[$] A look at "BPF Performance Tools"

BPF has exploded within the Linux world
over the last few years, growing
from its networking roots into the go-to tool for running custom
in-kernel programs. Its role seems to expand with every kernel release
into diverse areas such as security and device control. But none of that
is the focus of a relatively new book from Brendan Gregg, BPF
Performance Tools
; it looks, instead, at how BPF provides visibility into
the guts of the kernel. Finding performance bottlenecks of
various sorts on (generally large) production systems is an area where BPF
and the tool set that has grown up around it can excel; Gregg’s book
describes that landscape in great depth.

Source: LWN.net – [$] A look at “BPF Performance Tools”

Manjaro 19.0 released

of the Arch-based Manjaro distribution is out.
The Xfce edition remains our flagship offering and has received the
attention it deserves. Only a few can claim to offer such a polished,
integrated and leading-edge Xfce experience. With this release we ship Xfce
4.14 and have mostly focused on polishing the user experience with the
desktop and window manager. Also we have switched to a new theme called
Matcha. A new feature Display-Profiles allows you to store one or more
profiles for your preferred display configuration. We also have implemented
auto-application of profiles when new displays are connected.

Source: LWN.net – Manjaro 19.0 released