ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC USB-C Portable Monitor

What if you could have a monitor that weighed less than two pounds, only required a single cable for both power and display, offered 1080p on a 15-inch IPS screen, and was designed for portability? It would be possible to easily have a secondary display with you anywhere whether it be outdoors, on the beach, in the conference room, or practically anywhere. ASUS has managed such a device with the MB16AC ZenScreen.

Source: Phoronix – ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC USB-C Portable Monitor

OpenGL 4.6 Appears To Be On The Way

While Vulkan has taken much of the spotlight in the past year when it comes to multi-platform graphics APIs, OpenGL continues to be used by many games, a lot of commercial/workstation software continues relying on OpenGL and that will not change over night, and there it continues to be a widely-used graphics API even if it may not be as fast or customizable as Vulkan. While we previously heard there would likely not be a new version of OpenGL in the foreseeable future, it appears OpenGL 4.6 is on the way…

Source: Phoronix – OpenGL 4.6 Appears To Be On The Way

Intel Core i9 7900X Linux Benchmarks

Since the Intel Core-X Series were announced last month at Computex, I’ve been excited to see how well this high-end processor will perform under Linux… Linux enthusiasts have plenty of highly-threaded workloads such as compiling the Linux kernel, among other packages, and thus have been very excited by the potential of the Core i9 7900X with its ten cores plus Hyper Threading and sporting a 13.75MB cache. With finally having an X299 motherboard ready, here are my initial Ubuntu Linux benchmarks for the i9-7900X.

Source: Phoronix – Intel Core i9 7900X Linux Benchmarks