Monster 1.1.1 Released


Well the version 1.0.11 kept throwing up last night so this was a forced upgrade.

Unfortunately something was changed from versions 1.0.x to 1.1.x where the world does not play nice when trying to convert/upgrade. So it was an unexpected end to the world 🙁

This time I am not going to enable extra mods so hopefully game will run smoother with the default settings.

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Ubuntu – How low can you go?


I’m glad I gave up on Ubuntu back in 2011 when they started removing popular programs (pidgin, gimp) to promote their own, then they started the unity crap…

Well now they are announcing they will make it so that giving your search data to Amazon is “opt-in”… how about you shouldn’t have been doing that to begin with?

Ubuntu To Make Amazon Product Results ‘Opt-In’


WoW Weekly Updates 2014-03-23

wow-3affa3a82449 Two weeks of updates, also the server got a much needed RAM upgrade and a blow job and the WoW source and files were moved to their own dedicated partition to make more room in root and a bunch of other package updates. So in other words server got a much needed tune up.

Current core: TrinityCore rev. 3affa3a82449+ 2014-03-23 20:35:30 +0100 (HEAD branch) (Unix, Release)

Alpha 7.7 Released


Server updated to Alpha 7.7 lets hope it fixes the connection issues:

Official Alpha 7.7 Release Notes


  • Changed the new roaming hordes that won’t destroy player structures unless they sense the player
  • Changed returned to 7.0 terrain and improved the performance. The change was made for visuals, alpha 8 performance and player feedback. Note full smooth terrain will come with Alpha 8 as well as new solutions to mining and ladder placement
  • Changed removed bucket of water recipe that used a bottle of water, buckets of water must be obtained from lakes or rivers
  • Changed bucket recipe to only create 1 bucket not four
  • Changed toilets to drop short metal pipes when destroyed
  • Changed refactored internal model handling for performance
  • High Quality Lights is now the default after installing the game
  • Changed switched off shadows on point lights (all lights in the world) to increase performance
  • Changed with the terrain switch, this occasional problem is also fixed: Cannot expand this MemoryStream

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed blueberry seed recipe
  • Fixed a connection bug
  • Fixed cannot shift click from hot bar to inventory
  • Fixed low weight forging scrap items no longer vanish when breaking down to scrap
  • Fixed buff icon sometimes would cause an error when trying to get buff data
  • Fixed quick take stack size exploit
  • Fixed slider mouse offset bug
  • Fixed menu not showing when clicking fast on the splash screen
  • Fixed zombie dog death animation was missing
  • Fixed panel fade desync
  • Fixed occasional array out of bounds exceptions

7DtD Map Master Plan


Here is the master plan:

  • The main towns (areas marked in red) will get regen every “7 Days” on “Fun Pimps Fridays”
  • The areas marked in green I will try to keep safe for long term unless there is a patch that changes map features or adds prefabs so build there if you plan a long term base
  • Other areas will be reset as necessary
  • Area -3,2: Trespassers will be shot on sight; survivors will be shot again