Aster Backpack Giveaway Haiku Palooza

We are happy to announce our first product giveaway/review of the year. Even better news, the review will be completed by a reader of the blog rather than by us.

Occasionally companies will ask us to review a product and said product might not necessarily be a good match with our, well my, riding style. In this case, the makers of a new backpack want a review completed, but I do not ride with a backpack as I want to avoid SBS. However, for those who do ride with a backpack, the Aster claims to be the “World’s safest cycling backpack.” From their website . . . 

Aster improves visibility, reduces accidents and saves lives! Aster’s rear and profile lights make you visible to motorists from all sides, front lights signal your presence in rear-view mirrors and automatic brake lights help you avoid getting rear-ended. Integrated turn signals make sure that drivers around you know when you’re making a turn.


The backpack is built with all sorts of features meant to be commuter friendly –


 We are bringing back the ever popular Haiku contest to give this bad boy to a reader to review. Here’s what to do if you want to enter the contest:

  1. Ask yourself if you live on planet earth. If the answer is “yes”, your entry or entries will be entered into the contest for the backpack. The kind folks giving away the backpack will ship the backpack world wide, but not to space stations or other planets in our solar system (the backpack will ship to anywhere DHL can deliver). 
  2. Compose your Haiku – see examples of the 5-7-5 pattern below. If you wish to use the traditional Haiku pattern of 5-7-5 with syllables that is fine, but as this site states, “In foreign languages, there exist NO consensus in how to write Haiku-poems.”  Thus simply using 5 words, 7 words, and 5 words is fine. Haiku purists, this is and following rules is not our specialty.
  3. The Haiku should be inspired by the usage of the backpack. “Aster” does not need to appear in the Haiku, but we would like the Haiku to relate to usage of the backpack and/or play on the theme. A title for your Haiku can be used but is not necessary.

  4. Leave your Haiku as a comment to this post.  Enter the country and city you live in after your name in the name field. For example, if your name is Eddie Van Halen you could enter any of the following:
    1.    Eddie Van Halen – Los Angeles, USA
    2.    Eddie  – L.A., USA
    3.    Eddie the Guitar Shredder – Los Angeles, USA
    4.    Eddie, my guitar solos will melt your brain – L.A., USA
    5.    Eddie, I can’t get along with lead singers – L.A., USA
  5. Submit as many Haiku as you like and yes we need your email address in the appropriate comment field too so we can contact you if you win. If you want inspiration for submitting multiple entries, please watch the totally tubular movie Real Genius – why this movie did not win an Academy Award is beyond me.  
  6. The deadline to submit is Thursday, January 26, 2017 (Eddie Van Halen was born on January 26 – how cool is that?!) 
  7. The winner will be chosen by random number selection and will be announced soon after the deadline passes.  
  8. The winner must post their review of the backpack to after putting the backpack through the paces.
  9. Being a fan of Van Halen is not a requirement to enter this contest, but if you are not you should start listening to Van Halen I as it may change your life.   
  10. Because of spam I approve individual comments so your submissions may not post immediately but I will get to them.

Aster Backpack Haiku Example 1

Aster has lights and stuff

Keeps away those hurtling autos and trucks

I want to arrive safely

Aster Backpack Haiku Example 2

Blink, Blink, Glow, Glow, Reflect

I want to reflect at ride’s end

Aster helps keep me upright

 Aster Backpack Haiku Example 3

Listening to Eddie play Eruption

Makes me light up like the Aster

Light up your life yo


Source: Bike Hacks – Aster Backpack Giveaway Haiku Palooza

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