Aster Backpack Giveaway Haiku Palooza – Winner(s)

Thank you to all of the readers who submitted Haiku for our Aster Backpack Giveaway Haiku Palooza. We had a lot of entries and as noted in the original post, I used random number selection to select the winner. We had 47 entries submitted, and as chance would have it, the random number generator landed on 47. 


The 47th Haiku was submitted by Don – 


The Aster will ship to Don and Don will put the backpack through its paces and post a review here on Going into the contest I only had one winner in my mind, however one entry was so awesome that I am going to think of a bonus prize of some sort. To get in the mood, rock out like it’s 1978 . . . crank it!

I had noted in the announcement entry that being a fan of Van Halen was not a requirement to enter this contest, but Jay submitted this perfect blend of the theme of the contest and the verse from a rockin’ Van Halen song off of their original album. 


I don’t know if Jay is a victim of the science age, but he could be the ruler of these nether Haiku worlds =)

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