FTB Beyond v1.9.0 Update

Server updated to latest recommended release.


FTB Beyond-1.10.2-1.9.0
Mod(s) Added

Thermal Dynamics by TeamCoFH (
Thermal gets Dynamic! Adds ducts – transportation for Redstone Flux, Fluids, and Items!

Mod(s) Updated

AgriCraft by Raider (0.9.0-a16 > 0.10.0-a17)
Added “The One Probe” integration.
Added a Debug option to show OreDict information in item tooltips.
Sneaking while placing crops now places cross-crops instead.
Unified irrigation component connection properties.
Modified custom wood recipes, possibly fixing several crafting issues.
Fixed: Tank bottoms would render at incorrect times.
Fixed: Water in water pads was opaque instead of transparent.
Fixed: Grate vine interaction handler prevented placement of vines anywhere in the world.
Fixed: Crash caused by placing vines on grate.
Fixed: “Disable vanilla farming” option acting too agressively against usage of seeds.
Fixed: Plants + Magnifying Glass determining incorrect world light levels.
Fixed: Update tracker using wrong URL.
Fixed: Very unintelligent error in code that limited block requirements to only one block.
Fixed: Channel selection bounds.
Fixed: Disabling vanilla farming disabled all farming.
Fixed: Plants with no products would drop a null ItemStack.
Fixed: Crops dropping crop sticks when raked.
Fixed: Weed overtake code calculated strength backwards.
Fixed: Non-standard harvestcraft plant ids. Notice this will cause plant loss, but will not occur again.
Fixed: Mysticalagriculture plants mystically spawning in crops.
Fixed: Rare seed analyzer crash.
Fixed: Loading error that caused NPE to be thrown and crash the game.
Baubles by azanor (1.3.10 > 1.3.11)
Applied some localization fixes.
BiblioCraft by Nuchaz (2.2.2 > 2.2.4)
Tweaked level/rarity of the “Reading” Enchantment.
Fixed the atlas crashing when crafted on a server.
Fixed the plumb line giving the wrong y coordinate.
Attempted to fix a rendering crash that keeps happening.
Fixed a rendering crash that seemed to be happening quite frequently to some folks.
Brandon’s Core by brandon3055 ( >
Fixed an issue with the energy handler that was causing issues for Draconic Evolution’s Flux Capacitors.
Ceramics by KnightMiner (1.1.5 > 1.1.6b)
Fixed an issue with light blue porcelain clay’s name.
Made raw clay armor not enchantable.
Improved barrel interactions:
Switched from a block check to a fluid handler check.
Fixed barrel extensions not syncing master location to the client properly.
Added a Tinkers Construct plugin:
Barrels now show the faucet flow at the proper depth for extended barrels.
Clay buckets can be filled in casting tables.
Porcelain faucets have been added, basically seared faucets but visually different and crafted from porcelain bricks.
Fixed a crash caused by a missing “@” sign in dependencies string.
CodeChicken Lib 1.8.+ by covers1624 ( >
Fixed the drawLine method in the GuiDraw class.
Removed an incorrect GL translation.
Bumped version for absolute final 1.10 build.
CoFH Core by TeamCoFH ( >
More refactoring! Lots of little optimizations and improvements.
Horse armor and saddles are now craftable. This can be toggled in the configuration files.
Fixed a couple of corner case crash issues.
CompatLayer by McJty (0.2.8 > 0.2.9)
Small fix for RFTools Dimensions on 1.10.2
CraftTweaker by jaredlll08 (3.0.25 > 3.0.26)
Added JEI.removeAndHide(); which removes the recipe and hides the output from JEI.
Changed output of /mt hand, it will now output the stacksize if it is more than 1.
Moved the first reload event to run before the actions are undone.
Fixed JEI hiding.
Fixed recipe dumping crashing.
Fixed JEI Support.
Fixed console spam.
Fixed scripts being loaded from a zip file.
Fixed JEI being broken on newer versions.
Fixed scripts in sub directories.
Fixed errors on the first line of a script not outputting which script caused the error.
Fixed jei searching for custom item names and tooltips.
