The Heat is O̶n̶ Off

How do you know when work has been keeping you busy? When you realize that you started a post in July when in the middle of a heat wave . . . and you are now getting around to posting it after riding to work in the snow =(

It’s been a while since I used theme music to set the mood for a post . . . and this music seemed appropriate for a couple of reasons, the first of which is that the music and movie are dated, and so is the content of this post. Crank it and and check out the fashion. 


The video focuses on Detroit and this post focuses on D.C., however this was what I woke up to while working in D.C. in July – 


As I was walking around in the swampy heat, I saw these parking meter/bike racks . . . I wondered if the 110 degree “real feel” temperature (43.3 Celsius for most of the world) was the inspiration. 


It certainly felt hot enough to bend metal. I’m sure glad climate change is not blame, as it is only a hoax perpetrated for trade reasons. 


Source: Bike Hacks – The Heat is O̶n̶ Off

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