without medical care. Moms of puppies are kept in cages and keep breeding, only to be abandoned or sold on auction when they are no longer profitable. 

Unsuspecting consumers have no idea what goes on behind the scenes when they buy a puppy through a newspaper ad or a pet shop. As long as there is a market for these puppies, puppy mills will continue to operate. 

When you adopt a stray dog, you are making a contribution to society by helping to control the stray dog population and taking a stand against illegal breeders. 

Written by Lara Harper

Source: TG Daily – How Adopting a Stray Dog is a Noble Idea

Ethics And AI: Chasing The Impossible Goal Of A Human Created Ethical AI System

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This week I was part of an SNIA panel talking about Ethics and AI. While I enjoyed the chat, I pretty much enjoy talking to anyone about anything; I left the chat feeling that the goal of an Ethical AI created by humans is impossible.  It is impossible because when it comes to Ethics, not only isn’t there a globally accepted set of ethical rules but, even when rules exist, if they come into conflict with financial goals, those goals tend to override ethical concerns.  

We saw that happen twice as Google’s Ethics team lost its top two leaders; the second one appeared to be fired for complaining about the ethics of the first one’s termination.  These terminations are doubly problematic for Google as both leaders were women in a male-dominated industry.   Facebook didn’t even appear to try to overcome their ethical problems associated with the mass distribution of false information and seemed to have designed an AI Algorithm to maximize social damage to maximize revenue from that problem.  

This problem is only the visible tip of the iceberg. There are undoubtedly AI projects across the eco-system that will, eventually, harm scale, and if we don’t stop kicking this can down the road, the outcome could be dire.   

The Problem With Morals And Ethics

The foundation for this problem is the need for an immutable set of rules that define what is right and what is wrong in terms of AI behavior.  The gold standard for these rules has historically been Isaac Asimov’s three rules of Robotics which are:

  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.  
  2. A robot must obey human beings’ orders except where such orders would conflict with the first law. 
  3. A robot must protect its existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.  

Now, if you think about it, these rules could be used broadly if the definition of “harm” was broad enough.  The implication would be that an AI could not act against the best interests of any human.  That would prevent AIs in weapons systems, AI rob callers, AI-driven scams, and AI-driven malware.  The underlying concepts form the core of how autonomous vehicles are trained, focused on the concept that the vehicle can’t intentionally harm anyone. However, the concept of harm through inaction isn’t yet part of the programming.  An example would be a parked car intentionally moving to prevent another car from harming a pedestrian that it determined was at risk.  But, while it would seem beneficial, particularly to that theoretical pedestrian, the resulting liability would likely make that part of the law moot for the car to do this.  

And there lies the problem, while we inherently know that the right thing for an autonomous car to do would be to sacrifice itself to protect a human, adult, or child. We likely wouldn’t allow that behavior because of the economics surrounding the decision.  

This corruption of an AI played out in Science Fiction in the movie Robocop, where four laws the cyborg officer had to follow were corrupted by the unique last law.  The first three had to do with protecting people; the fourth was classified, protected senior executives from the firm (OCP) that created him from being arrested, effectively corrupting the cyborg.  From Wargames to HAL in 2001, Space Odyssey Science Fiction writers have been warning us of the potential problems of an AI that was either corrupted or had no rules in the first place, but we, as an industry, have yet to take those lessons seriously.  

Wrapping Up:  Without Rules AIs Are Extremely Dangerous

AIs make decisions at machine speeds. If we can’t consistently differentiate what is right or wrong in our behavior, we likely also cannot make that determination regarding the behavior of AIs.  Asimov attempted to define a simple set of rules back around 1940, then wrote a series of books discussing how robots could get around those rules.  

As we move forward into this new age of autonomous machines, implementing rules that will prevent these machines from doing massive amounts of damage is critical to our future. Yet, as we’ve seen from companies like Google and Facebook, we are ill-suited to both set the rules and to ensure their enforcement, and we’ll continue to see AI efforts that may be profitable but will do the world far more harm than good.  

I’ll leave you with this, an analysis of what Ultron was trying to do in the Age of Ultron; it showcases very well the problem of creating a system that could have way too many of its creator’s flaws.  

In the end, if we can’t reliably tell right from wrong, neither will the AIs we eventually create. 

Source: TG Daily – Ethics And AI: Chasing The Impossible Goal Of A Human Created Ethical AI System

Exciting Ways on Shopping for Men’s Hats Online

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Hats are the most recent addition to the list of stylish men’s accessories. They are a true definition of style and comfort and are must-have accessories for the modern man. What’s more? Hat designs come up each day, and you can get them in multiple styles and colors. However, shopping for hats online can be daunting. And there are various considerations to make to choose the best match for your needs. 

What are the popular hat designs for men?

There are different types of hats available in the market. Whether planning to attend a party, a wedding or going for a stroll in the park, a hat will make a perfect complement for your outfit.

The popular men’s hats designs are:

  • Fedoras

Fedora hats are typical among men from all social classes. They feature a lengthwise crease, a soft feel and are pitched on either side. Fedora hats are usually marked using a band, and the brim runs around the entire cap.

  • Cowboy hats

These are essential fashion accessories for cowboys. They come in various materials like straw, leather and felt. Cowboy hats are tall with a flat brim and a round crown. The rolled brim and creased crown are often modified to match a particular style. Some hats come with strings and bandsdepending on the brand.

  • Bowler hats

Bowler hats are also known as billycocks or bob hats. They were initially designed to shield gamekeepers from low hanging branches. Bowler hats feature a low-crowned close fitting and are similar to the flat cap or top hat.

  • Carver hats 

Caver hats offer excellent protection in cold weather. You can lower the ear flaps to cover the ears for additional warmth. Carver hats feature a thick-cut fabric and are not only for hunters but can be worn by anyone.

How can you choose men’s hats online?

1. Know the different styles

You’ll come across different hats, but you can’t pick just anything. Know the distinct types and choose what suits your occasion. The standard hat types include; helmets, full-brim hats, baseball caps and cowboys. The style of the hat is also paramount. Pick one that complements your facial shape to achieve that stunning look.

2. Consider the comfort

Comfort matters a lot when it comes to hats. If choosing a hat for hiking or mountain climbing, go for lightweight materials. You also need one with a small brim; it allows you to see clearly and won’t hit your back. On the other hand, if choosing a hat for running, pick a lightweight one that fits appropriately and breathes well.

3. Go for durability                              

You want something long-lasting and should pick the right fabric. The most common hat materials are cotton, linen, nylon, leather and wool. Cotton is favorite among many; it’s durable, soft and comfortable. Leather caps are also comfortable, easy to clean and naturally elastic. They are durable only if you go for genuine leather.

4. Color choice

Choose a color that you’re comfortable with. Dark shades like black, red, dark grey, and brown draw more heat and fade quickly. Others like white, cream, and beige won’t heat your head but attracts dirt and stains.

The bottom line

To pick the best hat, decide on the type of event and outfit. Choose high-quality fabrics and only buy from legitimate online stores renowned for stocking quality products.