Fixed CTGUI 1 removal script output.
CreeperHost by Creeperhost (1.2.4 > 1.3.2)
Mod now has Forge config GUI support.
You now can disable the multiplayer menu entry from a cross button next to it, which will last until config is changed (i.e. pack update).
Made it clearer that we are a “Modpack partner” for people who include this mod.
Fixed bug in new config handling which meant it was disabling all the time. Also fixed bug where MP menu disabling was disabling everything.
Fixed a logic fail.
Dark Utilities by Darkhax (1.1.8.finalrc1 > 1.1.8.finalrc2)
Fixed several crashes caused by the ender tether.
Fixed the ender tether teleporting players regardless of their proximity to an ender tether.
Draconic Evolution by brandon3055 ( >
Switched from Java 7 to Java 8
Updated the Mob Soul.
Updated the Stabilized Spawner.
Updated and upgraded the Draconium Chest.
Changed LivingDeathEvent priority for armor to high to hopefully avoid issues with other mods.
Reset the minimum fusion injector distance to 1 block. Did not mean to change it to 2.
Higher tier crafting injectors will now reduce charge and crafting time.
Blacklisted tinker tools in the Diss-Enchanter.
Hopefully made it impossible to pick up a guardian crystal with items that can pickup mobs.
Fixed arrow shockwave effect not rendering.
Fixed capacitors not charging FE items in your inventory.
Fixed generator not respecting sides when sending energy (Prevented generator sending to IO crystals)
Fixed wrenching a placed item caused it to break and delete the item.
ElecCore | Rendering Library by Elec332 (1.7.420 > 1.7.421)
Added (MC version abstracted) method for getting biome types.
Added helper methods to MCVersion.
Extra Utilities 2 by RWTema (1.4.1 > 1.4.4)
Added a special ‘Fire Axe’ made of opinium.
If a generator energy buffer is full, progress meter will slowly tick forward at 1/10 speed (as opposed to pausing)
If a machines energy buffer is empty, progress meter will slowly tick backwards at 1/10 speed (as opposed to pausing)
Added an initial pass for overriding the builtin models for XU2 blocks and items with resource packs. See model_locations.txt for more info on this.
Achievements for obtaining items are now awarded for having the items in your inventory (only checked periodically)
Right clicking a ‘cursed’ mob with a bucket of milk will cure the curse and prevent the mob from disappearing after a minute.
A transfer node with a mining upgrade will ‘mine’ snowballs from the small layer of snow a snowman is standing on (provided the biome temperature is low enough for the snowman to create snow).
‘Press T to search nearby inventories for highlighted item’ feature now has configurable keybinding and is not dependent on JEI.
Machines now recalculate current recipe on inventory changes.
Fixed a crash when block model generation is called in an unexpected way.
Fixed a crash with silver fish spawning in the ‘quantum quarry’ dim.
Fixed scala dependency.
Fixed another crash on servers.
Fixed a crash in the creative tab when the angel block is disabled.
Fixed an issue with an internal set class incorrectly hashing entries (fixes numerous obscure bugs).
Fixed missing localization on creative tabs.
Flux Networks by Ollie_Lansdell (1.2.3 > 1.2.4)
Fixed memory leak issues.
Applied another fix for client sending packets.
Fixed Plugs only sending 1 rf/t when in “Even Distribution” mode.
Fixed: Priority Mode will now work again as expected, without restarting the world.
Fixed: Flux Connections will now connect properly when blocks are placed next to them.
Fixed energy transfers ignoring limits and transferring when no energy is required.
Hammer Core by MrDimkas_Studio (1.4.8 > 1.6.9)
Final 1.10.2 version, probably.
Fixed a crash.
Immersive Engineering by BluSunrize (0.10-58 > 0.10-60)
Added Forestry’s fertilizer to the Garden Cloche.
Changed recipe-output on Coal and Blast Brick, reducing early-game resource costs.
Changed balance on Drills:
Heads have more durability.
Lubrication reduces wear.
Augers boost speed and damage.
Changed turret rendering to improve performance.
Fixed the Cloche exploding when planting Ender Lilies.
Fixed Inferium seeds not working in the Cloche.
