Thumb Shifter Bottle Opener

Mass customization is all the rage these days, and perhaps someone should start a business that will turn any object into a bottle opener. We have featured many a bike part repurposed into a bottle opener and when we recently posted Eric’s rim bottle openers, reader Dan sent along the following hack – which he says he made close to 25 years ago. Dan can not only hack a bike part, he can tell a funny. If you have hacked a bike part into a bottle opener, or if this post inspires you to do so, let us know

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Back in 1991 I was a bicycle mechanic, and had a spare SunTour thumb shifter lying around (I don’t recall what model SunTour shifter it was). I figured it’d make a great bottle opener. I took it apart, and cut an opening with a hack saw, then filed it to shape it into an opener. It took a while to get it finished. It doesn’t quite open a bottle on the first pull, but only needs a slight adjustment and second try to get it open, just like a SunTour shifter.



Source: Bike Hacks – Thumb Shifter Bottle Opener

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