Source: TG Daily – Exciting Ways on Shopping for Men’s Hats Online

SEO for Business: 4 Strategies for Beating Your Online Competition

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Doing better than the competition for search engine optimisation is something that many small businesses want but struggle to do. Fortunately, not every idea for getting ahead revolves around putting large amounts of working capital to work to get results.

Here are 4 strategies for beating your online competition.

1. Focus on Core Web Vitals

The Core Web Vitals are something that is on the tip of the tongue of many site owners currently. With an upcoming May update from Google already announced, many owners are busily trying to get their website to load faster to get improved scores. 

Usually, there are multiple overlapping reasons why a site is suffering slowdowns, poor loading speeds, and inferior performance. It could be due to slow hosting, but that’s surely not the only reason. 

Figuring out what’s slowing your website down and fixing it is a time-consuming task. Only people with deep technical knowledge in website development and design, like the team at Lilo, can know what to look for and how to resolve the issue. Get help if you feel that you need it. 

2. Optimise for Structured Data

Structured data is something that computers read and can be displayed within the search results. 

When using WordPress as the content management system, it’s possible to use a plugin like Schema App Structured Data. It’s free and has been recommended by SEO commentator, Neil Patel, who some readers may be already familiar with. 

The idea with such plugins is that they add useful information Google can pick up. What that is depends on how your site is created. However, many times it will providing headings and other information that can be highlighted in the Google search result. This can offer quick answers to searchers, but also encourage more clicks on the search result to learn more.

Driving a better click-through rate on the Google SERPs can lead to a higher ranking when the search engine picks up on the searchers’ increased response. That alone makes it worth adopting. 

3. Get the Google Snippet More Frequently

The Google snippet is the quote at the top of many search results pages. It can provide an answer – or at least, the beginnings of one – to the searcher. They will frequently click on that top result and visit the website because they want to see the rest of the published information. 

While getting the #1 ranking is great, grabbing the snippet is even more so. It drives extra traffic over and above that of the top-ranking site. 

Look at what is currently being ranked as the snippet. If it’s an ordered list, then create a more detailed, better one. If it’s a word passage, then write a more informative version that answers the query in fewer words. 

4. Quality over Quantity

As has been noted by the search advocate, John Mueller, the total number of backlinks isn’t that important to Google. 

What matters is their relevance to the topic and the relative strength of the links. Therefore, a powerful link from a site that has authority in their industry or niche is likely to be valued far more highly than a bunch of easy-to-get blog comments.  

Also, Google now regularly ignores low-value links, so often they won’t move the ranking needle at all. 

By approaching SEO from the perspective of constant improvement, it’s possible to achieve better results and drive more traffic to your site. 

Source: TG Daily – SEO for Business: 4 Strategies for Beating Your Online Competition

What Are The Things That Look Positive For Cryptocurrencies?


Cryptocurrencies are highly in trend these days. It is gradually becoming a new form of investment. Furthermore, it may even translate into an entirely new mode of transactional norm. In the next few years, it may be the most used form of currency. 

Things are going pretty well for the digital currency market. Currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin have made a big name. This is why potential investors are looking at how to invest in Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and make money. 

Thus, here are some of the things that look positive for the cryptocurrency market. 

1. Innovation 

Digital currencies are highly popular. Bitcoin is one of the examples. It is currently dominating the digital currency arena. However, at present, it only has the ability to conduct few transactions at a time, as compared to conventional currencies. Nevertheless, there is massive room for improvement when it comes to digital currencies. The transactions can be considerably scaled. Digital currencies are premised on such technology that it is easily scalable. There is significant room for innovation. 

2. Valid ICOs

Newer coins are now being introduced in the market. Each coin serves a different purpose. New initial coin offerings are coming up with creative and innovative solutions. They are adding more value to the digital currency market. They are also bringing in more innovation not only on the technological side but also from a monetary perspective. Investors are now getting more options to trade. This is enabling the market to grow at an unprecedented rate. 

3. Regulatory aspect

Gone are the days when governments were skeptical about regulating cryptocurrencies. Now the trend has changed. Most governments are now keen to regulate the digital currency market due to the significant benefits it provides. There are many governments that have already introduced legislation and regulations which regulate the market. This does not only gain the confidence of the investors but also creates a long-lasting impact on the market. Potential users now have more clarity in terms of regulations for digital currencies. 

4. Better application

With the passage of time, we are getting to know more uses of blockchain technology. There are many new businesses that are coming up with creative ideas for introducing digital currencies in their operations. Digital wallets are being introduced. Cryptocurrencies are gradually becoming more functional and useful. People now trust this decentralized system more. This is creating more competition in the market and therefore, the quality is getting better in a general sense. 

5. Investment opportunities

There are many global banks which are evaluating and analyzing the digital currency market. Institutional purchasers have now entered into the market. Gradually, big financial institutions such as banks, non-banking finance companies and investment trusts are now fuelling the growth of the currency market by injecting higher levels of investments. This means that there are more investment opportunities now. Slowly, this will result in evolving digital currency as the new form of currency all across the globe.

Source: TG Daily – What Are The Things That Look Positive For Cryptocurrencies?

Take Healthcare Classes Online to Obtain These 8 Careers in 2021

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Online healthcare classes can offer a fast-track into the field with little time and financial commitment. These eight careers we’ll cover in the guide below can all be acquired through online classes, with little to no clinical training. Each of these jobs is in demand as well, with the healthcare industry itself growing every year.

Let’s dive into these careers. If you’re thinking about taking healthcare classes online, now is the time to do it! The industry is growing into 2021 and beyond. 

1. Pharmacy Tech

Pharmacy technicians are responsible for helping the pharmacist in the daily operation of the pharmacy. This entry-level medical career can be obtained through just under a year of training for a certification, or around two years for an associate’s degree. Depending on the program, you can gain your certification in just ten months. 

You’ll help label, package, and measure medications, interact with patients and customers (in a retail pharmacy setting), clean and organize shelves and medication stores, take down information, submit paperwork, and more.

For more information on pharmacy techs, visit the BLS page here

2. Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical administrative assistants are a crucial component of a functional healthcare facility. They take on various administrative duties, such as filing and collecting paperwork and co-payments, answering phones and directing patients, and more. You can find work in physician’s offices, hospitals, and long-term care facilities, among others.

If you want to become a medical administrative assistant, you can obtain a diploma in about 11-12 months, or earn your associate’s degree. This is another entry-level medical career, but it’s quick to get into and MAA’s are in high demand.

3. CNA

Certified nursing assistants are the first stepping-stone in the career path to becoming an RN. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to start as a CNA, but it does give you invaluable clinical experience. You’ll be responsible for helping the LPNs and RNs with patient care; everything from bathing and dressing patients, to helping them eat and walk, and everything in between.

Most CNAs can obtain their certification entirely online in under a year. For more information on CNA careers, visit the BLS page here

4. LPN

Becoming a licensed practical nurse can grant you a position between CNA and RN. LPNs or LVNs can also gain their certifications online, but most programs will require you to gain some hands-on experience. 

