iGS60 Cycle Computer Review – Post #2

When last I posted on the iGS60 computer I was given to review, I asked readers to guess where I ultimately chose to mount the computer. Likely the safest place to mount the computer is on the handlebar stem. 


However, I ultimately decided to go for the more risky extra space on the end of the PVC pipe I installed for my lights.


Out on the end of the PVC makes the computer easier to see while riding as I do not need to shift my eyes as much as I would if it were mounted on my stem. It’s a bit risky in that if I were to take a tumble or run into something, the computer would likely be subject to an impact of some sort. Also on the subject of viewing, the computer does have nifty backlighting which make the display easy to read at night. During the day you don’t need the backlight feature which can conserve batter power. 


The computer does come with multiple mounts which is nice for transfer between bikes, however one would have to purchase extra sensors for each bike. While mounting the computer itself is super easy, just stretching a round rubber fastener around the stem or PVC pipe, mounting the sensor on the hub of the wheel was a bit more of a challenge. More on that in a future entry.


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