Fixed recipe-wildcard handling in the manual.
Fixed breaker switch sound in Multiplayer.
Fixed attack speed values for the Revolver and Drill.
Fixed covered conveyors having a split second where they don’t protect items from pickup.
Fixed recipes for redstone ignoring conveyors not being NBT sensitive.
Fixed Tesla Coils reading RS signals incorrectly, and improved their render.
Fixed the Improved Blast Furnace using up too much fuel.
Fixed Multiblock’s disassembly functions, improving them greatly.
Fixed the Current Transformer being derpy on interaction.
Fixed possible NBT overflow issues with toolboxes and crates.
Fixed pipe covers being broken.
Fixed multiblocks not breaking properly when mined by multi-break items (Drills, TCon Hammers).
Fixed Item Use functions.
Industrial Craft by Player (2.6.210 > 2.6.234)
No changelog was provided by the mod author.
Only issue marked as fixed in the time between previous version and the current one: “Mining Laser does not render properly when displayed in the off hand.”
InfinityLib by InfinityRaider (0.9.0 > 0.10.0)
Changed quad format used by dynamic renderers.
Upgraded InfinityProperty blockstate return types.
Changed the way that IItemWithRecipe works, as to make it more generic and useful.
Fixed: Block rendering mixup due to hashing collision with cached quads. Now the render system works as well as it should.
Iron Backpacks by gr8pefish (2.2.26 > 2.2.27)
Changed the default names of backpacks so they fit in gui.
Darkened the border of the iron backpack sprite.
Fixed a backpack disappearing into itself.
Fixed via moving from button upgrade via opening via right click.
Fixed via mouse wheel scrolling.
Fixed via using number keys to swap hotbar slots.
Fixed restock triggering onItemPickup causing multiple stack restocks.
Iron Chests by progwml6 ( >
Crystal chests will no longer crash the client when it goes to render the top stacks in the chest.
Chests will no longer kick the client from the server when reading an NBT tag that was too big.
Crystal chests will now ignore the durability when sorting the top stacks in the chest. (Before it would render two swords if one had a different durability)
Modular Forcefield System by nekosune ( >
Added a Light Guide.
Made some bug fixes.
More Bees by Lach_01298 (1.3.2 >
Nickel, Platinum and Iridium bees.
Config to disable iridium bees.
OreDictionary to combs.
Compatibility with TechReborn (and, hopefully, other mods in the process).
Removed some Carpenter recipes of valuable materials like diamond (therefore you can only get it from the specific bee).
Clay and Prismarine bees are now rain tolerant.
MPUtils by GenDeathrow (1.2.8 > 1.2.9)
Fixed MPInfo display in the mods gui screen.
MrTJPCore by Mr_TJP ( >
Tweaked container slot transfer.
Reworked Inventory trait to not contain storage object.
“Re-enabled messenger.”
MTLib by jaredlll08 (1.0.2 > 1.0.3)
Fixed possible null items.
MultiStorage by ShetiPhian (1.2.17 > 1.2.18b)
Added several EnderLink config options (see ‘EnderLink-Access-Settings’ for new options)
Added Team EnderLinkChests and EnderLinkBags.
EnderLinkChests can now be rotated, and placed rotated to the face clicked.
Fixed a compatibility issue with Inventory Tweaks.
Added “QueueChest”:
Items are stored in the order they are inserted.
Only the first and last slot can be accessed.
Possible Usage:
Can be a “First In, Last Out” buffer by only using the first slot.
Can be a “First In, First Out” buffer by only inserting into the first slot, and extracting from the last.
Natura by mDiyo ( >
Added support for CraftingTweaks’s buttons that it adds to crafting tables.
Bloodwood trees will no longer grow at y level 0 when planted on only one layer of Netherrack!
Pam’s HarvestCraft by MatrexsVigil (1.10.2h > 1.10.2j)
Added a config option to get more salt per craft (saltrecipeAmount, default: 1).
Added the ability to turn on/off catching of HC fish in the config (enableHCFish; default: true).
Added all new options for Shipping Bin stuff in the config.