LPNs are also in demand and expected to grow by about 9% through 2029; much faster than average. Last year, there were about 721,000 LPN/LVN jobs throughout the country. You can find more information on growth and job outlook/salary here

5. Medical Biller/Coder

Medical billing and coding is an important part of the medical billing process. Coders translate medical documents into standardized codes so that proper invoices can be sent out to insurance companies and co-payers. 

You can earn a billing and coding certification in just a few months, sometimes in as little as 10-11 months, depending on the program. As a biller and coder, you’ll be on the frontlines of the billing process, responsible for ensuring that codes are input correctly, invoices are sent, and payments are issued. You’ll have to follow-up, verify information, and keep patient information private. It’s a lot of responsibility, but a rewarding career nonetheless. 

6. EMT

You can take an online EMT-B course to get you into emergency medicine quickly and affordably. In most cases, EMT courses cost less than $2,000, and can take fewer than four months to complete. Enrollment is simple and you can usually make payments on your courses if you can’t afford them outright.

EMT’s are responsible for transporting patients between medical facilities. Private ambulance work doesn’t usually involve servicing car accidents and other major events, but you’ll still be responsible for proper care and filling out paperwork on every patient. 

7. Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapists work with cancer patients in nuclear medicine to administer radiation and other treatments. This is a career with a lot of responsibility and reward, and is in high demand. Entry-level positions usually only require an associate’s degree, which takes about 21-24 months to complete. There are some fast-track programs available, but your coursework will likely take longer than one year to complete.

Radiation therapists can start at about $80,000 per year, depending on your area and where you work. For more information on this career path, visit the BLS website

8. Surgical Technologist

Surgical techs help prep the surgery room, sanitize utensils, and assist the surgical team in anything they need before, during, and after the operation. This is a thrilling job, and you’ll likely get a first-hand look at the surgical process itself. 

Surgical technologists are in high demand, growing by about 7% over the next decade. You can find salary information here

Source: TG Daily – Take Healthcare Classes Online to Obtain These 8 Careers in 2021

How To Choose a Server for your Small Business

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If you decided to rent servers for sales or other business needs, you have to think about all the nuances. This decision should not be taken recklessly.

Specifics of companies’ needs

Some business owners go over budget to buy powerful and expensive equipment that their companies don’t need. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on techniques that won’t fit when the firm grows back in a year. It’s just an unsustainable waste of money.

The process of selecting a server or other technical equipment is easier for large enterprises than for small and medium companies. As a rule, serious business projects already have their own IT infrastructures and sets of equipment, they can realize their nearest perspectives to understand their needs and tasks. Choosing a server for small businesses can be a daunting process. With modern different types of servers, processors, hard drives, and other useful equipment (you may see them at the HOSTKEY directory), it is almost impossible to figure out where to start.

A server is a remote computer with a huge bandwidth capacity. It provides uninterruptible access to the Internet and ensures a stable website performance. Such equipment is used to maintain the smooth functioning of standard PCs or applications that run over the Internet.

How to choose a server?

1. Define the specification of your project

First of all, create a list of applications/services that will be launched through the server.  Also, you should approximately calculate the number of customers interested in your goods or services. After this counting, add 20% as a buffer in order to cover the resulting bursts of activity.

2. Selecting a location

After the previous step, you should think about a place to host the server. It can be located either in your office or in a cloud. There are pros and cons to each approach.

Advantages of setting in your own office:

  • This option may be cheaper in the long term.
  • You pay for one piece of hardware only;


  • Huge electricity costs on the power supply and cooling;
  • Expenses on replacing broken equipment;
  • There is no technical support 24/7;
  • Hardware becomes obsolete quickly enough.

Pluses of hosting in the cloud:

  • Latest generation equipment;
  • Professional technical support 24/7;
  • No additional maintenance costs;
  • Safe and secure data storage.

As to minuses of this technology:

  • You have to pay rent regularly;
  • No physical access to the equipment.

3. Calculate the budget

Before purchasing or renting a server, you should calculate all your expenses to see if it is appropriate for your business. It is best to contact a specialized company that can help you take into account everything, however, here are some basic things you should remember:

Pros of cheap equipment:

  • The server can be offline as long as you need;
  • A good option if you don’t really care about using an old generation server;
  • You can buy a new model when you realize that the old one is outdated;

Pros of an expensive option:

  • Stable functioning 24×7;
  • The ability to process a sufficiently large amount of data and operate them without problems;
  • Latest generation equipment.

4. Selecting the type

Before choosing options, you need to consider all types of equipment and figure out which one suits you best. So, there are three types of servers:

· Hybrid. This is a kind of server used by multiple users but each of them has its own isolated OS environment. It is suitable for those who operate with a non-large amount of information.

· Cloud. This kind of equipment combines hundreds of machines to provide customers with guaranteed performance with any load.

· Dedicated models. These physical machines are intended for individual clients that ensure high productivity. However, as a rule, it is a more expensive variant than others.

5.  Buying or renting

When you have completed all the previous steps and decided what exactly you need to get, you should determine a hosting provider to contact in order to buy/rent a server. We offer you the most reliable and competitive operator. On our HOSTKEY website, it is possible to find the best small business servers with ready-made configurations that are most often used or you can write to us and get a customized one after a detailed consultation. Hurry up and get the ideal solution for your projects!

Source: TG Daily – How To Choose a Server for your Small Business

How to Become a Successful Trader in the Options Market

entrepreneur start startup chain trading courses

Along with the job, it is tough to do trading because the investor goes through lots of pressure. So, if you decide to start trading, you need to take some wise steps that can help you to do all the activities without taking much pressure. But, before coming here, find out what types of problems you can face in the market. You need to know, if you trade solely, you will become demotivated after a few days. However, five tips can give you the chance to improve your trading.

Find a suitable trading style

There are four major trading styles such as position trading, swing trading, day trading, and quick scalping. So, find out the style that suits you better. For this, you have to match your features with the trading style. If it matches, it will be better for you. If you have a 9 to five job, day trading will be tough for you. Because in this approach, traders are required to keep the eye on the market for a long time. On the other hand, position trading might be better for you because you do not need to observe the trading field constantly. But, make sure that you are comfortable with the trading styles.

Do not change the blueprint frequently

Let your plan work. If you change your plan very quickly, you will lose money. Before changing the plan, you need to examine whether it is important to make the changes or not. The plan will not provide you with success instantly. Take time, you will get better results. Stick to the plan and run the trading process according to this. Professionals keep the multiple blueprints for the response to the changing situation. You can also do this to avoid the barriers. Read some technical posts at Saxo markets and try to understand how the elite UK traders are analyzing the market. Most of them are using the same old technique to find reliable trade signals.

Learn to wait

If you can wait, there is a possibility of getting a better result. If you become impatient, you will start overtrading which will blow up the account. Make some important rules and try to follow these for making money. These rules will keep you on the right track. For example, if you stick to the rules, you will not close your position early. Bear in mind that the good opportunity will not come repeatedly, so you have to wait for this. That’s why, try to become self-restrained.

