Alpha 7.4 & 7.5 Released


The Fun Pimps are doing an awesome job at patching. Two updates came out while I was asleep.

Changelog for Alpha 7.5


  • Changed candlestick to not be a weapon

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed structural integrity bug causing buildings to crash
  • Fixed hornet bug causing console spam and floating dead hornets
  • Fixed trash that was rotated sideways
  • Fixed stealth shadow overlay

Official Alpha 7.4 Release Notes

We have a new 7.4 patch live. It is mostly bug fixes and tweaks based on customer feedback.


  • Added NightPercentage and BlockDurabilityModifier game options to serverconfig.xml


  • Moved back to bigger rays for Player melee attack
  • Reduced beaker loot quantity and chance to find

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed stacking of iron gloves
  • Fixed item duplication bug when having a full inventory and the crafting grid tried to drop items
  • Fixed item duplication bug when changing molds in the forge
  • DeadTree02 can now be melee attacked
  • Fixed Block Durability default, was 10%, now 100%
  • Fixed gas recipe, it is made in the beaker
  • Improved zombie dog behavior

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