New config: Set enablelistAllwatervanillawaterbucket to false if you want to have multiple Fresh Waters from a single bucket, but with this you can’t use Water Buckets in food recipes.
Added to the Market Block: Purchase Cocoa Beans (enabled if buying seeds is enabled) for Seed price.
Added to the Market: Added Wolf, Ocelot, Rabbit, Queen Bee, Lead, and Name Tag.
Added to the Shipping Bin:
Apple, Nether Wart, Chorus Fruit, Reeds, Cactus, Red & Brown Mushrooms to Shipping Bin.
Raw Vanilla and HC fish/water critters to Shipping Bin.
Raw Vanilla and HC meats to Shipping Bin.
Eggs, Rotten Flesh, Spider Eye, and Bones to Shipping Bin.
Pizza can now be crafted with Pepperoni instead of Raw Pork.
Added Sardines to Fishing, Water Trap
Added Sardines and Mussels to the Water Trap.
Added some Items: Anchovy Pepperoni Pizza, Choco Voxels Cereal, Cinnamon Toast, Corned Beef Hash, Corned Beef, Cotton Candy, Crackers, Creeper Wings, Dhal, Durian Milkshake, Durian Muffin, Homestyle Lunch, Hot Sauce, Hummus, Iron Brew, Lasanga, Lemon Drizzle Cake, Meatloaf, Monte Cristo Sandwich, Mushroom Lasanga, Cooked Mussel, Raw Mussel, Nether Wings, Pizza Soup, Poutine, Salsa, Raw Sardine, Sardines in Hot Sauce, Teriyaki Chicken, Toasted Western and Turkish Delight.
Note: Lemon Drizzle Cake CANNOT be placed (yet).
All saplings are now listed as treeSapling in the OreDictionary.
All vanilla Minecraft seeds are now listed as listAllseed in the OreDictionary.
All presser recipes now give two items (Waxcomb = 2 wax, Reeds = 2 sugar, etc).
Changed Bubbly Water recipe to require two Fresh Waters to fix clashing recipes.
Queen Bees of any durability can now be turned into Royal Jelly.
All juice and smoothies recipes now require two fruits (presser recipes unchanged).
All juice items now restore 3 food points, snack-level saturation.
All smoothies new restore 4 food points, snack-level saturation.
Changed some recipes: Dough to Bread, Toast, Roasted Pumpking Seeds, Grilled Mushroom, Grilled Asparagus, Rice Cake, Popcorn, Baked Sweet Potato, Grilled Eggplant, Raisins, Toasted Coconut, Vanlla, Roasted Chestnut, Toasted Sesame Seeds now are crafted using Bakeware tool item in the crafting bench (no more smelting recipes).
Tea and Coffee now are crafted using the Pot tool item in the crafting bench (no more smelting recipes).
Recipes for Breaded Porkchops, Fish Sticks, Chili Poppers, Fish Dinner, Pancakes, Waffles, Fried Chicken, Sunflower Wheat Rolls, Pumpkin Muffins, Creeper Cookie, Durian Muffin, Peanut Butter Cookies, Raisin Cookies, Blueberry Muffin, Cheese Cake, Ginger Bread, Brownie, Red Velvet Cake, Yorkshire Pudding, Lemon Drizzle Cake now all use Batter instead of flour and/or egg (previously used in said recipes).
Hot Wings are now made with Mixing Bowl, Cooked Chicken, and Hot Sauce.
Turkey and Venison can now be cooked in the furnace as intended.
Lasagna and Mushroom Lasagna are now named correctly in the code and lang file.
Fixed: Using a Glass Bottle on the Well now uses up the bottle and gives back Water Bottle.
Fixed a mislabel: Added Tofish to the raw fish listing.
Fixed: Gardens should now drop items.
Fixed: Fruits on trees should now show their texture.
Fixed: Item/Block disappearing with new version (maybe? hopefully?).
Project Red – Base by Mr_TJP ( >
Cleaned up old recipe code.
Removed unnecessary NEI integration.
Fixed some recipes not showing up in JEI.
Slightly tweaked some recipes.
Project Red – Integration by Mr_TJP ( >
Cleaned up old recipe code.