Identify the problems

To dictate the main problems, you have to use the trading journal. A good record of the previous trades will allow you to determine the main reasons for which you have faced failure. When you can know about your major problems and common mistakes, you need to solve these. Stop blaming others for your faults. Sometimes, the investor rudely behaves with their family member because of facing loss for making flaws. Take your responsibility to increase the seriousness of trading. The responsibility will also make you analyze the situation properly before executing the trades.

The dangers of demo trading

After spending too much time in demo trading, most of the investors fail in the market. Because if you are not familiar with the real field, you will not take the right action for your trading process. Demo trading will not allow you to realize the influences of emotions. So, the technique which will go with the demo field might not go with the real field. That’s why you must not be overconfident after gaining the rewards in the demo session.

Try to become honest with yourself. Maintain the professionalism that will allow you to gain money. If you can keep the total concentration on trading, you will not give up trading like other losers. Think practically and avoid making emotional decisions.

Source: TG Daily – How to Become a Successful Trader in the Options Market

Why Every Employee Needs To Start To Act Like They Work For Disneyland

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What brought this to mind was a story in the Washington Post (and this has gone viral on social media and across most major news services) about a woman, we’ll call her Karen (search on Karen), who (along with friends) was caught on video attacking her uber driver because he wanted her to wear a mask.  She has now been banned from Uber and Lyft for life, and we’ll likely hear she has lost her job and any chance of a career shortly.  The driver she abused is on track to get $40K, which could fund a civil complaint against her for threatening his life, and she could still be charged criminally for assault and theft (she took his phone).  

People lose their tempers all of the time, but now that almost every Uber and taxi has cameras, cars are coming with cameras (Tesla’s implementation is the best currently). If you are near a Tesla, you are on camera.  Everyone effectively has a camera. Your opportunity for freedom and a job-ending event is far more likely.  

One of my first real jobs was for Disneyland, and they had a specific rule that I think everyone should take to heart.  

Let’s talk about why Disney may have the best policy for those that otherwise are likely to commit career suicide.  But that policy does need to be updated.  I’ll close with something else everyone should know that could save your life or the life of your child.  


Disneyland had a formal school you went to to be trained on the basics of any job in the park.  A significant portion of the training was on the one rule that, if broken, would instantly get you fired.  It was how I knew that Gina Carano was going to be fired before she was fired.  The rule was that when you were in public, you carried the brand, and if you did anything that tarnished that brand, you’d be terminated.  

They called this on-stage vs. off-stage.  While you weren’t in costume or connected to Disney, they didn’t care what you did, but when you were in costume or otherwise connected to the brand, you were to toe the company line.  And that line was that, regardless of the provocation, you were to be friendly, you were to behave, and you were to remain in character.  It later reminded me of these scenes in Roadhouse where the Cooler, Patrick Swayze, explained his rules.  

But what has changed since then is that we are always on stage with social media and cameras virtually every place.  This change means that behavior that might have gone unpunished in years past will likely not go unpunished today.  It means that regardless of the substance you’ve consumed if you act out, it’ll show up in social media, your boss is likely to see it, your CEO is likely to see it, your Pastor is likely to see it, your significant other is likely to see it, your parents and friends are likely to see it.  These things go viral, and suddenly you are a YouTube sensation and unemployable and maybe divorced and in jail.  

You have to come around to the concept that you are on-stage and people are always watching and ready to, or already are, capturing your unacceptable behavior on camera.  Oh, and there is an even bigger problem. If they don’t capture you on camera one time, they can use the last time you were captured to point out this behavior. Suddenly, instead of being innocent until proven guilty, you go to guilty until proven innocent.  

Wrapping Up:  The Two Things We Should Teach Every Child And Every Employee

I’m adding children to this because I can recall one of the common reasons new hires out of college got terminated, and that was misbehaving in public.   These events were mostly long before Social Media but, for some reason, kids would join a firm without realizing their behavior could get them fired.  One guy got fired for masturbating at work, another for not taking no for an answer from a female co-worker, and this was after he was warned about getting fall-down drunk on an airplane and getting kicked off.  That last guy was a minority and seemed to think that, due to diversity rules, he couldn’t be fired.  Minority status may provide you with advantages now, but it doesn’t excuse behavior that does and should result in your being fired.  

Adults and children need to be trained to realize that they are on stage and what they do can and will be held against them in the court of social media, which is neither fair nor kind.  Before I leave you, there is one other thing I think everyone should be trained in, and that was the hand sign for distress.  If you see someone making this sign, you need to call the police and help.  If you are at risk, you can use that same sign to get help if you need it.  

Source: TG Daily – Why Every Employee Needs To Start To Act Like They Work For Disneyland

Why Freelance Management Platforms Are The New Game Changer

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The workforce is currently undergoing a massive change. Around the world, more and more people are becoming freelancers and leaving full-time employment behind completely. It has to be said that one of the main reasons why so many people have started working for themselves is the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, many people have lost employment and need a way to make money till the job market recovers. 

This influx of freelancers and changes to regulations relating to self-employed people in multiple countries have made freelance management platforms a must. So, in this article, we’ll be walking you through exactly what a freelance management platform is and why it’s a game-changer—particularly in the rapidly evolving gig economy climate.

What is a Freelance Management Platform

This is a very important question, because how can you use something if you don’t know what it does? A freelance management platform is a type of system that manages information regarding the freelancers that work with your business. By making use of these freelance management systems, business owners are able to get an operational overview of their freelance workers including their relevant legal and financial information. This makes the process of managing freelancers much easier—there is less reliance on files and folders full of paper-based documents and the platform helps you optimize your freelance processes.

As we dive deeper into this article, you will see that the benefits of freelance management platforms are numerous. You can use these platforms to effectively manage your procurement process when looking for a new freelancer. This also means that you won’t have to spend as much time searching on multiple freelancer platforms. You can also save time when bringing on new people and cutting ties with others by automating the process using a freelance management platform. These systems also make paying freelancers easier as you’ll be able to pay them in their currency of choice using your own currency. After reading this, I’m sure you’re able to see why such a system could be useful for businesses that rely on freelancers.

More People Are Going Freelance

The data on this point is currently undeniable—more people are going freelance than ever before. The rate of freelancing was still quite low in 2014 at 17% of workers, before it started hovering between 25% and 29% between 2015 and 2019. Then, when it came to 2020, the share of freelancers shot up to 36%. With this sudden increase in the number of people that are freelancing, you’re going to need a good way to manage how you work with your freelancers. A lot of companies are still managing freelancers with spreadsheets and this just isn’t going to work going forward. A spreadsheet can’t keep up with such a constantly-changing environment.

Business Wire

From the above figures, it can be seen that the number of people going into freelancing shot up in 2015 and then stayed stagnant for a few years, gaining a little bit of ground but nothing massive. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and rampant unemployment at a level unseen since the 2008 economic crisis shook the world. People started needing to freelance so that they could survive and the massive surge in the number of people freelancing clearly supports this conclusion.

