Bicycle Rim Bottle Openers

I am fairly confident that one day, every item in the world will have been repurposed into a bottle opener. I ain’t complainin’, I’m just sayin’. It’s great when you can take a product that has been broken and still find a use for it, and in this case, reader Eric took a bike rim he had taco’d and created bottle openers. Take it away Eric . . . 

I took a bent bicycle rim and cut it up into several pieces to make a bunch of bottle openers. I made a template out cardboard from a different bottle opener and then used that to mark all of the rim sections. I used an angle grinder to cut out the opener and attached a link from a bike chain and a spoke bent into a circle to give it a more complete look. I made a full write-up and posted it to Here’s a link.




Source: Bike Hacks – Bicycle Rim Bottle Openers

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