Slightly tweaked some recipes.
Project Red – Lighting by Mr_TJP ( >
Cleaned up old recipe code.
Slightly tweaked some recipes.
Project Red – Mechanical by Mr_TJP ( >
Cleaned up old recipe code.
Slightly tweaked some recipes.
Added JEI plugin for Expansion.
Fixed all container shift-click transfers.
Fixed various issues with auto-crafting and project bench.
Fixed various issues with containers in general.
All containers will need debugging/testing, especially the project bench and the auto-crafting table.
Implemented a more unified way of handling network pipe events.
Slightly tweaked how passive routing works:
Unified all routing pipes to conceptually work the same
Eventually all functionality passed the network layer will be moved to services. All routers will be able to run services.
There is planned abstraction to make the network work with any type of payload through any type of conduit (i.e. One could create a liquid network, a wireless network, etc with extreme ease).
Fixed solar panels not saving local power.
Project Red – World by Mr_TJP ( >
Cleaned up old recipe code.
Slightly tweaked some recipes.
QuantumStorage by Gigabit101 (3.3.3 > 3.3.4)
Back ported the new model for QuantumStorage unit.
Fixed a rotation bug with the new model.
ReAuth by TechnicianLP (3.4.1 > 3.5.0)
Changed the version checker.
RebornCore by modmuss50 ( >
Pushed forge energy, closes a lot of issues on the TR tracker, and an issue with Fluxed Redstone.
Applied PowerNet fixes.
Fixed GUI builder backgrounds sometimes being coloured incorrectly.
Fixed machines not being able to accept FE.
Redstone Arsenal by TeamCoFH ( >
Shovels can now create path blocks.
Some corner case crashes have been fixed.
Thermal Expansion integration is now properly working in all cases.
Refined Relocation 2 by BlayTheNinth (2.1.23 > 2.1.24)
Fixed filters not even being selectable.
Refined Storage by raoulvdberge (1.2.25 > 1.2.26)
The Portable Grid now doesn’t despawn anymore when dropped in the world.
Fixed a bug where oredict autocrafting didn’t work in some cases.
RFTools Dimensions by McJty (4.55 > 5.02)
New Invertigo dimension (upside down world)!
New Lost Cities dimension. Fun to explore!
New scattered orb feature.
New OresAPlenty feature dimlet.
Implemented capability support for the phased field generator. That means it can now be charged in more machines.
Implemented a protection for null pointers, which could in some rare cases cause problems.
Because a few dimlet types are still uncraftable or hard to get they are now standard part of loot in the dimlet dungeons. By default two such dimlets will be guaranteed to generate in the chests of these dungeons.
Blacklisted Biomes O’ Plenty’s sand, as it is apparently a problematic dimlet.
Added more protection for blocks that don’t have a valid item to prevent dimlet generation for them.
If the vanilla extended tooltip info is enabled, then dimlets will also show more information.
Feature clean dimlet now tries to get rid of ores even better.
The safedel command should now work for players too provided the config is set server-side (it is no longer needed to set a client-side config for this).
Fixed a problem with chisel blocks all having the same name and thus overriding similar named vanilla blocks for dimlets (i.e. glowstone).
Fixed an accidental usage of a scala Arrays class. This caused creation of lost city dimensions to fail.
Accidentially added mansion loot to the chests in some buildings but that doesn’t exist on 1.10 so this didn’t work on 1.10!
Shadowfacts’ Forgelin by shadowfactsmc (1.4.2 > 1.5.0)
Add kotlin-stdlib-jre8.
Add mcmod.info.
ShetiPhianCore by ShetiPhian (3.3.8 > 3.3.9)
Additions for newest mod builds.
Fixed incorrect values used by my coloring code (most noticeable when changing Terraqueous flower pot color with dye).
Solar Flux Reborn by MrDimkas_Studio (2.16r > 2.17r)
Fixed issue with cable not having FE capability.
Upgrades are useless, for now.
Steve’s Carts Reborn by modmuss50 ( >
Added a TreeTap module and added support for IC2 trees.
Backported some fixes from the 1.11.2 version.