Staying Compliant With Tax and Pay Regulations

If there’s another thing that freelance management platforms are good for, it’s making sure that you’re keeping on top of your tax and payments compliance. In recent times, the freelance market has seen some landmark cases—the Supreme Court ruling in the UK that declared Uber drivers to be employees rather than self-employed people. This entitled these workers to the statutory work benefits and a minimum wage. Regulators have noticed that companies often take advantage of self-employed people and fail to classify them as full-time employees in an effort to avoid tax and minimum wage responsibilities. Therefore, harsher penalties are being implemented.

Despite the fact that some businesses deliberately misclassify their workers, it also happens quite commonly by accident. These types of instances are only going to increase as more people begin to freelance and more companies begin to use their services as a result of this. This is another reason why it is important that you use a freelance management platform if your business regularly makes use of freelancers. If there’s one person you never want to annoy, it’s your auditor. So it’s probably best to just be safe rather than sorry.


In closing, we discussed what a freelance management platform is and how it is clear that freelance management systems are becoming a necessity because more people are moving towards freelancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, it’s not prudent to use spreadsheets to manage freelancers anymore and you also need to make sure that you’re in compliance with rapidly-changing legislation. Self-updating, automated systems will make the task a lot easier, error-free and efficient for business owners.

Written by Adam Eaton

Source: TG Daily – Why Freelance Management Platforms Are The New Game Changer

39-year-old Woman Charged With Misdemeanor Hate Crime and Battery

Global News

What’s the Story

39-year-old Karen Inman was arrested by Northern California authorities on Friday for allegedly committing anti-Asian hate crime after she was reported in February of having spat on an Asian American and yelling an ethnic slur as he was dining outdoors in Silicon Valley.

That same day same day, another incident reached the police about a woman matching Inman’s description, robbing food and clothing from a store, where she told the owners that she did not have to pay because of a staff’s Asian ethnicity.

If proven guilty, she will face one and a half years imprisonment for theft and a mandatory community service for the hate crime.


Woman accused of spitting on Asian man in Silicon Valley charged with hate crime, battery

Inman also told the man to “go back to where you came from” as he ate lunch with a friend on Feb. 13

KTLA disclosed that Karen Inman, 39, was accused of spitting on an Asian American man and yelling an ethnic slur as he dined outdoors in Silicon Valley has been charged with a misdemeanor hate crime and battery, officials said Monday.

Inman first came to police’s attention the same day that the man was spat on, after officers received a report of a woman taking food and clothing from a store.

According to Mountain View police, the woman told the store owners she didn’t have to pay “because of their Asian ethnicity.”

Inman was scheduled to be arraigned Monday afternoon. The two counts carry a maximum penalty of one and a half years in prison. The hate crime charge also comes with a mandatory community service requirement, the Deputy District Attorney said.


Woman charged with ‘anti-Asian hate crime’ of spitting on man in California

Mountain View police say they arrested a 39-year-old woman who they say spat on the man and yelled racist comments as he was eating outdoors.

According to NBC News, a 39-year-old woman was arrested Friday during an attempted theft of sweets from a Smart & Final grocery store, said police in Mountain View, about 15 miles west of San Jose. Inman was charged with petty theft, robbery and two counts of violation of civil rights by force or threat because of two incidents alleged to have occurred Feb. 13.

Police said they received another report on the same day alleging that a woman matching Inman’s description had hurled racist language and spat at patrons who were eating lunch, one of them of Asian descent.

Police said they interviewed Inman, who is transient, on Feb. 13 and released her because officers had not witnessed either incident and because both of the victims did not “desire prosecution.”

Anti-Asian hate crime charge filed against woman who allegedly spit on man

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KTVY Fox 2: The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office has charged 39-year-old Karen Inman with committing an anti-Asian hate crime after she allegedly spit on a stranger and told him to go back to “where you came from” as e dined in Mountain View.

Source: TG Daily – 39-year-old Woman Charged With Misdemeanor Hate Crime and Battery

John McAfee Cited For Cryptocurrency Fraud and Money Laundering

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Antivirus software mogul, John McAfee, and his executive adviser, Jimmy Gale Watson Jr. are facing charges for alleged cryptocurrency fraud and money laundering crimes which yielded profits of $13 million.

According to a press release issued announcing the indictment, both men were believed to be involved in a scalping scheme where they bought huge amounts of cheap cryptocurrency altcoins then aggressively advertised them on McAfee’s Twitter account, spreading misleading claims to artificially inflate their market prices.

If proven guilty, McAfee and Watson will be facing five to twenty years imprisonment and financial penalties.

Fox Business

Tech entrepreneur John McAfee charged with fraud, money laundering in cryptocurrency schemes

McAfee’s team made ‘millions through lies and deception’: South District of New York

Fox Business disclosed in a report that tech entrepreneur John McAfee and his cryptocurrency team were charged with fraud and money laundering conspiracy crimes related to two schemes that netted them $13 million by the Southern District of New York.

McAfee, 75, and his executive adviser, Jimmy Gale Watson Jr., 40, are accused of crimes including conspiracy to commit commodities and securities fraud, conspiracy to commit securities and touting fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, substantive wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering for their alleged roles in two schemes relating to the fraudulent promotion to investors of cryptocurrencies.

The charges carry maximum prison sentences ranging from five to 20 years and also include the potential for financial penalties.


Antivirus software creator John McAfee indicted on cryptocurrency fraud charges

McAfee and his “cryptocurrency team” advisor Jimmy Watson allegedly engaged in an “age-old pump-and-dump scheme”

According to CNBC, Federal prosecutors on Friday accused antivirus software company founder John McAfee and his associate of orchestrating fraudulent schemes to rake in millions of dollars from cryptocurrency investors.

McAfee and his “cryptocurrency team” advisor Jimmy Watson allegedly engaged in an “age-old pump-and-dump scheme,” FBI Assistant Director William F. Sweeney Jr. said in a press release.

In the “scalping” scheme, McAfee and his team allegedly bought large amounts of cheap cryptocurrency altcoins, then aggressively promoted them online with “false and misleading endorsement tweets” to artificially inflate their market prices..

Antivirus mogul John McAfee charged with fraud over crypto promotion

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News Time: McAfee and his bodyguard Jimmy Gale Watson Jr were charged over a scheme to exploit McAfee’s large Twitter following by publicly touting cryptocurrency offerings and digital tokens that they later sold once prices rose on the promotions.

Source: TG Daily – John McAfee Cited For Cryptocurrency Fraud and Money Laundering

Chrysler Corporation and the 46RE Transmission: What You Need to Know


Chrysler Corporation has used many different types of transmissions for their Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles. They range from semi-automatic, automatic, and manual transmissions. This article is going to discuss in particular the 46RE transmission and its successors. 

