John J. Legere is a horrible CEO


Because only a bad CEO would give his company away. Not only that. He is now giving out free stuff every Tuesday and has asked Samsung to unlock the new S7. This is not what a good CEO would do. This is what a techy/geeky guy like you and me would do if put in charge of a company.

Let me tell you how I have become a T Mobile fanboy over the past few months…

About 3 years ago I returned to US soil and of course one of the first things I needed was a phone. I mostly looked at area coverage at that point and decided to go with Verizon. I decided to get a Razr M which I was able to root the same day I bought.

After 2 years I was disappointed with both phone and carrier and was about to jump ship and this time did some research and wanted a Galaxy S5. And Verizon conned me into staying with them by offering me and the wife “almost free” S5 phones.

Once again my phone was rooted the same day and everything was fine for a while. even when our bill increased and almost doubled… so much for free…

About 3 months  ago when I needed my phone the most since I was preparing for long business trip my S5 started acting up and locking up. I decided to do a fresh install before I went on my trip. But the problem was not software and it ended up been hardware and happening even when I reinstalled stock firmware so I rooted it again and went on my first trip that was a week long.

Big mistake, I had to deal with constant lock ups which I kinda expected but what I did not expect was for my phone to finally end up bricked and me having to make it back home without any sort of GPS or maps. That was an adventure on it’s own.

When I finally made it back, the wife went to return my phone while I prepared for my next trip. I figured I would not have any issues since we been paying 9$ extra every month for insurance.

Well my wife made the mistake of mentioning my phone was rooted. and even when they could not even bring the phone back up to live to verify they told the wife that I voided the warranty and that they would not cover the insurance. Sales reps are not technicians and they don’t know the difference between hardware problems and software. To add insult to injury they wanted me to pay for a new phone and get on a new 2 year contract. When I said F*** that! And told them I would find another carrier they told me that if I broke the contract I would have to pay $600 for our 2 “free phones” that we had been paying for monthly.

Finally this is where my story brings in T-Mobile. Desperate to get rid of Verizon, with more business trips already planned I found out about T-Mobile’s Jump program where they would pay your cancellation fees. And even when it wasn’t instant I was happy to get a brand new S7 (that now I hate because I cant root).

I went on with my trip and of course I began to look for a way to root my phone with no luck. I figured I would give it time and I keep waiting for a fix. This is how I found out that John himself wrote to Samsung asking for a fix.  That has really stuck with me. Now he is giving out shares of his company to us. Basically putting us in charge. So this is why I think John J. Legere is not a CEO of a big telecom. John is just a guy, like you and me that happens to be in charge of T-Mobile and that is a great thing.

So what the media says about T-Mobile been the uncarrier is true. I have experienced it first hand.

PS: Wife just got a free ticket to Warcraft:
1 x Matinee
Convenience Fee
Fandango Code

Thanks again John. You rock and I forgive you for not knowing who the EFF was.

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