Added a Tree Tap Module.
Storage Drawers by jaquadro (3.7.6 > 3.7.9)
Mod is now a little more defensive about calling other mods’ item renderers.
Added additional log output for debugging controllers.
Drawer placement priority changed to Locked/Locked+Void/Normal/Void/Empty.
Fixed WAILA item display (mainly related to ‘Extras’ pack).
Fixed an obscure render glitch with item frames; text overlay.
Fixed a crash with compacting drawers in certain invalid data scenarios.
Fixed compacting rules in config file sometimes not working due to mod load order.
Possibly fixed items clipping through the floor if spawned in world due to full inventory.
TechReborn by modmuss50 ( >
Fixed recipes not using Ore Dictionary iron plates.
Fixed a handfull of recipe only using IC2 Iridium Reinforced Plates (thus being uncraftable).
Fixed the rubber sapling model.
Hid invalid recipes when de-dupe mode is on.
Fixed the Industrial Electrolyzer not using the OreDict.
Fixed the Matter Fabricator only using its first slot.
Thermal Expansion by TeamCoFH ( >
Added an Item Allocator: a block that moves things around, kind of like a hopper, but way better.
Added Strongboxes – yeah, you know what these do.
Added Flux Capacitors – 3 modes now! Read the tooltip!
New side configuration: blue+orange for simultaneous input/output.
Added New Augments:
Elemental Catalyzer – Boosts output of Reactant Dynamo, for Elemental Reactions.
Flurry Stratum – Glacial Precipitator can make snow layers.
Pyroclastic Injection – Igneous Extruder no longer requires Water for operation.
Pyrolytic Conversion – Redstone Furnace can produce Creosote Oil by burning certain material.
Sapling Infuser – Phytogenic Insolator can grow trees with this installed.
Added a Forestry Plugin.
JEI Integration has been improved.
Numbers have commas now.
Various graphical improvements.
Machines now have sounds. Again.
Tons of new machine recipes.
The Arboreal Extractor now accepts fertilizer to boost production.
The Reactant Dynamo has been completely overhauled. Refer to JEI.
Made adjustments to recipe registration for ModTweaker support. They should be adding it shortly.
Fixed: Fluid Transposer now properly handles certain IFluidHandler Items.
Fixed an issue where GUI tabs would not consistently remain.
Fixed some rare corner case crashes.
Fixed: Induction Smelter obeys OreDict once again.
Thermal Foundation by TeamCoFH ( >
Added New Fluids: Sap and Syrup.
Hardened Glass Blocks now tint beacon beams.
Fixed a minor issue with elemental sounds not always playing correctly on Sponge servers.
Shovels from the mod can now create path blocks.
Tinkers Construct by mDiyo (2.6.3 > 2.6.5)
New modifier: Embossment. Let’s you add an additional trait.
Added support for non-vanilla arrows.
Nuggets and Blocks can now be used to repair tools too.
Tinkers’ Metal Blocks can now be used as beacon base again.
Stained clear glass works for coloring beacon beams.
The smeltery now displays a tooltip when its fuel liquid is not compatible.
Broken tools now correctly lose their harvest level.
Implemented EFLN forge event compatibility.
Faucets now pour to the bottom of the block below for other mods tanks.
Material Integration now has a proper API (same as before, but moved into the API)
Most likely fixed cascading worldgen.
Probably fixed smeltery possibly loading chunks when checking for validity (yes, this one is pretty obscure).
TOP Addons by DrManganese (0.13.0 > 0.14.1)
Added an indicator for Vanilla animal aging and breeding cooldown.
Fixed: for Storage Drawers, mod will no longer assume maximum stacksize being 64.
Fixed: for Blood Magic, Seer sigil in sigil of holding now shows altar crafting progress.
Attempted to fix Element ID mismatch NPE when server has disabled mods but client hasn’t.
TorchMaster by xalcon ( >
Fixed TerrainLighter not being able to place some blocks (i.e. Project Red: Lantern).
UniDict by WanionCane (2.8 > 2.9)
Fixed Thermal Expansion Integration.

Configuration Changes

Disabled Bibliocraft’s update checker.

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