It is the main opinion of those in the automotive community that the 46RE transmission was one of the worst transmissions, with regard to longevity and reliability that Dodge has used in a vehicle. What are the most common issues Dodge customers have dealt with over the years with the 46RE? Here is a list:

  • Fluid levels inconsistent
  • Gear slippage
  • Harsh engagement from neutral to drive or reverse
  • Delayed engagement from neutral to drive or reverse
  • No drive range – reverse ok
  • No drive or reverse – vehicle will not move
  • Shifting is delayed or erratic – shifts harsh sometimes
  • No reverse at all – D ranges ok
  • Has first/reverse only – no 1-2 or 2-3 upshift
  • Moves in 2nd or 3rd gear then abruptly downshifts to low
  • No low gear – moves in 2nd or 3rd gear only
  • No normal downshift or kickdown
  • Stuck in low gear – will not upshift
  • Creeps in neutral
  • Buzzing noise
  • Slips in reverse only
  • Slips in forward drive ranges
  • Slips in low gear D only – but not in manual 1 position
  • Scraping, growling, or grating noises
  • Locks up or drags

Most of the problems listed above are major problems that will shortly lead to a failed transmission. If you need to replace the Chrysler 46RE transmission in your ride visit for the best remanufactured 46RE’s on the market. The 46RE transmission was used in the following vehicles:

  • 1998-2003 Dodge Dakota R/T
  • 1998-2003 Dodge Durango 5.9L V8 – 4WD or 2WD
  • 1996 Dodge Dakota V8 
  • 1998-2003 Dodge Dakota 5.9 L R/T
  • 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2L
  • 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9L
  • 1988-1993 Dodge Ramcharger SUV 5.2L and 5.9L V8
  • Dodge vans 150/250/350 V8
  • Dodge Ram pickup and diesel engines (DGT)

The 47RE and 48RE transmissions were successors to the 46RE. 

Here are some differences between them.

  • The transfer case is better on the 47RE and 48RE in comparison to the 46RE.
  • The 47RE and 48RE use a larger torque converter.
  • The 46RE OD clutch has four discs.
  • The 47RE and 48RE have five discs.
  • The 46RE direct clutch uses eight discs.
  •  The 47RE and 48RE have ten discs.
  • The 46RE has three discs in the front clutch.
  • The 47RE and 48RE use four discs in the front clutch.

It is possible and common to purchase a used 46RE transmission as a replacement, but not advisable. If the used 46RE transmission unit fails to work correctly after installation, you will pay additional money for the labor to remove it and reinstall an alternative 46RE transmission replacement. Plus, you could even end up having to pay for freight to return the unit to the salvage yard. A remanufactured or rebuilt transmission will save you money in the long-term by not only being more reliable than a used 46RE transmission, but more cost efficient.

In comparison to the 46RE Transmission, the 48RE transmission, made in-house by Chrysler, is a much more sound transmission. This transmission is made more robust, says the experts. The 48RE has most of the upgrades done in the 47RE and but also has the six-pin planetary gears and extra clutches.

The 46RE, 47RE, and 48RE transmissions are all considered “performance” transmissions. The A618, which was renamed later to the 47RE, is a heavier duty version of the A518 or 46RE. To increase durability, there were internal changes made. For example, they decided to steel coat the planetary carriers and use additional clutch plates on some models for extra longevity of the internal assembly.

The 48RE was introduced in 2003, a more vigorous successor yet. These transmissions are available in heavy-duty and super duty style, having a higher torque and horsepower rating than its predecessors.

If you are having problems with your 46RE, 47RE, or 48RE transmission, your best option is to consider a remanufactured or rebuilt transmission. What is the difference between “rebuilt” and “remanufactured” transmissions?

  • A rebuilt transmission is one where the mechanic fixes only the problematic or worn-out components of the transmission.
  • A remanufactured transmission or reman is considered new because all of the original equipment and components are either worked on or entirely replaced.

A rebuilt transmission will be less expensive because it will take less mechanic time to do the repairs. But in the long run, it may be more cost effective to purchase a remanufactured transmission.

Some transmission experts have shared that the 47RE and 48RE transmission are interchangeable. But the jury is still out on the 46RE and whether or not it can be replaced with either a 47RE or 48RE transmission.

In the end, if you have a Chrysler Motor Corporation-made vehicle that needs a quality 46RE, 47RE, or 48RE transmission replacement, consider a remanufactured one. If a cheap budget is the only concern, just have the broken parts fixed and addressed with a simple A518/ A618 transmission rebuild. 

For information on the Chevrolet Corvette and it’s 4L60E transmission, read this.

Source: TG Daily – Chrysler Corporation and the 46RE Transmission: What You Need to Know

Stronger Consumer Engagement and Higher Sales for eCommerce – Why Improved Search Functions Lead to Better Results

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Precision makes all the difference when it comes to search results. In fact, close to 80 percent of people will leave a site and never return after searching for something twice unsuccessfully. Knowing this, companies that have been able to effectively implement accurate search solutions tend to retain their customers at much higher rates. According to Salesforce data, customers who use search spend more than twice the amount on mobile and desktop retailer’s sites compared to customers that do not use search. 

Despite the numbers overwhelmingly supporting the need for solid search solutions, several ecommerce players are still hesitant about investing proper time and resources into improving their search functionality.

The Overlooked Potential of a Powerful Search

Companies continue to overlook the benefits of search on their customer metrics. Typically, the majority of their focus and resources are funneled into things like site layout and usability, clean product categories, and monitoring inventory issues. These variables are incredibly important, however when paired with a poor search function all that work can go to waste. It’s hard to buy what you can’t find. 

Search solutions can also provide great insight for decision-makers behind the scenes in addition to the navigation benefits it provides consumers. Marketing managers and data analysts are constantly inundated with information. When sales are lacking, finding the root cause can be extremely difficult. Looking at the number of searches made tied to the bounce rate is one key metric that can uncover problems within the search function if it’s not producing quality results. 

As a result of the pandemic, e-commerce competition is much higher. An orthodox search tool with limited functionality no longer gets the job done in this highly competitive space. The modern mobile consumer expects every business interaction to happen efficiently and accurately—and search is no exception. 

The Bottom Line for Revamped Search Function

Customer engagement is front of mind for every ecommerce platform. When people find items quickly, can sort easily, and receive relevant recommendations, then search is providing irreplaceable value. 

Transitioning from a traditional search solution can be a long process, but it’s possible to make small improvements over time. Every refinement to the tool’s capabilities and accuracy will ultimately lead to higher customer satisfaction rates and purchasing results. Enhanced usage of the search bar also provides companies with critical data that can be used to analyze revenue generation. Consider the revenue Amazon derives from its product recommendations, which is driven by its search and buying pattern data. The way an ecommerce firm sets up their search taxonomy relates to the quality of their “product recommendations” engine, so it provides long-tail benefits beyond improving individual search results. 

Breaking Down the Back-End Tech

Wayfair is a perfect example of an industry leading search and sort tool. A customer can find or build their perfect product with search tools that help them filter by color, material, and style.. It’s a quality tool, but far from the best available option. The next level of search would be to enable granularity through the search bar with regular syntax. Ideally, customers would be able to type exactly what they want, and all the filtering happens on the back end, without manual inputs.

Top search solutions providers will offer a range of improvements and features for search, including:

  • Recognizing synonyms and colloquialisms to avoid customers reaching dead ends
  • Search platforms should feed into custom ranking processes for optimal ranking of search results for better retention and more sales
  • Type-ahead suggestions to speed searching and offer best-match keywords for customers who might be unsure of what they need
  • Highlighting functions that bring the important parts of a site to a visitor’s attention based on their searches

Machine learning technology can help vastly improve search function relevancy for users. For example, site search leader Lineate works with ecommerce companies to provide the best results that are tailored to their specific needs using machine learning. Customizable search functions can use machine learning to refine itself over time to ensure the same information is presented regardless of who is doing the searching, and specifically how they search. 

This dynamic tool can help improve results for different groups of people who think about products and perform searches in different ways. 

Ecommerce firms that commit to improving their search functions through technology, are giving themselves a great competitive advantage by utilizing the right tools to complete the customer journey. Through stronger search functions, companies are solidifying their trustworthiness and providing the satisfaction customers are looking for. With improved search, e-commerce players can look forward to completing more sales, gaining referrals, and ultimately increasing brand advocacy. 

Written by Elizabeth Gallagher

Source: TG Daily – Stronger Consumer Engagement and Higher Sales for eCommerce – Why Improved Search Functions Lead to Better Results

Coronavirus Related Fatality Rates are Ten Times Higher in Countries Where Obesity is Prevalent

Global News

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A global study by the World Obesity Foundation disclosed on Thursday that countries where 50 percent of the adults are obese have a higher risk of Covid-19 related deaths.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also earlier disclosed that obesity is likely to increase the chances of hospitalization due to coronavirus since it weakens the immune system and affects the airways.

With the recent roll-out of the vaccines across the globe, researchers say that shots are less effective in obese people.

Study finds link between coronavirus mortality risk and obesity

CDC says obesity may triple the risk of hospitalization due to COVID-19

Fox News shared a new study released by World Obesity Foundation on Thursday that found a link between a country’s COVID-19 mortality and obesity prevalence in its population. 

Researchers found high mortality rates only in countries where overweight prevalence exceeds around 50% of the adult population.

The researchers claimed that a country’s wealth, reporting capacity, elderly population, and other factors could not explain the link between COVID-19 and obesity. 

The CDC notes that obesity may triple the risk of hospitalization due to COVID-19, as it causes impaired immune function and can decrease lung capacity. 

There is some evidence that the vaccines currently rolling out around the world are less effective in obese people. 

logo - The Washington Post

Most coronavirus deaths have occurred in countries where majority of adults are overweight

Obesity, generally defined as BMI above 30, is associated with particularly severe outcomes.

According to The Washington Post, the report found that 88 percent of deaths due to covid-19 in the first year of the pandemic were in countries where more than half of the population is classified as overweight, which it defines as having a body mass index (BMI) above 25.

Among the nations with overweight populations above the 50 percent threshold were also those with some of the largest proportions of coronavirus deaths — including countries such as Britain, Italy and the United States.

In some cases, the correlations between coronavirus severity and weight are also tied to racial and ethnic inequality..

A higher BMI was also associated with increased risk of hospitalization, admission to intensive or critical care and the need for mechanically assisted ventilation.

Obesity a driving factor in Covid-19 deaths, global report finds

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The Straits Times: The majority of global Covid-19 deaths have been in countries where many people are obese, with coronavirus fatality rates ten times higher in nations where at least 50 percent of adults are overweight

Source: TG Daily – Coronavirus Related Fatality Rates are Ten Times Higher in Countries Where Obesity is Prevalent

Police Reinforces Security Amid Another Possible U.S. Capitol Breach

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Two months after the mob attack on the U.S Capitol by Trump supporters, an intelligence report revealed another possible plot to breach the building by an unnamed militia group.

This report showed that the planned attack is going to happen on March 4, the day when U.S presidents used to be inaugurated.

The Capitol Police believe that the new threat stemmed from a conspiracy theory known as QAnon that says former President Trump’s secret war against elite Satan-worshipping pedophiles in government, business and the media.

In response to the police warnings, the House of Representatives has already cancelled Thursday’s session.

logo - The New York Times

Capitol Police Warn of Threat on Thursday, and House Cancels the Day’s Session

The agency, responding to what the force called “a possible plot to breach the Capitol,” again sounded the alarm that pro-Trump conspirators may be planning an attack.

The Capitol Police force is preparing for another assault on the Capitol building on Thursday after obtaining intelligence of a potential plot by a militia group, according to the New York Times.

The “possible” plot, as described by the Capitol Police, appeared to be inspired by the pro-Trump conspiracy theory known as QAnon, according to a senior administration official who reviewed the intelligence warning.

A senior Democratic aide disclosed that House leaders on Wednesday abruptly moved a vote on policing legislation from Thursday to Wednesday night, so lawmakers could leave town.

The militia group was not named, and even many influential QAnon followers, who believe the United States is dominated by a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles, have cast March 4 as a “deep state” plot to incite the movement’s adherents and provoke a nationwide crackdown.

US Capitol police warn of possible militia plot to breach Congress

Security has been ramped up at the US Capitol in response to “a possible plot to breach” the building.

BBC News reports that an unnamed militia group planned the attack for 4 March – the day US presidents used to be inaugurated, according to an intelligence report.

The threat comes two months after the deadly attack on the building by a mob loyal to former President Donald Trump.

Supporters of an unfounded conspiracy theory believe Mr. Trump will return to the White House for a second term on 4 March.

Law enforcement officials warn of new Capitol threat

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CBS News: Law enforcement officials are warning lawmakers about a new threat against the Capitol on March 4.

Source: TG Daily – Police Reinforces Security Amid Another Possible U.S. Capitol Breach

Hate Crimes Targeting Asian-Americans Climb by 150% in Major U.S Cities

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Racist attacks and hate crimes against Asian-Americans rose by 150 percent in 2020 amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to police reports, around 122 incidents of anti-Asian attacks occurred in major and most populated cities in the U.S, which started in March and April of last year as cases of Coronavirus started to increase.

It is believed that the hate crimes where fueled by the mistaken sentiments associating Asians with Covid-19 since the virus originated in China.

The Asian American community have been living in fear due to these crimes and some advocacy groups expressed concern about the involvement of law enforcers.

Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Rose 150% In Major U.S. Cities, Study Finds

Racist, nativist and xenophobic sentiments surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic are leading to attacks on Asian Americans.

Huffpost disclosed that according to a study of police records by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, there were 122 hate crimes targeting Asian Americans in 16 of the country’s most populous cities in 2020.

The first spike in anti-Asian hate crimes occurred in March and April, according to the study, “amidst a rise in COVID cases and negative stereotyping of Asians relating to the pandemic.”

These spikes, according to the study, occurred even as overall hate crimes in those cities fell 7%, a drop likely caused by coronavirus lockdown measures, which created “a lack of interaction at frequent gathering places like transit, commercial businesses, schools, events, and houses of worship.”

Hate crimes against Asian Americans rose in L.A. in 2020, mirroring national trend

An epidemic of hate: anti-Asian hate crimes amid coronavirus

Hate crimes against Asian Americans and other members of the Asian and Pacific Islander communities in Los Angeles rose sharply in 2020, mirroring a national trend and causing concern among police and local advocacy organizations, Los Angeles Times reports.

Both police and advocates said they believe many more incidents occur than are reported, and that they are working to better identify, track and record such encounters and conduct more outreach in local Asian communities to encourage reporting by victims.

They say the recent hate has been fueled in part by misguided notions of blame for the COVID-19 pandemic, in which early cases arose in China. They said such hatred has at times been spurred by national political figures like former President Trump, and it is up to local leaders to push back.

Hate crimes against Asian Americans continue to rise amid pandemic

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CBS Evening News: In 2020, New York City alone had an 867% increase in Asian hate crime victims compared to the year before.

Source: TG Daily – Hate Crimes Targeting Asian-Americans Climb by 150% in Major U.S Cities

The Story Behind Cisco’s CDA Success In Japan

digitization transformation hand man touch finger

Cisco’s Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) program is fascinating.  It is fascinating that it is designed to help countries, not companies, with Digital Transformation. I’ve had a chance to look at other efforts like this over the years, and there have been more failures than successes.  The failure is often the tendency for the company driving the effort not understanding how the government they are trying to sell into works and what drives the purchase decision. Cisco’s success is primarily because their program addresses these oversights out of the box.  Cisco forms a genuine partnership with the country’s government before the project is defined, and that partnership assures the success of the resulting effort.  

One of the most interesting CDA efforts was undertaken in Japan, and that effort’s success has as much to do with Cisco’s approach as it does with Cisco’s technology. Let’s talk about what’s behind Cisco’s CDA program success this week.  


Japan is a fascinating country, but it can be a problematic country with which to work.  Its language is difficult to learn, its culture is very different from western culture, and business relationship dynamics seem to be modeled after family dynamics.  It is also one of the strongest countries globally, and today Japan produces some of the highest quality products in the world.  

Japanese people tend to put an unusually high value on trust, and they can be exceedingly loyal if that trust is first earned.  But earning that trust, particularly as a Western company, can be difficult.  Companies that have done well working with and in Japan tend to establish a significant presence in the country, staff their effort predominantly with Japanese people, establish trust early on, and put in place processes that assure that this trust isn’t misplaced.  

In this regard, Cisco’s CDA program checked all the boxes.  

Cisco CDA In Japan

While Guy Diedrich leads Cisco’s CDA program, the effort in Japan was driven by Josh Nakamura.  Rather than coming in like most Western vendors and immediately advocating a solution for a problem that wasn’t well understood, Cisco initially partnered with NEC and Alaxala and worked with two of Japan’s Prime Ministers to better understand Japan’s problem and craft a solution the country would accept.  

The problem, which was an aging network infrastructure based on a unique and dated technology, was well within Cisco’s expertise area. Still, they needed a partner that understood this problem from the standpoint of a native to define and mitigate it properly.  This effort was necessary because this old network technology was dragging down productivity and causing Japan to fall behind other countries.  

By working with companies that understood the problem well, Cisco was able to craft a solution. With these partners’ help, they were able to craft a solution that the country not only would accept but widely advocate and help spread.  

Specific results included a digitized education program in Japan to address the need for remote learning during the pandemic.  One of Japan’s unique problems is that, along with the mainland, many of the 70 large and small islands disbursed over 12,000 kilometers also need access to the web and communication/collaboration hardware and software solutions.  These islands have populations of 7K  people. They are using a combination of wired and wireless cloud resources to connect school kids and businesses to the web.  This effort is now part of a country-wide effort to revamp Japan’s entire education system.  

To help get this technology into small businesses, they partnered with Printer company Ricoh who then worked with Cisco to create a printer internet hub solution that could provide a near instant wireless network in the business with a straightforward setup process bought into the solution.  Using embedded Meraki technology from Cisco resulted in one of the fastest high-speed network upgrades ever attempted.  This combination printer with a built-in wireless network hub was well received in the country because it was designed in the country, and that approach reflects another best practice.  

Wrapping Up:

Cisco was able to massively help Japan by working with the country’s leadership and existing infrastructure vendors to craft and deploy a solution expressly designed in and for the Japanese resident’s unique needs.  By working with the country, instead of just pitching products at them, Cisco’s CDA leadership made progress where other companies using more traditional approaches would have likely failed.  

This collaborative approach doesn’t just work in Japan either; Cisco’s skill set has been shown to work in all countries because you can’t create a viable solution unless there is substantial knowledge about its unique aspects.  

The most successful salespeople know that the probability of a successful sale increases the more you know about the prospect’s unique needs, practices, and interests.  It appears that this scales up to country scale, and Cisco’s CDA program is a showcase of how well this focused approach works, particularly with extensive in-country projects.  

Source: TG Daily – The Story Behind Cisco’s CDA Success In Japan

U.S and EU To Press Sanctions on Russia

Global News

What’s the Story

The European Union, together with the Biden administration is set to impose sanctions against Russia in connection with Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny’s poisoning last year followed by his arrest and detention early this year.

According to Biden’s administration, the sanction aims to send a strong message on human rights.

U.S and EU officials are expected to discuss an executive order focused on Russia’s for its alleged interference during the U.S elections, and the Solar Wind hacking, among others.

U.S., E.U. set to impose sanctions on Russia

The coordinated sanctions come in response to the Kremlin’s poisoning of opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his subsequent arrest and detention.

NBC News reports that according to three anonymous sources, the U.S. and the European Union are expected to impose coordinated sanctions on Russia as early as Tuesday for the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his arrest and detention.

The sanctions will be the first to target Moscow since Joe Biden became president and opened a comprehensive review of U.S.-Russia policy, including the Kremlin’s actions against Navalny, interference into the U.S. election, the Solar Winds hack and reported bounties offered to Taliban-linked groups to target U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

The U.S. is expected to use legal authorities to impose sanctions on Russia for its use of a chemical nerve agent against Navalny in August.

Biden administration preparing to sanction Russia over Navalny treatment this week

The Biden administration is seeking to send a “strong message” on human rights

Two administration officials told CNN that the Biden administration is preparing to impose sanctions on Russia over the poisoning and jailing of Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny this week.

These sanctions would be the first costs imposed on Russia by the Biden administration and will set the tone for their policy towards Moscow going forward. 

One option being discussed is an executive order focused on Russia which would trigger sanctions on the country for multiple assaults on US democracy and American personnel — including the SolarWinds hack and the bounties put on US soldiers in Afghanistan — in one package.

North Korean hackers charged in massive Biden Administration Expected To Impose Sanctions On Russia For Navalny Poisoning

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MSNBC: NBC News chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel speaks with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov on the expected sanctions from the Biden administration in response to the Navalny poisoning.

Source: TG Daily – U.S and EU To Press Sanctions on Russia